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xkcd tribute to whom ? #TCQ

Dry 116 questions 1.xkcd tribute to whom ? #TCQ

Answer is ..Douglas Engelbart, with his primitive version of the mouse .

2. X, the Greek version of the Phoenicianroyal namePumayyaton , was the name of a Greek sculptor who fell in love with the statue he carved. Upon making offerings to Venus , his statue comes to life and they lead a happy life . The story of X in Ovid's narrative metamorphosis has been adapted into pop culture in many forms . Id. X

Answer is ..Ans : Pygmallion

#TCQ 3.sitter , who is the subject of the conversation the 2 characters are having

Answer is ..Ed Snowden

4.X is a plant that gets its name from a Greek hunter . A species of X is said to have sprouted from the place of the hunters death. A more common name of X , Y is the title of a very famous poem .ID X and Y

Answer is ..X- NarcissusY-Daffodils5.ClickStaris a movie distribution company Co-founded by actor Morgan Freeman . It was highlighted by theAmerican Film Institutein theirAFI Awards 2006"Moments of Significance" for a certain achievement it received for its distribution of the movie 10 items or less starring Morgan Freeman and Paz Vega. This was a first of a kind thing in the entire motion picture history. What was the first of a kind feat ?

Answer is ..In 2006 ClickStar became the first company in motion picture history to offer a legitimate motion picture download while the movie was still playing in the theatres .6.Alison DiLaurentisis afictional characterin thePretty Little Liarsbook series bySara Shepard. The book also has a television adaptation of the same name. Vivian Darkbloom is her alter ego that appears both in the novel as well as in the series . Coincidentally. Vivian Darkbloom is an anagram of a very famous writer and also the name of a character , who is a partner of the shadow of the protagonist in the writers most famous work . Vivian Darkbloom is considered to be writers cameo in his most famous novel . Id the writer Answer is ..Vladimir Nabokov

7.X is the French equivalent of the academy awards named after a noted French sculptor . X is also considered as a reference to the 3rd movie of the Great French Filmmaker Marcel Pagnols Marseille trilogy .Y is the Spanish equivalent of the academy awards named after the legendary Spanish romantic painter and printmaker considered to be the last of the old masters .The award itself is a small bust of the himself ID X and Y (images in the next slide, 20 points for pouncing without image.)

Answer is ..X- Cesar AwardsY- Goya Awards8.

CASSIUS:Yet I fear him;For in the ingrafted love he bears to CaesarBRUTUS:Alas, good Cassius, do not think of him:If he love Caesar, all that he can doIs to himself, take thought and die for Caesar:And that were much he should; for he is givenTo sports, to wildness and much company.TREBONIUS:There is no fear in him; let him not die;190For he will live, and laugh at this hereafter.Clock strikes.BRUTUS:Peace! count the clock.CASSIUSThe clock hath stricken three.TREBONIUS:'Tis time to part.CASSIUS:But it is doubtful yet,Whether Caesar will come forth to-day, or no;For he is superstitious grown of late,Quite from the main opinion he held onceOf fantasy, of dreams and ceremonies:It may be, these apparent prodigies,The unaccustom'd terror of this night,

This portion of the play had been once a subject of debate and criticism . Put Funda !!Answer is ..Ans :Shakespeare portrayedBrutus, plotting to assassinateCaesarin 44 BC, being interrupted by the striking of the clock, althoughancient Romewas the era of thesundial, with invention of themechanical clockdating from the 11th-13th centuries AD

9.Mool Chand Chowhan received it for his outstanding contributions to Table Tennis in India and overall development of Indian sports.Jasdev Singh , the radio commentator was also awarded this .Indira gandhi was awarded this in 1983 for her contribution to the organisation of the New Delhi Asiad (1982.)The above 3 are the only Indians to have received it . What am I talking about ?Answer is ..The Olympic Order- the highest award for the Olympic movement

10.X is the name of a former BBC broadcaster made more famous by a word Y coined by the private eye magazine. Upon Xs retirement a newspaper article was titled thus X Retires without a Word: It's Probably Safer That Way. Give me the word Y coined with Xs name in it

Answer is ..Colemanballs

11. Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium inDelhi, India, is a multipurpose sports arena hostingfootballand other sporting events, as well as large-scale entertainment events. The Stadium has hostedtwo One Day Internationalmatches featuringIndia: againstAustraliain 1984, andSouth Africain 1991. What was special about these 2 matches played there ?Answer is ..BatsmanKepler Wesselsplayed in both the matches, but for different countries, scoring 107 for Australia and 90 for South Africa.

12.X is a Victor Hugo novel that was also made into a movie in 1928 under the same name . The protagonist, Gwylpaines appearance in the movie is said to have been the inspiration to a cult villain T . Coincidentally , the villains first encounter with the hero appears in the comic with the same title X. According to the novel, Gwynplaine was the son of an English nobleman who has offendedKing James II. The monarch sentences Gwynplaine's father to death in aniron maiden, after calling upon a surgeon, Dr. Hardquannone, to do something to the child that in turn would remind him of what a fool his father was .There is also an inaccurate version of this story being referenced to T. Id X and TAnswer is ..

13.The cave in Managaon , nepal is a Hindu pilgrim spot. Its said that X, a part incarnation of lord Vishnu is said to have born here and done one of his famous works here . Xs original name comes from his complexion and his place of birth . X in Sanskrit means to split, differentiate or to describe.The rock formation itself is attributed the arrangement of pages in Xs manuscript . Id X (image in the next slide )Answer is ..

Veda Vyasa.14.This form of literature was started by Edward Lear , in his first book of nonsense . However he did not use the name X for it . X is often attributed to be a reference to the county of X in Ireland .X is basically referred to Lear as non-sense poems often meant to be humorous usually following a AABBA scheme . Id X Answer is ..The limerick packs laughs anatomicalInto space that is quite economical.But the good ones I've seenSo seldom are clean And the clean ones so seldom are comical.15.Named after a 50s publication Eagle , the Eagle awards were given to excellence in a field which Will Eisner described as sequential art. They were decided by a public poll . What were the eagle awards given for ?

Answer is ..

16.Xis ascience fiction film directed byFred M. Wilcox, with ascreenplaybyCyril Hume. It starsWalter Pidgeon,Anne Francis, andLeslie Nielsen. The characters and its setting have been compared to those inWilliam Shakespeare'sThe Tempest. It was also the first science fiction film that was set entirely on another planet in deep space, away from the planet Earth. Thus it has been an inspiration to the famous Star Trek , Star wars series. The poster of the movie is also seen in Sheldon Coopers room in Big Bang Theory during the early seasons. Id the movie. Image in the next slide.

Answer is ..Forbidden Planet