Drupal project timeline

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Analysis of a Drupal web development project timeline and examples of some common mistakes and misconseptions.

Transcript of Drupal project timeline

  • Ardi Hundt Analyst / Project Manager DrupalCamp Baltics 2013 An anatomy of a Drupal project timeline
  • Five phases in a Drupal project How it used to be Expensive mistakes Summary
  • Can be client only Dont try to design or solve, just point out goals or problems Business Requirements Specification 0. Goals
  • The whole team together Quick prototyping, best choices, not too deep Technical Specification + wireframes 1. Analysis
  • Iterations / sprints Design the concept first, the details as you go Frontend coding and backend coding are merged in Drupal 2. D&D
  • General testing Hosting, staging, caching, security, High Availability Content migration 3. Pre-live
  • SLA, monthly resource, reaction times Core updates, module updates if and when? Who controls the updates, keeps test/live sync 4. Maintenance
  • Expensive mistakes
  • Tech Spec does not consider Drupal specifics Tech Spec author unreachable Unknown smart people
  • Design done before Drupal prototyping Designer as the all-in-wonder: tech analyze, UX, graphical design Use grid! Easier frontend, automatic responsiveness Designer is the enemy
  • Nice HTML/CSS, now lets throw it away The HTML guy and the Drupal HTML guy Drupal frontend guy and backend guy are inseparable, Drupal (backend) outputs a lot of HTML HTML for.. nothing
  • The 3rd stage can be very time consuming, esp. in bigger projects Client's responsibilities, who does what: X- tee, Google Accounts, banklinks, etc need organizing, contracts, permissions Just press the button
  • Its ready, so thats the end of it We will handle it ourselves If it breaks, we will call you SLA: Simple Life Ahead
  • Get some Drupal people into technical analysis stage Design and HTML cannot be standalone stages in a Drupal project Dont underestimate the work that comes once its ready Tl; dr
  • Ardi Hundt [email protected] Mekaia O Tatari 64, Tallinn http://mekaia.com Thank you!