Driving UX, Design, & Development collaboratively through the Enterprise

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Transcript of Driving UX, Design, & Development collaboratively through the Enterprise

  • Driving UX, design & development collaboratively through the enterpriseAmee Mungo, Product - Capital One

    John Whalen, Research & UX - Brilliant Experience

    Scott Childs, Design - Capital One

  • Research: The First & Hardest Frontier

    The Brilliance & Beauty of The Design Sprint

    Design & Product for the Long Haul

  • I know you have a process, butyou see John, we already know what users want and what we want to build. Lets save some time and show you.

  • Is that CEO? Left-handed



    Psychology PhD

    Someone who actually likes to watch curling?

    Then why was he so confident about what I wanted from his enterprise?

  • 18,000% differencein sales!

  • UX brings between 2 and 100 dollars in return, and IBM plans a 1:10 return for usability testing.

    -The visible and hidden ROI of user experience, Alex Avissar Tim, UX Architect (AVP) at Citi

  • Why dont some executives buy in to research?

  • Heres what you say:





    Opportunity Mapping

    Usability Testing

    Heuristic review


    Iterative Design

    Information Architecture



    Experience Journey

  • Heres what they hear:





    Experience Journey


    Opportunity Mapping

    Usability Testing

    Heuristic review


    Iterative Design

    Information Architecture






  • Heres what they are listening for:Will it help me to hit my metrics?

    Will it inform my strategic decisions?

  • Will it help me to hit my metrics?the first 10% of the design process, when key system-design decisions are made, can determine 90% of a products cost and performance.

    Cost Justifying Usability

  • Research routinely uncovers unexpected opportunities

    Will it inform my strategic decisions?

  • Bonus: Bring them along for the ride

    Research makes them empathetic

  • Remember the Playbook1. Speak their language:

    Hit metrics Inform decisions

    2. Bring them along for the ride Make them empathetic

  • Other LeanUX Secrets1. Get the stakeholders aligned on prioritized business goals. 2. Prioritize personas. 3. Sketch personas, dont over think them. 4. Focus on the experience journey. 5. Debate design direction alternatives early in the process. 6. Develop conceptual models with stakeholders, not the design. 7. Rapidly iterate design. 8. Share broadly. Be attentive to internal feedback. 9. Test continuously. 10. Take the time to produce brilliant experiences.

  • See me at SxSW

  • The Brilliance & Beauty of The Design SprintAmee Mungo and Scott Childs

  • Collaboration is about love and respect. Other people just have different ideas and want their thoughts to be considered equally to yours. -Ross Popoff-Walker

  • The 5 day sprint

  • Why it works?It forces smart people to stay focused and attack a problem together.

    It allows the feedback cycle to happen at the right time and place.

    It gets stakeholders in the creative mindset and out of the editorial mindset.

    It gives everyone the opportunity to bring the solution to life.

  • What do our sprints look like?Day 1: Understand the problem

    Day 2: Collaborative design

    Day 3: Design & prototype

    Day 4: Test & learn

    Day 5: Iterate & refine

  • Day 1: Understand the problemUnderstand who your user is, what problems theyre having.

    Get a broad range of participants looking at the problem different vantage points.

  • Day 2: Collaborative designShare your thinking with a diverse set of participants.

    Youll want a lot of ideas, but not too many. Seven to

    nine participants is a good size.

  • Day 3: Design & prototypeWith the overall of UI of your design defined, youll spend the third day focused on making final layout decisions, adding some visual polish, and building a prototype.

  • Day 4: Test & learnNow that youve designed a solution in a prototype, the fourth day gives you the opportunity to test your ideas out with real people.

  • Day 5: Iterate & refineOn the final day youll unpack and discuss what we learned in research. Pick out key insights and opportunities to iterate on.

  • Kickoffs should be to build consensus. -Josh Clark

  • Design & Product for the Long HaulAmee Mungo

  • 01

    I am a Baby. I pull your emotions. You will always be

    mine & I yours

    Your Product is Not Your Baby.

  • The Product Statement for clarity (what problem are you solving?)

    for customers (for whom?)

    for direction (how will we do it)

    for focused outcomes for your customers (to do what?)

  • But they (customers) don't want an App - Amee

  • Dont Design in a Vacuum

    Customers are humans, we have them everywhere - talk to them the grittier the better

    Real environments are always better than testing labs (beta, pilot, MVP launches)

    Always be shipping. Always be learning.

  • Lets TalkAmee Mungo

    John Whalen

    Scott Childs




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