Driving Productivity Through Increased Visibility

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Transcript of Driving Productivity Through Increased Visibility

  1. 1. Driving SalesProductivitythrough Increased Visibilityand
  2. 2. UK Sales Growth WebinarHelping Deliver Smart IncentivesRyan WardInternational Sales DirectorXactly Corporation
  3. 3. HOW DO CORPORATIONS ADDRESSCOMPENSATION TODAY?Multiple productsMultiple locations,increasing remote accessMultiple countriesand currencies
  4. 4. HOW DO COMPANIESCALCULATE AND COMMUNICATECOMPENSATION?Custom Excel 3-4 weeks E-mailsSpreadsheets in arrears
  5. 5. IT IS LARGELY AMANUAL PROCESS THATRequires too muchGenerates toopersonal attention many errorsand takes too long
  6. 6. PRODUCTIVITY IS IMPACTED WHEN:Reps dont understandtheir plansToo much time betweenthe effort and the paymentCompanies do not modify plansto address changes, launches orthreats
  7. 7. manual process no management tool low productivity
  8. 8. XACTLY - SOLUTION TO:Manage and motivate your sales force,By engaging in optimal behavioursAnd achieving results
  9. 9. BEHAVIOURAL CHANGEBetter VisibilityPay Closer to Sales EventMotivationTrust in SystemRapidly Align Sales withStrategic Goals of Company
  10. 10. COST REDUCTION ANDOPERATIONAL EFFICIENCYMinimise Time and Manual EffortAccurate, Validated CalculationsCentralised AdministrationAudit Compliance
  11. 11. FLEXIBILITY TO CHANGE AND ADAPTMore Control overCompensation Policies and PlansAbility to Model Changes in PlanDesign (Simulations)Allows quick Contests and NonCash Rewards programswithout the headachesof a customised solution
  12. 12. XACTLY INCENT RIGHT. SELL MORE Leader in SaaS sales performance management Fastest growing provider Strong domain experience Managing >$8 billion in compensation annually
  13. 13. AUTOMATING THE PROCESSOF COMPENSATION HR/Payroll ProcessingSales Compensation AnalyticsProduct Profitability Analytics On-DemandHosted Repository Customer AnalyticsSales Performance Analytics
  15. 15. Best-in-ClassXactly users are twice as likely to be best-in-class as users of any other system**Source: 2011 Aberdeen Group survey.ly firms in the top 20 percent of the nearly 300 companies surveyed earned best-in-class status1.866.GO.XACTLY | http://www.xactlycorp.com| Copyright 2012 Xactly Corporation
  16. 16. Over 500 Clients in 80 countriesusing 130 currencies
  17. 17. UK Sales Growth WebinarDriving Productivitythrough Increased VisibilityGraham DandoSenior PartnerThe TAS Group
  18. 18. Sell Smarter. Manage Better.Were notselling 00Always use theto the rightsame competitivepeoplestrategy We lack penetration in Lack common our largestWe struggle with sales language or accountsforecast methodologyaccuracyWe have poor Deals gettingdealWe struggle to stuck in the qualificationProve the valuePipeline
  19. 19. Sell Smarter. Manage Better.
  20. 20. Process vs MethodologySales Process Sales MethodologyWhat to doHow to do itUnique to each companyStandardized across many companiesLinear & Prescriptive Circular & DeductiveDrives forecast accuracyDrives win rateMust map to Customers buying Uncovers the Customers buying processprocess
  21. 21. The right behaviours lead to theright results
  22. 22. What Motivates Sales People ? How do we: Track progress during the sales cycle ? Ensure we are doing the right things throughout ?
  23. 23. Sales Process Guide to SuccessfulSelling
  24. 24. Break Coaching into 2 parts: 1. Coaching the Coaching on how tomethodology and salesWIN specific salesprocess or inspection tactics
  25. 25. Predictive Sales Analytics
  26. 26. To Manage it you Must Measure it
  28. 28. Questions ?!
  29. 29. Thank You Ryan WardGraham [email protected] [email protected]+44 7860 895818+44 7501 039543www.xactlycorp.comwww.thetasgroup.com