Driving growth

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Driving growth Anya

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  • 1. Driving growth Anya
  • 2. Quick test Answer questions below only with Yes or No
  • 3. 1/ Regular LC meeting, no less 1 per 2 weeks
  • 4. 2/ LCP formed Presidents team and has regular meeting with TLs (no less 1 per week)
  • 5. 3/ Every LC member knows LC Exchange goals for the term
  • 6. 4/ Every EB member fulfills their promises
  • 7. 5/ Every LC member knows what is going on in each department and what is current state
  • 8. 6/ R&R system is based on achievements in Exchange
  • 9. 7/ Full EB always participates in National Conferences
  • 10. 8/ LC brings big delegation to National and regional conferences
  • 11. 9/ LC EB always participates in national campaigns and drive them among members
  • 12. 10/ Every LC member knows and shares LC strategy for the term
  • 13. 11/ Every LC member fit AIESEC Global Competency model
  • 14. Session Agenda Why do we need to achieve high goals? Understanding current state of Driving Growth in LC Tips&Tricks How to drive high results in LC?
  • 15. Discussion Why do I need to achieve high goals? Why do my LC members need to achieve high goals? What motivates me to achieve high goals? What demotivates me to achieve high goals?
  • 16. Regular communication about LCgoals, drivers and currents state Tools: LC meeting Local Voice Personal meetings Team meetings Office decoration
  • 17. What is important to keep your membersmotivated and updated?Participation in National Conferences!
  • 18. Maximum involvement teamleaders in achieving LC strategy Presidents team and regular meeting with them Regular EB-TL meetings Special sessions during Local Conferences
  • 19. Dont recruit TRASH members even if there are few people applying. Quality of membership is the most important for healthy leadership culture!
  • 20. Reward&Recognition system Drive Local Campaigns Award on Local conferences Based on results in Exchange
  • 21. Explanation and understanding WHY of our organization
  • 22. Be role-model!!! Fulfill your promises