Driving Growth By Aligning Marketing Operations & Technology With Sales

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Driving Growth by Aligning Marketing Operations & Technology with Sales Webinar Wed, June 28

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Transcript of Driving Growth By Aligning Marketing Operations & Technology With Sales

  1. 1. Driving Growth by Aligning Marketing Operations & Technology with Sales Webinar Wed, June 28
  2. 2. Driving Growth by Aligning Marketing Operations & Technology with SalesZak Pines VP, Marketing Luque Wang Sr. Manager, Marketing Operations
  3. 3. Agenda Marketing Ops Challenges How Bit Stew Systems Addressed 5 Tips: Aligning Marketing Ops w/ Sales 5 Tips: Aligning Sales & Marketing Systems Q&A and Discussion
  4. 4. Challenges of Sales & Marketing Ops Difficult to aggregate & align data Marketing metrics from many sources Not connected to sales outcomes No real time visibility
  5. 5. Sales & Marketing Misalignment Sales Marketing source: http://www.heinzmarketing.com/wp-content/uploads/201 6/09/misalignment-of-the-rails.jpg
  6. 6. Align Systems to Fuel Sales & Marketing
  7. 7. Bit Stews Ops Objectives Scale lead gen & management Provide actionable insights to sales & marketing Improve marketing operational efficiency Reduce human error from manual work Setup measurable metrics Enable SMarketing integration
  8. 8. 7 Steps to Address This 1. Audit systems & identify operational challenges 2. Understand the data flow & its limitations 3. Re-map business processes, including hidden processes! 4. Develop the desired new data flow 5. Reduce system redundancies 6. Implement changes 7. Enable integrated reporting and analytics
  9. 9. Bit Stews Integrated SMarketing Ops Create opportunities from SQCs Nurture contact into MQC { Main Goals Identify & Qualify SQCs from MQCs { Individual Contacts Marketing Qualified Contacts (MQCs) Sales Qualified Contacts (SQCs) Pipeline Opportunities Closed Deals Target Amount { {Close Deals } } Marketing Sales SMarketing works best with a closed-loop funnel reporting by tracking the success with particular prospects from the marketing stage through sales efforts. Integrated business goals & approaches Common terminologies & KPIs Measurable targets Mutual accountability
  10. 10. Bit Stews KPIs by Revenue Team Groups Capture contacts Segment contacts Nurture & Score contacts Re-segment contacts Identify Marketing Qualified Contacts (MQCs) Calls / emails / voice messages Qualify / Disqualify contacts Schedule meetings Collect additional insights Build & nurture Relationship Identify Sales Qualified Contacts (SQCs) SQCs are assigned to each sales Sales follow up each SQC Create potentials Close deals Marketing Air Cover Inside Sales Personal Touch Sales Pipeline Growth
  11. 11. Everything is Connected to Everything Else Tracking, Analyzing & Reporting Sync with SalesMarketing Activities SEO Online Ads Events Social Media Emails Blogs Videos Gated contents Forms Landing pages Web analysis Campaign analysis Tracking Reporting System Update (Marketing Automation & CRM) Campaign and Strategy Update Inside Sales Operations Build contact profile Segment contact List Direct Sales Operations
  12. 12. Aligned Tech Stacks to Drive SMarketing Capture Data Aggregate Data Report Data Marketing Data
  13. 13. Data Mapping across Systems Marketing Hub SMarketing Integration Platform Sales Hub Company Company Account Contact Contact Lead/Contact Deal Opportunity Potential Engagement Activity Task Owner Owner User
  14. 14. Best Practices for aligning mktg ops #1 - CRM system as home for business performance reports #2- Marketing automation aggregate marketing data from various sources & feed consistent data to CRM #3- Leverage sales & marketing middleware to keep data in sync & aligned #4- Key to success: Sync opportunity data back to marketing systems #5 - Use Marketing automation system as a day-to-day marketing optimization tool
  15. 15. Aligning sales & marketing systems #1 - Sync data in both directions to ensure complete & consistent data #2- Immediately deliver marketing qualified leads to sales #3- Provide sales visibility to key marketing data in CRM #4- Ensure marketing has up-to-date CRM data for targeting #5- Sync opportunity data from CRM to marketing for closed loop reporting
  16. 16. What is your preferred next step? I have a specific integration Id like to get started Discuss improving sales & marketing systems alignment Demo Bedrock Data for improving sales & marketing systems alignment Share this with others at my company No next steps
  17. 17. MarTech Terms Infographic Unique Terminology of SaaS Systems Lead or Person or Prospect or Contact? Opportunity or Deal or Potential? Check It Out: www.BedrockData.com/Blog Pinned Tweet @BedrockData
  18. 18. Q&A and Discussion Zak Pines @MoneyballMktr [email protected] www.MoneyballMarketer.com