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Allfountains.net is the most conventional type of drinking water fountain which is designed to provide safe and secure drinking water.

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  • 1. Formoreinformationvisitus www.allfountains.net DrinkingWaterFountains ElkayHalseyTaylorOasis

2. ABOUTUS Allfountains.net is the most conventional type of drinkingwaterfountain which is designed to provide safe and secure drinking water. It usually consists of oneormoresproutsfromwherewaterflowsout.These fountainsareproperhydrationtotheunitandmakes thefountainmoresanitary.Suchfountainseithertake infilteredwater,orcanbefedbythemainwaterline. 3. TypesOfFountains Wallmountedfountains Filteredwallmountedfountains Splitlevelwaterfountains Nonrefrigeratedfountains 4. RefrigeratedIndoorWater Fountains HawsIndoorandOutdoorWater Fountains OutdoorDrinkingWater Fountains 5. BRITAHYDRATIONSTATION All fountains provides brita hydrationstation which is the world's no.1 brand of household water filtration. It transformsordinarytapwater into healthier, greattasting water. Brita filtered water is nowavailableawayfromhome with the Brita Hydration Station. 6. Elkay&HalseyTaylor DrinkingWaterFountains Allfountains.netoffersboththeElkay'FD'seriesand theHalseyTaylor 'S' series designer wall mounted drinking fountains. It is easy to install as they do notcomewithabackpanel. 7. CONTACTUS For more information visit us www.allfountains.net Call toll free 1-877-645-6044 910-K E.Redd Rd.244 Fl Paso, TX 79912 8. ThankYou!