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Overview of how schools, colleges or universities can subscribe and use Microsoft Professional developer and platform tools on teaching and learning resources within institutions.

Transcript of DreamSpark Institutional Subscriptions

  • 1. Audiences K-12 Higher Education Higher Education (tech dept. only) Audiences Student Educators Student Educators Student EducatorsOffers DreamSpark Subscription x x x x DreamSpark Premium Subscription x x Overview Renewal Path as of 1/6/12 DreamSpark Subscription Direct and campus-wide offering for students, educators, and labs Offers development and designer products Access via MSDN Subscription Portal or E-Academy ELMS Electronic delivery DreamSpark Premium Subscription Only offering to qualified HED STEM departments Offers all Microsoft products (minus Office Suite) Access via MSDN Subscription Portal or E-Academy ELMS Electronic delivery
  • 2. Perpetual rights: Student may use DreamSpark software after graduation as long as it is used Licensing DreamSpark DreamSpark Premium according to the use rights per the EULA (non Perpetual Rights x x commercial use) For research, training, learning purposes only Academic/Non-commercial usage x x A back up copy may be installed by each student Usage and faculty member on their personal device (to be Campus Wide Distribution (K-12, HED) x used only according to use rights) DreamSpark Premium only: Only machines that at STEM Department Only x all times remain physically located in the lab Lab Installation i x x operated by the department that has the Students and Faculty Machines x x DreamSpark Premium Subscription qualify for the naked PC clause, i.e. can install without having previous version of Windows for instructional use only
  • 3. Product Categories Line-up DreamSpark DreamSpark Premium DreamSpark Subscription: about 27 Operating Systems products, mainly developer, gaming and Windows Client Windows Server designer tools, plus Microsoft Windows Developer & Design Tools Server & SQL Visual Studio Professional Visual Studio Premium DreamSpark Premium: extensive product Visual Studio Ultimate Expression catalogue, hundreds of Microsoft products, Windows Embedded including Microsoft Windows client Applications Visio Microsoft Office not included Project OneNote Servers SQL Server BizTalk Server SharePoint Server
  • 4. How to Enroll in a DreamSpark Subscription
  • 5. Commonly Asked Question: How to access software
  • 6. http://msdn.microsoft.com/subscriptions/
  • 7. 1 2 3 4
  • 8. http://www.e-academy.com/dreamspark_request.cfmhttps://www.dreamspark.com/Support/Default.aspx