Douglas Bennett - The Buff Body Blueprint - (excerpt)

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The Buff Body Blueprint (BBB) was written for guys who want to look their best without living in the gym, period. BBB is no girly diet or exercise book. This NonChic Diet is guaranteed to give you results like no other fitness book on the market. You’ll use this book as, " YOUR GO TO PLAN" to get in the best shape of your life, for many years. Doug Bennett, Expert Trainer and Former Division 1A wrestler, over delivers and gives you 22 years of his expert trainings in one book. You get everything but a good looking chic to get in your best shape of your life. Honestly, if you want to get super fit then it was written for you! You figure which persona is right for you and go for it! It works for a 25 to 48 year old, beginner to triathlete and for those who have no time to get fit..

Transcript of Douglas Bennett - The Buff Body Blueprint - (excerpt)

  • 1. TheBuffBodyBlueprint(Excerpt) Author:DouglasBennett Amazonlink: 2013.Allrightsreserved.Nopartofthis bookmaybereproducedinanyformbyanyelectronic or mechanical means including information storage and retrieval systems withoutpermissioninwritingfromitsauthor.
  • 2. Authorbio: Douglas Bennett, called "The Magician of Body Transformation" because of his 22 years of elite training of proathletes, profighters, olympic wrestlers to those whoneed to just lose weight andget buff. A former Division 1A Wrestler, Clemson University and a Graduate in Science with a passion to help others get in ultimate shapehas made himoneofthemostsoughtaftertrainersintheMassachusettsArea.Now, he has created " The Buff Body Blueprint" for guys who have notime, but wantto get inultimate shape, FAST. Doug Bennett over delivers in the "Buff Body Blueprint". Youll geteverything you need buta good looking chic, to get in your best shape of your life. This book isworth 50x the cost.He is the author of "The Buff Body Blueprint" and the creator of three topappsFitgirlApp,FitgirlLiteandTheHappyGirlCleansingDiet.CanyoutakethechallengeofTheBuffBodyBlueprint?Inspiration,guidance,advicesandtips...challengeyourselftoanultimatebuffbodytransformation! Andworkoutprograms?WellitsclearDougknowshowtotrainhowtotrainhard! SometimesitseemsasDougisstandingaboveyourshoulderwhenyoureadthis blueprint.Andhedidpushedmetotrainandtoworkoverthosefirstdayscrampsand sweats... TheadvicewaspracticalandmostimportantlyIwasabletoincorporatemanyofthe recipesandadviceintomycurrentroutineswithouthavingtomakemajoradjustments. Iwouldrecommendthisbookforanyprofessionalthatslookingtomaximizeworkout time,improveeatinghabits,andgetbottomlineresultsonatightschedule... HavingknownDougformanyyearsIcansayhedoeswalkthewalk.Thisbook revealsthesecretstogettingitdone.Youwillbelearningfromthebest!
  • 3. TheBuffBodyBlueprint (excerpt) WHYDOESTHISBOOKSAYFORGUYSEYESONLY?Simply, itsnotthedietgirlsfollowtogetrailthin.Itsamanlysolutiontoabuffbodywithouteatinglike a girlandputtinghoursinthegym.Thisprogramismeantforguys. Im goingtorevealtoyouan easy, UNCONVENTIONAL, great tastingwaytocutfat,chemicalsandprocessedfoodsfromyour diet without sacrificing taste and/or the foods youre used to eating. Plus, my trainingprogramsaregoingtoliterallyKICKYOURASSintoitsbestshape.Lets face it: You need to get the fastest results possiblewhileyourlivingintherealworldwithajob, bills, kids, challenges and anything in between. Thisisnotabodybuildingdiet.Irepeat:Youwill not be a meathead from this plan. This plan is for those guys who want to live a healthylifestyle, be sexually attractive and be able to kick some ass if need be. Im going to show youeverything Ive learned, experienced and proven to work in order to transform the way you trainandeatforalonglastingchange. WHOTHEF***AREYOU?So youre probably saying who is this guy? What does he know? Ive heard all this shitbefore! Well, Im not a socalled guru who was a fat,dumpypussy(andstill is)whohaseatenfast food his whole life and all of the sudden has started to eat sub rolls and salads to loseweight. Ive been training since Iwas12.ItallstartedwhenIstartedtowrestleandfoundmyfirstnutrition book at the dump. It was Food for Life, and it taught me aboutselectingnaturalfoodsto become a betterathlete. This book changed my eating habits. MyfriendsandfamilytoldmeIwas a fanatic, a completenut.I didnt give a shit. I knewIfeltfaster,strongerandhealthier.Inotonly ate obsessively healthy diet, just for wrestling it was also to rebel against my fuckedupfamilyshabits:drugs,horribleeating,booze,justtonameafew.My intense dedication to living healthy and wrestling helped me get into ClemsonUniversity,topranked Division 1A wrestling college at the time. Since then, I graduated witha B.S. inscience,own a very successful training and weight loss center and have helped top wrestlers (KendellCross and Jesse Jansen amongst others) plus UFC fighters train for world class competition.Presently, I spar 2 days a week with pro boxers, wrestle 2 days a week with world classwrestlers, and try to hit the pavement 12 days a week. Ive built up a foundation from hardcoreweight training so nowadays I dont need to do more than 1 to 2 days of weight training. I canactually blow up like a tick to fast that people question if Im on steroids. Yeah, great butImnottrying to look like ameatheadnoraguywhothinkshestoughbecauseoftattoos,earringandaUFC shirt. I cant even count the guys Ive dope slapped like this. Ever since college, Ive beenthe go to guy for nutrition and training. People always askmewhatIeattostaysoleanandfitat 42 years old. So,Ifinallyhavedecidedtoreveal my secretsandshowmenjustlikeyouhowI,and thousands of successful guys from my program, live life and still look like they live in thegym.
  • 4. WHOAMI?WHOTHEF***AREYOU?Youmayfitintoone,orall,ofthefollowingpersonasIwrotethisbookfor.Yet,theresonethingincommon you all have. Youre ready to kick some ass. Mainly yours, into shape. So, figure outwhich guy you want to be, because theres actually a complete 60 day training plan that goeswitheachtypeofguy.Yes,youmaywanttobemultipleguysatoncebutsticktooneatatime.
  • 5. ANEFFICIENTPLANREQUIRESEFFICIENTINFORMATION.Lets get right to it. Im not going to fill up these pages with a bunch of girly bullshit. Im goingtoget right at itandtellyouexactlywhatyouneedtodo.Illgiveyouanexactdiet,foodplan,andfatincinerating training regimen. Nothing bothers me more than reading aplethora (Big SAT word)of material that can be said in few words. Look, Im not an English major,so pardon meformyEnglish, but I am acollege graduate in science/nutrition and an expert trainer. Simply,Imgoingto give you exactly whatneeds to be done as if were longtermfriends.Soherewegoreadonslapdick......ANDTHATWOULDBETHEENDOFINTRODUCTION!
  • 7. SHOULDYOUDIVIDEBY6MEALS?No, thats for the meat heads. Hopefully, youre working on financial success and youreconcerned about making money. Youll be fine if you eat 3 meals and3 lean snacks. If youreretired, and can actually eat56 meals a day, then youre lucky.Ifyoueateveryotherhouryoullbecertaintoabsorbmorethanenoughofthoselittlebranchedchainaminos.Copyright 2012, body studio corp. Face it, if you really want a flatter stomach and some qualitymuscle development,thendoyouthinkyou shouldbemowingcornpuffs,bagelchipsandcandybars. Of course not. Sticktoadietthatsgoingtogiveyou results:steak,chicken,eggsandfish.The more you incorporate leanprotein into your diet, the less hungryyoull be and your cravingfor sugar will diminish. You might as well eat the best protein you can.Below,Ivegivenyouthebestsourcesofproteintochoosefrom. KEYPROTEINQUESTIONSANSWERED CANIEATSTEAKEVERYDAY?Yes, but honestly, youre notgoing to feel your best. Hey, if you dontbelieveme,theneatsteak12/day for a week. Then, void the next week of all beef and see howyoufeel.Animalproteinisgreat for muscle building, but remember that you have arteries. Arteries love to attractplaquecaused by excessive fat, protein and unprocessed foods. So, I personally would recommendthatyoulimitbeeftotwiceaweekandchooselean,freerangecutsasmuchaspossible.ISPEANUTBUTTERAGOODPROTEIN?Nah. To get the amount of protein you need to get for muscle development, youll need toconsume too many unnecessarycaloriesthatyoucouldspendoneatingtastychicken,fish,etc.Lets keep nuts to satisfying your good fat needs. Nuts are great to satisfy hunger pains rawnuts!HOWCANIABSORBMOREPROTEIN?Drinklotsofwater.Eatpineappleand/ordrinkpineapplejuicewhichishighinbromelain(proteinenzyme).Eatfruitswithhighwatercontentsuchasmango,melonandoranges.Purchaseaproteaseenzymeatyourlocalhealthfoodstore.Allofthesewillhelp.
  • 8. ISITTRUETHATTHEMOREPROTEINIEATTHEMOREMUSCLEILLDEVELOP?Yes, and NO. Your body will only process a limited amount of protein in every meal. Youshouldnt consume too much protein in one meal unless you want a pudgy gut. However, themore intensely you train, the more protein you should consume formuscle repair and growth.Thus,youfatshit,simplytrytoeatalittleproteinthroughouttheday.WHATSALITTLE?MAN MOMENT: if you weigh 175lbs orless, theneat 1/2 a fistful of protein (approx. 34ounceseach meal,36mealsaday).Ifyourebetween17lbsand240lbs.,thenconsumeofafistfulofprotein (approximately 46 ounces per meal,36 mealsaday).Ifyoureover240lbs(greaterthan24%bodyfat),thenrevertbacktochildhoodandconsumethesameasyour150lb.buddy.Make sure you drinkmore than enough water, da