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Doria Holding Group was created in order to consolidate and lead in large scale projects locally and overseas. In thirty five years of operation, we have evolved our portfolio considerably.

In 2006, we reorganized our portfolio to streamline operations and ensure the continued delivery of world-class projects and future growth opportunities for our investors. Our business is organized in these six vertical sectors:

1. Recruitment and Manpower services

2. Catering & Camp Management

3. Trading

4. Security services

5. Construction

6. Transportation

The management of our portfolio is divided between local and overseas a operations and our services are integrated to provide a quality end service delivered using our local and overseas knowledge gained over 35 years of operations.

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Vision: To be the leading holding company and the preferred partner for institutional investors, governments and multinational corporations.

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Mission: To provide clients with the best services byincreasing the business competencies of subsidiarycompanies – developing networks between subsidiaries,prospective subsidiaries, business partners and relatedorganizations, whilst supporting good business principlesand corporate governance to enhance the competence andcredibility of Doria Holding and its subsidiaries.

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Our strength is our team which is a group of Professionals andExperts of different sectors who work for us. Our team work giveus an edge to easily locate the right and competent candidate fromany sector for our clients within no time which is an importantfactor for organizations’ success.

Our professional way of conduct and serving to companies hasbeen admired by all the companies to whom we have served. Goodremarks from jobseekers also gives us an immense pleasure. Boththe employers’ and the jobseekers’ trust on our commitmenttowards fulfillment of responsibility, is strengthening us to workwith more stability.

The above factors are facilitating Employers to choice DoriaHolding Group as a reliable services provider for theirorganizations.

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(Head Office)

United Arab Emirates

(Branch Office)

508 The Fairmont,

Sh Zayed Road, Dubai

Tel: 00971-4-3116615

Fax: 00971-4-4316383

Vill No 29, St No 28

F/8/1, Islamabad

Email: [email protected]

Contact PersonsMr. Mohammed Akram, C.E.O

Mail: [email protected]

Mr. Shehrzad Akram, C.O.O


Mail: [email protected]

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(1) Construction Sector

(i) Engineers (Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Architects, Project Engineers)

(ii) Supervisors (Civil, Electrical, Mechanical)

(iii) Electricians (Industrial)

(iv) Mechanics (AC)

(v) Welders (TIG, MIG, 6-G)

(vi) Fabricators (Pipe, Aluminum)

(vii) Plumbers / Pipe Fitters

(viii) Carpenters (Shuttering + Furniture)

(ix) General Masons (Concrete + Block + Tiles)

(x) Turners / CNC Operators & Plant Operators

(xi) Heavy Equipment Operators (Crane Operators, Fork Lifters, Riggers, Shovel Operators, Excavator Operators)

(xii) Steel Fixers

(xiii) General Labor / Helpers

(xiv) Heavy & Light Duty Drivers – UAE / GCC Driving License Holders

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(2) Health Sector

(i) Doctors, Physicians, Surgeons (All Specialists)

(ii) Nursing Staff (Male / Female)

(iii) Lab Technicians

(iv) Lab Assistants

(3) Accounts

(i) Chartered Accountants (C.A, ACCA, ACMA)

(ii) Accounts Executives (M.B.A’s & M.Com’s)

(iii) Accounts Assistants (B.B.A’s & B.Com’s)

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(4) Banking, Finance & Investment

(i) Banking, Finance & Investment (Officers)

(ii) Banking Sales Executives

(5) Advertising & Marketing

(i) Designers, Indoor /Outdoor Sales Executives

(ii) Neon Fabricators, 3-D Fabricators

(iii) Painters & Screen Printers

(6) Automobile

(i) Automobile Engineer

(ii) Auto-Electrician & AC Technician

(iii) Petrol Mechanic

(iv) Diesel Mechanic

(v) Denters & Spray Painters

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(7) Energy, Oil & Gas and Natural Resources Sector

(i) Geologists

(ii) Geo Technical Driller & Rig Engineers

(8) Computer Sciences & IT

(i) Software & Hardware Engineers

(ii) Peripherals & Networking

(iii) Web Developers & Web Designers

(9) Hospitality & Tourism

(10) Telecom Engineers & Supervisors

(11) Teaching Faculty

(12) Administrative Staff

(13) Cleaners & Gardeners

(14) General Helpers / Supporting Staff

(15) Security Supervisors & Guards

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Our recruitment solutions are geared towards connecting people with jobs

which enable the individuals to support themselves and their families.

This has made us a socially responsible corporate citizen.

It gives us an immense pleasure to intimate that through consistent

struggle to bring excellence, we have been able to develop and maintain

‘Resume Bank’ . Thus whatever the nature of job is, we can fulfill all of

our clients’ demand within no time.

To remain honest with our clients, we honestly declare the possibility of

fulfillment of Man Power Requirement, to avoid wastage of their time.

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Special Power of Attorney designating us the responsibility of recruiting the work force on your behalf and undertaking necessary legal formalities with the Directorate of Emigrants, Govt. of Pakistan.

Demand Letter stating the number of candidates required, their categories, salary, education & experience requirements, place of work, facilities provided, terms & conditions or other information necessary to be provided.

Copy of the Group Employment Visa covering the total number of workers required. No Objection Certificate where applicable.

Employment contracts duly signed and stamped by the company’s authorized executive.

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Upon receiving the ‘demand letter’ we do search our Resume Bank to match the requirements. A media campaign is always launched to find out the most competent candidate.

Those candidates who are agreed to the terms and conditions of employment and are declared medically fit by a renowned medical lab, they are called for a preliminary interview, to be conducted by our specialists. Besides this; verification of certificates, performance of trade and aptitude tests is also being done. Selected candidates are short listed for final interview with clients representative.

Once the candidate who meet employers’ criteria and is selected, the candidate signs a bond of Employment and the Employer has to apply for his visa. Upon receipt of his visa, we complete other formalities pertaining to his departure.

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We will feel pleasure to reply all of your queries promptly. We offer our humble request to you to provide us at least one opportunity to serve your esteemed organization. We assure you to provide our best services.

We wish more success and prosperity of your organization.


Mail: [email protected]

: [email protected]