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  • 1. Dont take my word for it! Jrme Cukier, OECD Telling stories with data, a VisWeek 2011 workshop

2. Problem: not tooeffective onassumptions 3. AuthorAssumptionsModel goal Audience 4. Passive speaker, active aud 5. Oh and by the way All examples can be found you can play along 6. InputFixedOutput 7. Defend position ofAuthor governmentAssumptions Model goalIts possible to Fix pensionshave a balancedsystem withoutchanging ageAudience 8. Its about me. 9. Nillsons power model 10. Show how deadly Author speed can beAssumptionsModelgoalIts ok to go Determinea few km/h adequatefaster than thespeedspeed limitAudience 11. Show your model. 12. Control your model. 13. Make yourvoice heard! 14. You fix the budget 15. User input becomes output