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This presentation shows what digital marketing is about in a nutshell. Hope you enjoy it!

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  • 1. Dont sell.Tell a story.Larissa Rima 21.8.2014

2. Even the small oneshave a right to doBIG. 3. Even the BIGoneshave the right to ask for help 4. The world seems so fastand complicated 5. even though itsactually reallysimple. 6. We allrememberstories 7. and aredrivenby emotions. 8. We returnto the bestsources ofinformation. 9. We spend time with thingswe arepassionateabout. 10. We are committed to those we love. 11. What we likewe share with our friends. 12. Its calledWEBfor a reason. 13. I will be glad to help you! Copywriting Concept design Stories and articles Digital strategies Communications Social media: strategic and hands-on 14. Olemme saaneet sit mit olemme tilanneet sovitussa aikataulussa ja sovitulla sisllll.Yhteisty on ollut helppoa, ja Larissa on saanutnopeasti kiinni meidn tarpeestamme jatoimittanut sen mukaista materiaalia.Markkinointiviestimme ja materiaalimme ovattehostuneet merkittvsti lyhyess ajassa.Tommi Kyl-Kaila, Myyntijohtaja, TDC HostingWorking with Larissa on our social media strategywas extremely productive. The interactiveworkshop ensured the outcome was specific to ourcompany vision, mission and goals. The result?Practical steps to begin our social media journey: adecision on which channels to use, what content toshare and how to measure our success. Were onthe road to more focussed social media marketingthanks to Laras service and advice.Katrina Hahling, Community Gardener, TalentMatch 15. Larissa Rima, MAStoryteller of The Digital