Does PaaS Pay Off?

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Platform-as-a-Service is a revolutionary technology that offers rapid application development and deployment directly to the cloud. But does PaaS really pay off? Research group Vanson Bourne recently conducted a survey of 700 IT decision-makers and asked that very question.

Transcript of Does PaaS Pay Off?

  • Itstimetogetonboard. For more information on what Progress Pacic PaaS can do for you, check out 30% 18% 30% 22% Does your organization use PaaS when developing and deploying new applications? Yes, for over 12 months Yes, in the last 12 months No, but we plan to No, and we do not plan to 52% dont use PaaS! BUT... 54% 51% 47% 47% 42% 38% 29% 1% 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 Percentageofrespondents reduced timescales and costs improved scalability, innovation capacity and agility only 1% found no benefits! the ability to continuously monitor and support apps PLUS... Our respondents found these benets from PaaS... break it down found development benets 93% found deployment benets 95% survey says... Does Platform-as-a-Service really improve application development and deployment? Vanson Bourne polled 700 IT decision-makers from mid-sized organizations and asked: Does PaaS pay off? Does PaaS Pay Off?