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  • Documentary Photography

    Documentary photography is a genre where images must be truthful and objective.

    It can be the capturing of historic events or highlighting/bringing attention to social or political problems and issues

    Most images are usually Candid

    Artificial lighting set ups are rarely used and images can not be manipulated

    Can Documentary be manipulated to be biased?

  • Walker Evans the great depressionDianne Arbus- FreaksKen Schles Invisible CityChris Jordan -VariousCocaine Blue Cocain True, Eugene RichardsGary WinograndMartin Parr-Last ResortAlex Currie- Degeneration

  • Documentary photography (title)What are the genre conventions?Whats the purpose of the genre?Images from a variety of photographers (titled with photographers name and body of work)Explain how these conventions are in the images you have chosen and explain specifically how/why? A small piece about the body of work and how it stays true to the genre conventions