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  • 1. Documentary Analysis: The Model Agency

2. The Model Agency Type of documentary Mixed Themes throughout are modelling in the fashion industry, family and power of the media. 3. Camerawork This interview is not typical of a normal one, no direct address and off positioning. Close ups of the young models when getting their pictures took. Medium close ups of the agency on the phones in their office. Medium close ups in interviews of the agency talking. 4. Mise-en-scene Office/location is typical of a fashion environment with portfolios/magazines/computers. Mise-en-scene of the models are typical and are presented through polaroid's. 5. Sound From the phone audiences can see sounding would have been apparent in this part of the documentary. There is swearing within proving this to be an adult documentary. The narrator is male and uses standard English. 6. Editing Colour editing and smudging effects on city views. Cuts throughout Dissolving effects Colouring effects. 7. Archive Material Showings of catwalk shows in New York. 8. Graphics Title smudging.blurred effect on writing. Credits are white and scroll down.