Document Management 101: Reduce Paper, Boost Productivity

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Transcript of Document Management 101: Reduce Paper, Boost Productivity

Streamline your Processes By Removing the paper.

Document Management 101:Reduce Paper, Boost ProductivityGo Paperless by Automating Your Key Document Processes

Good Morning Everyone and welcome to our live webinar.

Today is Thursday February 25th

Im Richard Schoen coming to you from our offices in Eden Prairie MN.

Ill be the moderator today for our webinar titled:

Document Management 101. Reduce Paper, Boost Productivity

Many companies still generate, receive and manually handle lots of paper.

While the dream of becoming totally paper free may never be realized, we can definitely improve the lives of our vendors, customers and employees by implementing processes that use less paper.

This webinar will introduce you to HelpSystems document management technology and some of the ways that people can use the technology to improve daily processes.

Were excited to have you here today so lets get started.


2Your Presenters

Richard SchoenDirector of Document Management Technologies

Greg SchmidtSenior Technical Solutions Consultant

As I mentioned I am Richard Schoen, Director of Document Management Technologies at HelpSystems.

I am part of the technical solutions group at HelpSystems bringing topics like this to our customers and prospective customers.

I have over 27 years of background with IBMi, Windows and Linux platforms and managing and delivering forms and documents.

My co-presenter today is Greg Schmidt. Good morning Greg.why dont you introduce your self and tell us a little about your role here at HelpSystems.


AgendaHelpSystems overviewDocument management introductionWebDocs introductionDemoQ&A


Our agenda today will hopefully provide a good introduction to HelpSystems, RJS and our document management solutions that help companies implement paperless process.

Well provide a short company overview of HelpSystems and its history.

Then we will provide a high level introduction to some of the key concepts and terms associated with document management and well talk about some potentially better ways to manage paper based processes.

Then well provide an introduction to our WebDocs document management software and a short introductory demo of the WebDocs document management technology in action.

We will end with a few minutes of Q&A and a couple of polling questions.

Feel free to enter your questions in the chat window as we go and I will address them towards the end of the webinar.

Select All Presenters so the questions are directed to both me and Greg.

Well also plan to complete our session in 30-40 minutes so you have plenty of time to make your next important meeting.

Also todays event will be recorded and you will receive a link after the webinar to share with anyone in your organization who couldnt attend todays session.


HelpSystems Family of Brands4

HelpSystems has been in business for over 32 years providing system management, business intelligence and security solutions for IBMi, Windows, Linux and AIX platforms.

The RJS document management products joined the HelpSystems product brand portfolio in 2014.

The RJS products focus on helping companies implement paperless process to capture, manage, deliver and secure their critical documents.

Our WebDocs family of products help companies go paperless by providing several key document management components.


Our WebDocs family of products help companies go paperless by providing several key document management components such as:-Document scanning to capture paper documents such as AP invoices-Electronic Business Form Output generation software which can be used to generate documents such as invoices, purchase orders, statements, checks and more. -WebForms, our web based data capture software allows companies to capture data at the source of entry and eliminate re-keying of information. (Used often in AP, HR and other departments looking to turn paper forms into actionable data.)-SignHere Electronic Signature Capture Capturing signatures on business documents such as invoices, receipts, proofs of delivery and bills of lading without printing. -DeliverNow Automated Report and Document Bursting and Delivery.

If youre planning to implement paperless process in any of your departments, chances are we have a solution.


Solution Overview5

This slide shows the core functions of our document management solution.

Our solution covers 3 core areas of a business

Document management This focuses around capturing and managing scanned paper documents, electronic reports from IBMi and other systems, mfg drawings, email, inbound faxes and other electronic documents such as photos, videos and more. We can manage any document that can be created in a PC format.

Process management Webdocs contains a built-in document routing system to provide the ability to electronically route documents to the right people for review and approval as well as electronic signature capture. Signatures can be captured via desktop software or web based forms that can be sent out via the web

Forms management Forms management covers two different but important areas.

Input forms We can take any paper based form and turn it into an online version where data can be captured. This is a great way to capture data right away without re-keying.

Output forms generating high quality business output documents such as invoices, purchase orders, statements, bills of lading, checks and more to reduce paper usage.


Document Examples6Bills of ladingProofs of deliverySales proposalsContractsExpense reportsTime sheetsLoan agreementsQC documentsHR documents

DesignsHealth recordsPatient and consent formsPurchase orders Maintenance reports

Businesses generate and received all kinds of documents that need to be captured, managed and archived as long term business records, delivered for approvals and stored for simple yet secure retrieval as needed for processing or responding to requests for information.

From sales proposals and orders to bills of lading and invoices and more, each of these documents is a critical business record that needs to be managed.

Often information also needs to be entered or associated with key systems such as:Accounts Payable-Purchase to Pay (vendor purchase orders, vendor invoices, vendor material or product receipts)Sales/Order Processing/Accounts Receivable-Order to Cash (customer purchase orders, sales orders, shipping paperwork, certificates of authenticity, bills of lading, proofs of delivery, customer invoices, payments, statements and more.)Distribution and Shipping (Shipping Documents, Certificates of Authenticity, Bills of Ladings, Proofs of Delivery and more.)Manufacturing Processes (Shop floor documents such as manufacturing order, work instructions, machine process instructions, CAD drawing for parts and product assemblies, Engineering Change Orders and more.)Human Resources (applications, employee review and performance documents, government forms such as I9, W4 and more that can be generated from existing government fillable PDF documents. Contract management (contracts, expirations, renewal tracking, etc.)

These are a few of the key areas within a business where processes can be improved via document management software.

No matter how your business functions, document management software can be used to streamline the unique operations of each department and business.


Business Challenges7Going GreenOne tree yields 8,333 sheets of paperEach office worker prints 1,000 pages per month (10,00012,000 year)45% of documents are thrown out within 24 hours768 million trees produce worlds annual paper supply

Knowledge workers spending >20% of their time on document management tasks.The average document is copiedeither physically or electronically911 times at a cost of about $18.Documents cost $20 each to file. Retrieving a misfiled document costs $120.

Here are some statistics on some of the business challenges companies face in relation to managing documents.

Green initiatives. Implementing document management can help save trees. While not usually a primary initiative for implementing document management software, this is definitely a great way to satisfy corporate green initiatives for going paperless or at least using less paper.

Knowledge workers spending >20% of their time on document management tasks. I would say depending on the department this statistic can be even higher with all the manual processes built around handling paper forms and documents and keying or re-keying information from documents. Document management allows workers to focus on the more important daily tasks of servicing customers, vendors and employees.

The average document is copiedeither physically or electronically911 times at a cost of about $18. Wouldnt it be nice to capture one copy of a critical document and even do that without any paper used.

Documents cost $20 each to file. Retrieving a misfiled document costs $120. This speaks to the error prone manual filing and retrieval processes many companies face when having to file paper documents or retrieve them manually to satisfy an information request.


Business Challenges8Regulations (SOX and HIPAA) stress the need for electronic records & proper controls.Disaster Recovery/Business Recovery: what about the paper?Pre-printed forms are costly, difficult to manage, and oftentimes become obsolete.Distributing documents to customers, vendors, and business partners via mail or fax