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November 2010 Unlocking the full digital potential of your business

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An introduction to DMG and a brief overview of how we help our clients achieve more with their digital marketing.

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November 2010

Unlocking the full digital potential of your business

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Thanks investing the time to find out more about DMG.

In this presentation you’ll learn more about:

• Us• Our work• Digital Brain• Working together

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We can help you…

• research new market segments, product or service opportunities – driving out actionable insight

• open up, or successfully expand, your use of digital channels to win new customers and serve existing customers

• leverage more from your customer and prospect data to optimise pricing, contacts and campaign ROI

• harness intelligent UK based outbound telemarketing working in conjunction with digital channels to drive new business leads, secure appointments and nurture prospects

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We can help you…

• dramatically improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your paid search (PPC) activity by understanding the true value of every click and thereby free up budget to invest in boosting recovery or take to the bottom line

• sensitively commercialise your use of emerging social media channels

• retain your existing customers more successfully by "lab testing" potential improvements to the customer journey or new sales processes, without having to disentangle existing infrastructures before the merits of doing so are proven

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We’re part of the largest digital agency group in the UK.

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We’ve grown through being good at what we do.

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We draw upon the expertise and resources of four divisionsUnder a single management structure.

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Doing smart things with data.

• Help clients make sense of, and derive monetary value from, their data

• Use advanced statistical techniques to increase customer understanding

• Define and optimise the next customer or prospect action, or portfolio decision

• Assist clients in executing these decisions, even in real time

• Believe in helping clients solve problems or meet challenges, rather than pushing product

• Operate across marketing, credit and fraud environments.

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A research agency designed for the digital age.

• Data is great but it can’t tell you why or why not, that’s where great research comes into its own

• Use digital and offline methods, and the two in combination, to increase client knowledge of how their customers think, what motivates them to behave as they do

• Equally skilled in qualitative and quantitative techniques

• Add value drawn from rubbing shoulders everyday with techies, developers, digital strategists and communication planners

• Everything they do starts with insight and ends with action.

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Deeper and brighter communications.

• A highly creative, digitally led direct agency

• Excels at brand-response communications. On, off and through the line

• Believe in keeping brands human

• Do things that people want to look at, get involved with, and act upon

• Great to work with.

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Intelligent human contact.

• Nothing is more persuasive than talking one-to-one with a prospect or customer

• With brand perception on the line it’s crucial that it’s done exceptionally well

• Over 300 people selected, trained and developed to represent some of the UK’s biggest and best brands

• Inbound and outbound, B2B and B2C, all leveraging highly sophisticated integration of voice, data and digital

• Winners of ‘Best Call Centre Campaign’ at the Connect Awards

• In short, they know how to consistently deliver the brand experience

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We join up what we do more tightly.

• Through our processes

• Through our ways of working

• Through sharing knowledge and learnings

• Through focusing upon the same objectives.



Strategy Data



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We can work with you…

• Right around the customer journey

• Within one stage

• At a key contact moment.

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We deliver intelligent multi-channel marketing.Which means we…


For our clients’ customers, brands

and businesses.

By using compelling research and data insights

to create intelligent, imaginative and relevant

multi-channel engagement journeys.

That we can optimise and manage real time using the capabilities of our unique

decision engine – Digital Brain.

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Who we work with...

....among many others.

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We have never encountered a client whose marketing we can’t improve.Journey stage Achievement Client

Acquisition 0-6% current account market share in months, having launched inside six weeks.

Conversion More than doubled enquirer conversion rate.

Welcome Built up brand attachment through a new welcome journey contributing towards a 258% YOY increase in income.

Education Enabled Business Banking customers to self-serve from a 137-strong product set using need driven decision trees.

Development Almost trebled post booking cross sales.

Retention Reduced private healthcare policyholder churn by over16%.

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Our work

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Brand guardianship for iconic brands.We were brand

guardians of the first direct brand for

over a decade.

We managed the identity re-invention

of Co-operative Financial Services and originated the

‘Good with…’ proposition which

was adopted across the Group.

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We have brought the OU’s proposition of inspiring

learning vividly to life online, developed a Virtual Open Day experience and built

the ‘Devolve Me’ app that generated a year’s science

prospectus requests in a single day.

Inspiring interest in The Open University

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We developed an online API ‘wall’ of football for Castrol.

The brand achieved a 35% growth in visitor volumes over the FIFA World Cup for its community.

The fourth highest traffic increase for any brand leveraging the event.

Leveraging sponsorship to drive brand engagement for Castrol

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Maximising performance in a low interest category. 100k boiler calculations made. 30k opt-in email addresses collected. Hundreds of Twitter followers for a domestic boiler brand!

Relaunching a brand through digital channels for Glow worm

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Reaching a new demographic for Vision ExpressWe were tasked with extending

the brand into the 15-24 demographic without alienating

their core over 45’s consumer base

We developed the iRock online application to promote the Gio Goi range, a range exclusively

bought into their portfolio to attract this new audience.

Email to 250,000 database, seeding strategy, facebook application and press pack

14% click through to Gio Goi page

107, 124 visits from February to May 2009

CIPR Pride Awards – Gold Winner for Consumer Campaign Category

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• 200% uplift in daily appointment availability incorporating ‘Drive Time’ Software

• 27.2% increase in appointments booked

• 58% reduction in cancellations

• 20% increase in sales productivity as a result of reduced administration

• £250,000 revenue PA immediate benefit from introduction

• 800% ROI

Online prospecting and sales tracking for Vauxhall

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Incentivised B2B surveys ran 5 years online and offline, peaking at generation of 21,500

highly qualified leads. Generated more international prospects than all other

campaigns combined.

Lead generation and conversion for HSBC

Halved conversion pack costs, recognised serial entrepreneurs, enabled dual read of advice and

bank benefits, helped HSBC to biggest net customer gain.

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• Over 100 B2B sales opportunities generated per month

• 100% uplift in sales for Vodafone

• National Sales Awards winners 2008/9

Online prospecting and sales tracking for Vodafone

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Online pitch presentation application for HSBC

Currently building and testing online pitch creation application to

be used by Relationship Managers in compiling B2B presentations

across Europe.

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• Enquirer conversion rate increased from 11.7% to 29.5%

• The enquirer follow up post card is providing an ROI of 7.4:1

• Repeat purchase rates have increased from 18.2% to 37.1%

• Welcome packs are providing an ROI of 4.5:1

Database Management for Avon Direct

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Test and learn email strategy for Otto Group Using a test and learn strategy,

we have been helping Otto Group review every part of

their email strategy from length of email and subject lines to

auto triggered birthday emails and prospect contact strategy.

Triggered emails go to around 522,000 customers and prospects every month.

Open rates up by 40%, click through up 37%, sales per email up by 50%,

unsubscribes down by 38%.

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• We’ve worked with since the early days over 10 years ago

• We deliver POP online promotions across 30+ different FMCG brands, closely integrated with offline activity

• Campaigns achieve over 120,000 orders per week

Sales promotion for

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Dramatically improved the cashflow of members fees –

the client’s primary objective.

More than halved late payment. Reduced chase costs and contact centre

queries by over 40%.

Global member retention programme for RICS

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Customer retention for AXA PPP HealthcareAn online retention programme targeting

customers about to lapse. We developed the ‘Step Up Challenge’, a virtual walk along

Hadrian’s Wall, reflecting AXA’s philosophy that healthcare is also about healthy living not just

providing health cover.

Participants received weekly emails that encouraged them, explained the health benefits

of their efforts, plus healthy recipes, advice on how to increase their daily steps and free AXA services such as the online health centre. On

completion, a congratulatory email and a personalised certificate marked their efforts.

Lapse rates reduced by 16.5%. It has since been rolled out four

times, using exotic walks such as Machu Picchu.

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Digital Brain

Page 34: DMG Unlocking your digital potential

Decisioning and management of real time one-to-one marketing

• Derived from real time decisioning in credit• Bespoked content serving• Multi-channel integration both online and

offline across: web, email, SMS, contact centre and digital print

• Much greater journey flexibility, not hard rules that are pre-coded

• Can integrate with existing contact management systems if appropriate

• Highly scaleable as confidence is built up

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Who it’s for

• Digital Brain is ideal for brands where:

• Individual messages to individual users matter.

• Customer data is collected online and offline.

• Products and services are complex, configurable and dynamic.

• Customer service is a real differentiator.

• Central control (maybe across departments or territories) is business critical.

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Digital Brain in actionThomas Cook Financial Services Case History

• Brief:• To grow sales of airport lounge access, credit cards and foreign exchange.

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The process




Holiday BookingHoliday Booking

Booking DetailsBooking Details




Product HoldingsProduct


Dynamic Direct Mail


Dynamic Direct Mail




Increasedsales in:

Increasedsales in:

Dynamic Offers

Dynamic Offers

Dynamic Web Content

Dynamic Web Content

Dynamic eCRM

Dynamic eCRM


Page 38: DMG Unlocking your digital potential microsite delivered bespoke content and promotional messaging driven and managed by Digital Brain

Page 39: DMG Unlocking your digital potential

Its all in the data…


• Credit card sales increased

• Airport lounge sales increased

• Overall product sales increase

Page 40: DMG Unlocking your digital potential

In summary...

Multiple channels 1 Digital Brain450+ people

Page 41: DMG Unlocking your digital potential

Working together

Page 42: DMG Unlocking your digital potential

What do you want to achieve...

• with your marketing?• with your brand?• with, or for, your customers?• with end-users?• online?• using digital channels?• in your agency relationships?• as a priority next year?

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What might achieving more mean for you.

• Effectiveness - Enhanced ROI on marketing investment• Efficiency - Ability to run more successful campaigns and

activities against the same internal resource investment or the same number of successful campaigns and activities for less

• Time saving - Fewer supplier relationships to manage but no compromise on quality or resource, no left hand/right hand issues

• Reduced costs - Economies of scale/volume discounts and integrated payment by results

• Collective effort and energy - True collaborative working across the divisions of DMG driven from operating to a single bottom line and a unified management team, no cross charging or mark ups and no preciousness or finger pointing

Page 44: DMG Unlocking your digital potential

Think of us if you want to...

• Launch a new service as quickly as possible and need the communications and data infrastructure to support this

• Define, refine or enhance any part of your customer journey to dramatically improve performance and satisfaction

• Intelligently integrate offline and online marketing, or significantly increase your use of digital channels

• Move quickly and seamlessly from conducting research into action, in an informed manner

• Get your data driving your customer contact strategy• Harness qualitative research, quantitative research and analytical insights to

segment your customer or prospect base• Drive stronger commercial performance from your brand

We have got extensive experience and skill in undertaking this kind of work.

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How we could work with you.

• One DMG team• Media and channel neutral• One point of contact• Lead agency model• All, some or part

• Retainer or project fee• Set up and ongoing• Performance related component• Quick start and confidence building.

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Next steps

Page 47: DMG Unlocking your digital potential

Making a start.

• Exploratory discussion?

• Customer Journey Workshop?

• Investigative research?

• Data audit?

• Test project?

• Live brief to look at?

• Request for proposal?

• Inclusion in tender or pitch?

• A chat over a coffee one lunchtime?

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Do get in touch.

David Jones

Planning Director


M + 44 (0) 7702 596260

D + 44 (0) 114 3072008

S + 44 (0) 114 2811200

[email protected]