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PADI educational system offers a wide range of diving courses from beginner to professional levels. First-timers start safely from easy conditions under direct supervision of professional instructors. Divers that have already learned how to dive can develop their skills on various continuing education courses.

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  • 1. Professional Diving courses PADI educational system offers a wide range of diving courses from beginner to professional levels. First-timers start safely from easy conditions under directsupervision of professional instructors. Divers that have already learned how to dive candevelop their skills on various continuing education courses. For more experienced divers there are divemaster and instructor level courses available.No previous experience :- Discover scuba diving Scuba diver course Open water course Course schedulesContinuing education :- Adventure dives Advanced course Emergency first response Rescue DiverProfessional level :- Divemaster Assistant instructor Instructor Starting your careerOther courses :- Snorkeling course Scuba review program

2. No previous experienceDiscover scuba divingScuba diving is a very safe and relaxing activity when done together with trained professionals.Our professional diving instructors will guide you to your first underwater experience step by step.We always dive in small groups so our instructors can provide you with more time and personalattention. We dive in the shallow calm bays of Raya Yai Island where the waters are always clearand warm.During the 90 minute boat trip you will learn basic diving theory and get to know the equipment.Upon arrival to Raya Yai Island, you will practice in shallow water how to breath underwater andlearn a few simple skills. When you get used to being underwater you will be then ready for yourfirst scuba dive.Scuba diving courseIf your holiday time is very limited though you still want to become a certified diver, the ScubaDivers course might be the right option for you. The Scuba Diver certificate is the pre-entry levelwhich you can complete in 2 days. As a Scuba Diver, you are allowed to dive to a maximum depthof 12 meters under the direct supervision of a PADI professional. Later, when it suits yourschedule, you can upgrade your certificate to an Open Water Diver level anywhere in the world.NOTE! This program was mainly developed for people with time limitations. That is why werecommend doing the full Open Water Diver course if you are interested in getting certified andstarting scuba diving as a hobby. 3. Open water diving courseThis is a basic beginner level scuba diving course. As an Open Water Diver, you are allowed todive to a maximum depth of 18 meters together with a certified diver as a buddy. You can completethe whole program in 3 days. Later you can enroll into the continuing education programs likeAdvanced Open Water Course or Specialty Courses.The 1st day is the same as entering the Discover Scuba Diving program. You will go for a daytripto Raya Yai Island, get some theory lessons from the instructor, make one shallow dive and dosome skill training in the afternoon. After the daytrip you will have some more theory lessons atour class room in Phuket.On the 2nd and the 3rd day we will go again to Raya Yai Island. The 2nd day you will learn a bitmore theory, practice in the shallow water and make one more scuba dive from the boat.On the 3rd day the main aim is in the actual scuba diving. During the daytrip you will make 2 moredives, complete the theory and final exam. After successfully completing the whole program, youwill become certified as a PADI Open Water Diver, which is an international beginner level divinglicense valid everywhere in the world.Diving Course schedules Phuket schedules Krabi schedules Raya Yai schedules Khao Lak schedules Koh Lanta schedules 4. Continuing educationAdventure divesAfter the Open Water course maybe your time is too limited to complete the full Advanced Coursethat includes 5 Adventure dives (2 days of diving). You have the option to do just a few of thecourse dives and complete the Advanced level training some other time even somewhere else in theworld. You can choose a certain specialty area that interests you: It could be UnderwaterPhotography, Wreck Diving, Deep Diving or something else.Advanced courseThe Advanced Open Water Diver Course is the Open Water Divers next step to gain moreexperience. As an Advanced Open Water Diver, you are allowed to dive to a maximum depth of 30meters together with a certified diver as a buddy(12-14 year old junior maximum is 21 meters).You can complete the whole program in 2 days (1st day 2 Adventure Dives, 2nd day 3 Adventuredives). Later you can enroll into the other continuing education programs like the Rescue DiverCourse or Specialty Courses.Emergency first responseThe Basic CPR and First Aid course which has no prerequisites, is suitable for anyone interested inhelping others, children, adults, divers or non-divers. This course is often done together with thePADI Rescue Diver Course since it is one of the requirements for becoming a Rescue Diver. 5. Rescue DiverDuring the Open Water Course and Advanced Open Water Course you will have learnt the criticalskills of becoming a safe diver. When feeling confident in the water, you might consider becominga Rescue Diver. The aim of the course is to learn how to prevent and deal with problem situationsrelated to diving. Professional levelDivemasterWhen you are thinking about scuba diving as a full or part time job, you might consider enrollingin the PADI Divemaster Course. This course is the first step in becoming a recreational divingprofessional. A Divemaster is an underwater guide and an assistant for the instructors.Assistant instructorAssistant Instructor course takes 4 days. If you feel during the course that you want to continue allthe way to become an Instructor, you can continue for an additional 5 days and after you will havecompleted the IDC program (Instructor Development Course). See more information underInstructor Course.InstructorTraining needed to become a PADI Instructor comes from 2 separate sections: First you go througha PADI Instructor Development course conducted by a PADI Course Director at Raya Divers. Afterthe course you participate in a 2-3 day Instructor Examination organized by PADI. You can do theInstructor Examination in Phuket or even in your home country.Starting your careerIf you are planning to become a recreational diving professional, reading this page will help youfind some important information and possible answers to information you need when planningyour dive career. 6. Other coursesSnorkeling courseIf you are not interested in scuba diving though you would like to go snorkeling, let us make iteasier for you to start by teaching you the PADI Skin Diver course.This 1-day program takes place at the beautiful Raya Yai Island where you will travel from Phuketwith our diving boat. On the way to the island you will start to learn with our PADI Instructorsuseful and important information about snorkeling.Scuba review programThis is a program for certified divers who had a long break from diving and would like to startagain, slowly, step-by-step.The program can be done in any of our Raya Yai daytrips. On the way tothe dive site we will give you a short theory review where our professional diving guides remind youabout diving practices, equipment use and dive planning.Upon arrival to the island you will also get an area orientation to the local dive sites.After the briefing, suiting up and entering the water you will practice some of the critical skills inthe shallow water like mask clearing, buoyancy control and alternative air-source breathing.When the skills are completed youll go for an easy shallow guided dive on one of the beautifuldive sites of Raya Yai island.