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  • Protection and Sustainable Use of the Dinaric Karst Transboundary Aquifer System
  • http://diktas.iwlearn.org WHY ? 1. 80% of the water resources in the Mediterranean is shared between two or more countries; 2. Karstic aquifers are the most common in the Mediterranean; 3. Over-exploitation is frequent and further increasing notably in the costal aquifers where it has resulted in salty water intrusion; 4. Quality of groundwater is under threat of pollution, which is especially linked to urbanization and intensive agriculture; 5. The strong pressures on resources often provoke conflicts between users of groundwater. Need to develop a proper management of groundwater resources especially shared among countries by formulating and implementing common strategies and management policies
  • http://diktas.iwlearn.org What is DIKTAS? DIKTAS is a project initiated by the aquifer-sharing states and supported by GEF - Global Environment Facility. It is implemented by UNDP and executed by UNESCO.
  • http://diktas.iwlearn.org What is Karst? Karst is a special type of geologic environment that is formed by dissolution and corrosion of soluble rocks, such as limestone and dolomite.
  • http://diktas.iwlearn.org Objectives At the global level: to focus attention of the international community on vulnerable water resources contained in karst aquifers; Enhance replication of experiences in other karst areas At regional level: Develop and facilitate cooperation mechanisms among countries in order to assure sustainable and equitable use of this water resource Protect the unique groundwater dependent ecosystems that characterize the Dinaric Karst region of the Balkan peninsula
  • http://diktas.iwlearn.org Project Components I Improving understanding of the resource and its environmental status II - Establishing cooperation mechanisms among countries sharing the aquifer III - Facilitating harmonization of policies and priority reforms - development of SAP IV - Stakeholder Participation, Consultation and Communication
  • http://diktas.iwlearn.org Strategic Action Program (SAP) The preparation of a SAP is a cooperative process among key stakeholders in the countries of the region. Negotiated policy document establishing clear priorities for action to resolve the priority trans-boundary waters problems Identifies policy, legal and institutional reforms and investments needed to address trans-boundary waters problems
  • http://diktas.iwlearn.org DIKTAS Web Portal Management of shared groundwater resources should be based on reliable scientific knowledge and information to avoid potential conflicts between neighbouring countries.