Digital Photography DeCal EECS 98/198 Nathan Yan About this course -Technical Understanding of...

download Digital Photography DeCal EECS 98/198 Nathan Yan About this course -Technical Understanding of Camera Systems -Application to Photographic technique -Photo-processing:

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Transcript of Digital Photography DeCal EECS 98/198 Nathan Yan About this course -Technical Understanding of...

  • Digital Photography DeCalEECS 98/198Nathan YanAbout this course-Technical Understanding of Camera Systems-Application to Photographic technique-Photo-processing: The Digital Lightroom

  • Theory SectionCourse Objectives:

    -Understand photography beyond basic cause->effect -Smaller apertures renders more things in focus -Higher ISO makes pictures noisyWHY?

    -Understanding the underlying science is the key to mastering photography: making photos look the way you want them to look, on demand.

    -Applying technical understanding to practical techniques

    -Darkroom of digital: Learn how to process photos

    Become a more capable photographer by attaining a technical understanding of photography

  • Photo Basics:

    Week 1:-Anatomy of a Digital Sensor-Conversion process of light into images-Aperture, shutter speed, ISO sensitivity in sensor model

    Week 2:-Side-effects of exposure parameters-Autoexposure/metering-Controlling exposure parameters in program modes

  • Low-light photography:

    Week 3-Analyzing blur-Blur reduction technology/techniques

    Week 4-Defining noise-Sources of noise-Noise vs. detail

    Week 5-Noise reduction methods-Creative usage of blur

  • Lighting:

    Week 6-Why flash is usually bad-Advanced flash techniques-Flash stop-action-Direction and intensity of light

    Week 7-Dynamic, tonal range limitations-Balancing detail vs. contrast

    Week 8-Expanding dynamic range-Shrinking dynamic range

    Week 9-White balance-Black and white conversion

  • Lenses:

    Week 10-Focal length and angle of view-Subject distance and perspective

    Week 11-Focusing-Autofocusing systems-Depth of field

    Week 12Thanksgiving break =(

    Week 13-Lens characteristics-Resolving power-Diffraction-Chromatic aberrations-Distortion-Software workarounds

  • Class Format:Class meets every week Tuesday/Thursday? 6-8pm in 293 Cory/320 Soda?Structure: 1st hour photo review; 2nd hour lecture/presentation

    Work:Weekly photo assignment, concentrating on a specific photo concept or technique.Weekly photo discussionOnline quizzes

    Lecture:Quiz reviewLecture/presentation

    Photo Review:Review photos from weekly assignment

    Grading:50% grade on quizzesComplete 80% of assignments

  • Applications SectionCourse Objectives:

    -Applying theory to practice

    -More in-depth look at photographic concepts and technology

    -Learning via teaching

    Open-ended format course for expanding photographic knowledge

  • Curriculum:

    Mostly (completely) student determined

    Potential Topics:Image file formatsImage processing workflowImage library managementUsage of ultrawide lensesPanoramic stitchingColor detectionNoise reductionDigital printingAutofocusLens engineeringBokehLightingFlashStop-action photographyMacro photographyPhotojournalism storytelling techniques

  • Class Format:

    Class meets every week Tuesday/Thursday? 6-8pm in 293 Cory/320 Soda?

    Work:Weekly photo assignmentResearching, preparing presentation

    Class:Review photos from weekly assignmentStudent presentationsDiscussion

    Grading:Complete presentation projectComplete 80% of assignments

  • Application:

    Go to

    Application due Sunday, 2009 Feb 1 at 11:59pm

    Reply email by Monday morning

    First class:Tuesday/Thursday 2009 February 3/5?

    Other photo classes to consider:Intro to Photojournalism Decal (Wednesday 6:30-8:30, starts Feb. 11)Focus on Photography Decal (Wednesday 4-6, starts Feb. 4)