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Transcript of Digital marketing, SEO, Social Media, Blogging Campaign

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1Digital Marketing Campaign

Presented byTechnians

When you think of running an Online Marketing campaign, what comes to mind?



MARKETING ANALYSISAnalyzing your webs Traffic & identifying the source for generating the most leadsEMAIL MARKETINGSending Right content to right audience & evaluating their responseSEARCH OPTIMIZATIONImproving your rank in search engines by finding & tracking your most effective KeywordsLEAD MANAGEMENTTrack leads with a complete timeline-view of their interactions with your InstituteBLOGGINGCreating and maintaining blog content with best SEO practicesSOCIAL MEDIAPublishing content to your social accounts, then nurturing leads based on their social engagementTECHNIANS ALL IN ONE DIGITAL MARKETING SERVICEBrings your whole marketing world under one roof.GET FREE EVALUATIONWhy You Need this?INBOUND MARKETINGWhy You Need this?

8The Old Marketing playbook isBROKEN

86% skip TV ads91% Unsubscribe from email44% Of Direct mail is never opened200M On theDo Not Call ListImage Source : Hubspot9

In Order attract customers,Marketers have to provide them withSomething they will LoveThis is where Inbound comes In10

Using Inbound Marketing can turn strangers into Customers and Promoters of your Business.Image Source : Hubspot11Inbound Marketing is about Content..

and Context12Why Choose Technians?INBOUND MARKETING

13Everyone else tries really hard to get you Here

14We dont feel content until we get you up to Here

15How we do this?INBOUND MARKETING


How we convert a Stranger Into Customer for You

(6 Steps Process)Create blog Content, search engine optimize (SEO) your content, and promote it on Social Media SitesPlace Call to Action through out your website to drive visitors to landing pages with forms. Visitors fill out the forms to get whatever you are offering and become leadsSend your leads automated emails to drive them along your buying cycle. Provide your sales team with Lead Intelligence so they can make more effective sales callsAnalyze the success of your marketing Campaigns, and determine which areas need further optimization for future success1718

Did you know there are5.9 BILLION

everyday?searches on


Maybe a few of those people would be interested in your services..

You need to know atleast the basics of Search engine Optimization(SEO)Wait, cant I just Buy Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Ads

Yes, you can.

PPC ads are greatWay to Learn what works.But a couple of issues.

#1: Youre still renting attention.#2..clickonareorganic-notpaid.----:'::.::=..-~ ...~~gleG,._o,~-,,..,,,;. ~~- --~............ ~ ..........- -.-.._.._....-....~---- . ~ 1'>10-.9--~~.-;a;.-..,-_,,.~., ....-.A_._C......_,......,.._ -...-.. fl'!:',..._'-n.. ..........._"1~-.......-...... ...,,.--...,..--....,.AL. 11----- o---. ......... ,...1',,",.. - --'--- ......_..'--- .. .~._..