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  • 1. The Devils Cup
    Written by Stewart Lee Allen
    Marissa Endow

2. Overview
We follow Stewart Lee Allen
Coffee, coffee and more coffee!
World travel plays a huge factor
Ethiopia, Yemen, Turkey, Vienna, Paris, Brazil & America
Did coffee have a lasting global impact?
3. Ethiopia: The start of it all
First place we visit as the reader
Coffee was discovered here first, here it was born.
Friendship ceremony
Muslim village
Witchcraft, magic and slavery
The influential role of isolation
4. Magic?
Ceremonies, exorcisms, healing powers
Rumors of psychedelic powers sparked the trade of coffee
Harrar Red Sea
5. Prayer From an Ethiopian Cult:
Coffee pot give us peace
Coffee pot let children grow
Let our wealth swell
Protect us from the evils
6. Qat Coffees Evil Sister
Leafy, addictive drug
Destroyed the economy
Threatened coffees existence
Narcotic sometimes considered
equal to heroin.
Heavily affected Yemen
7. The Turks
Control over the port of Mocha (al-Makkah)
The Turks introduced coffee to many countries including France and Austria.
They also developed the modern coffee cup
They practice a similar custom to the Ethiopian friendship ceremony
Who is Murad IV? How was his ban of coffee in Turkey affect the rest of the coffee world?
8. Vienna
Kolschitzky first caf, using abandoned beans left behind by the Turks.
Was he working alone?
Among earliest coffee drinkers in Europe
The cappuccino, kapuziner
This name and specific type of coffee itself is derived from the Viennese monks.
9. A Revolution!
Drinking alcohol represented wealth
Drunk as a lord
Affecting all of Europe
Coffee was an alternative
Black Wine
Sparked the creation of coffeehouses everywhere
Taverns vs. Coffeehouses, modern office?
10. Paris
Camille Desmoulins
Rebellion, mobs, chaos in a caf
Outcome is the government being overthrown
11. Coffee Power
Wherever the bean goes, the output is success!
Great Britain
Pre-Caffeinated Man vs. Caffeinated man
12. Brazil
Slavery cultivation of coffee
Cultural exchange
French Brazilians
De Cleui (1717)
13. America
He takes route 66, in search for the best cup of coffee
Coffee houses lead to
Stock exchange
Exchange of ideas
Present day Is the United States being affected by an addiction?
14. Its Effect on Western Civilization
Resistance & Enlightenment
Major Events
Slave Trade
Cultural Exchange