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Transcript of Developing and Pitching Your Personal Brand · PDF fileDeveloping and Pitching Your Personal...

  • Developing and Pitching Your Personal Brand

    Presented by Karen M. Landolt October 28, 2015

  • Karen M. Landolt Founder Engage Leadership Consul3ng, LLC (people-posi3oning)

    Lecturer, Business, Government and Society, McCombs: Teach Business Law, Business Ethics and Entrepreneurship to undergraduate students at UT Aus3n.

    Relevant roles at UT since 2004: Director, College of Natural Sciences Career Design Center and Health Professions Office, Senior Associate Director MBA Career Services

    Prac3ced IP law at a large venture capital/intellectual property firm. Founding partner of a bou3que business & IP firm. AdmiXed to the MA bar.

    Before the Bar: Worked in the non-profit arena as an Emergency Housing Counselor with the YWCA, a Development Officer with St. Vincent de Paul Society, and as a Community Organizer with the Hunger Ac3on Network of New York State.

    Degrees: Juris Doctor at Northeastern University School of Law; Bachelor of Arts in Government from The University of Texas at Aus3n.

  • Agenda

    Personal Brand What are you Known-For

    Tag Line Elevator Pitch

  • Personal Brand

  • Personal Brand

    Brand provides the big picture Who you are and what you stand for

    Conveys what makes you different How you are perceived by others

    Results in: Your Pitch or Tagline

  • The McCombs Brand & Family of Products

    The University of Texas McCombs School of Business

  • Starting Point - Introspection Know Yourself

    Goals, passions, skills & motivations Formal & Informal assessment

    Brand is based in authenticity- what is genuine and real to you

    Assuming youve done this introspective work

  • Perceptions Are Reality What Others Think Counts

    have a complete and accurate understanding of their perceptions of your brand attributes

    Conduct a 360 interview what do they think are your greatest strengths,

    most serious weaknesses, & attributes that make you stand out

    Compare -realize that what you project may not match what you feel or intend

  • Ron Bowdoin

  • Me

  • Brag Quiz

  • Brag Quiz

  • The Art of Storytelling How do you spot a good story?

    Translate what you already know about what makes a story compelling to create your own stories.

    Have enthusiasm and an interesting story about your work/project

    Tell me about yourself Foundation to self-pitch, cover letters, interviewing, profile

  • Selling Brand You Personal Marketing Plan

    Summary Profile/Objective Industry Sectors/Companies Preferred Locations Education Expertise Experience

    Benefits of Marketing Approach Focuses search Blueprint for an action plan Enhances networking conversations

  • Value Proposition value proposition is a clear statement that explains how your product solves

    customers problems or improves their situation (relevancy),

    delivers specific benefits (quantified value),

    tells the ideal customer why they should buy from you and not from the competition (unique differentiation).

  • Value Proposition

    Mercedes-Benz: Engineered like no other car in the world

    BMW: The ultimate driving machine

    Southwest Airlines: The short-haul, no-frills, and low-priced airline

    Avis: We are only Number 2, but we try harder

  • One Word Value Proposition

    Mercedes = luxury

    Volvo = safety Sheryl Sandberg = Lean In Brene Brown = Vulnerability

  • Positioning Statements

    We are a fitness studio that offers personal training and group exercise classes to individuals in Austin. Were the only a la carte center in town providing support for healthy lifestyle goals.

  • Positioning Statements

    We are a CPA firm that offers audit, tax and accounting services to small businesses in the San Antonio area. We support businesses that do not have their own accounting departments, working as part of their team.

  • Positioning Statements

    I am a certified life coach that provides one-on-one training to stay-at-home moms re-entering the workforce. I have a limited client load in order to provide consult on a more personal level.

  • Undergraduate Experience

    Work Experience



    Elements of your Personal Brand

  • Undergraduate Experience

    Work Experience



    Elements of your Personal Brand

  • Undergraduate Experience

    Work Experience


    You Elements of your Personal Brand

  • Undergraduate Experience

    Work Experience


    You The Whole Picture

  • Sowhat is your Value Proposition? Or


  • Creating a Tagline

    Simple Concrete


    What do you do and why should I care? Start developing yours now

  • Joel Lang iSchool Alum

    Was the GRA for the Business Library at UT & Intern for Austin Ventures

    Straddling multiple fieldslooking for common thread

    His tagline: I accelerate the process of

    business discovery.

  • Elevator Pitch

  • The Pitch

    What you say when you talk about yourself

    Conveys who you are and what youre looking for

    Gives a sense of your value and focus

    Concise 15 to 30 seconds is ideal

  • Make sure you Include how youve made an impact

    Differentiate what sets you apart from the competition

    Define what you are seeking

  • The Dentist

    Im a dentist is too vague and short to be unique. What type of dentist? Im a dentist who has sensitive teeth, so I built my practice to make dental visits painless.

  • Your Turn! Take 2 minutes to jot down your own elevator

    pitch, always tailor your message to your audience.

    For this exercise, you are delivering your pitch to a recruiter

    Grab a partner and practice your elevator pitch with one another.

  • Personal Brand Tips 1. Be authentic 2. Have a distinctive headline 3. Be consistent 4. Increase your visibility 5. Build strategic brand associations 6. Regularly add to your knowledge 7. Share your expertise 8. Give generously

  • LinkedIn for Job Seekers

  • LinkedIn Best Practices Have a Professional and

    Approachable Photo Connect with Super Connectors

    (more than 1000 connections) Join groups for the industry you want

    to work in Make sure your profile is 100%

    complete Get recommendations

  • Summary tips Unique selling points (USPs) Be HUMAN and interesting Light-hearted summary

    No big words No jargon No generic mission statement

    Powerful and attention-grabbing words Challenge, Creativity, Inspiration, Vitality, Love, Passion

    Keywords (future job)

  • Summary Karen M. Landolt has been teaching, coaching, and leading in nonprofit,

    legal, and academic settings for over 20 years. Equally obsessed with pop culture and coaching others to find engaging careers, Karen finds creative ways to integrate service, experiential learning, and YouTube clips into her teaching. Professor Landolt teaches Business Law, Behavioral Ethics, and Entrepreneurship at the McCombs School of Business at The University of Texas at Austin. She served as Director of two UT Austin career services offices (HireTexas Interview Center and the Career Design Center for the College of Natural Sciences) and is a founding partner of Engage Leadership Consulting. In her spare time, Karen can be found reading YA books with her Forever Young Adult book club, gluing tiny objects to wood (creating found art mixed-media collages), and indulging in her obsession for pop culture by attending film and television festivals.

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