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Ali agriculturol enterprises want and need fo earn money, os earning money allows US ali fo enjoy life. However, today's farmers and farm managers ore more than just good agricullurists - they are purchasers of machines, seeds, fer- tilisers and pesticides, business adminis- trotors and also personnel and bgistics managers. They moke far-reaching deci-
sions which directly affect the operating resuits of theìr buslnesses.
Decision-making is often a long process of data and Information collation and also consultalion wifh friends, odvisors and associations. Ultimately decisions are, however, always mode for rational reasons, as ali aspects must be taken
info account which safeguard the suc­ cess of fhe business.
It is therefore advantageous if a deci- sion con be mode for e strong brand with a rational tractor concept which concentrafes on one fhing - the success of ifs cusfomers - by providing fechnolo- gy which does justice to practicol
t" ' requirements. The AGROTRON MK3 is
an exomple of such rational technology, This is a tractor which is the culminotion of 75 years of major technobgical
leadership in the agriculturol machinery industry, This tractor series is one of the mosf comprehensive and mature on the market. The AGROTRON series com- prises fifteen models with countless fea-
tures and equìpment options. This vari- ety is unique.
The concept, fhe sfyling and the cab of the AGROTRON MK3 ore unmistak- able. The design of the AGROTRON
MK3 is therefore exempbry in the stan­ dard fracfor sector and ensures ifs owner productivity, value stability and profit.
Slop'mg cowting for excellent view of the front-mounted imptements and wtìeet tracks
Cab pillar mounted air intake and exhaust pipes
Ughi, spacìous cab wittt superb air conditioning fór a-pleasant working environment
Powerfiil. high-performance, economical and rehable Denti engines with elecironic engine control (BMC)
Simple-operatìon 3-stage powershift transmission with 4 speed ranges and optional creeper speeds
High-performance hydraulic system with lifting forcès of up to 6,200 kg
Constant power ronge
1700-1500 M
1800-2300 1700-2300
208 198 212
ìntegrated, soundproof safety cab
100 MK3 105 MK3
J j j j |mj [ [g | [ t socket
8 0 M K 3 85MK3 9 0 M K 3 100 MK3 105 MK3
7 pole signal/ 7 poles to ISO and DIN
3-pole, 25 A
^ fe ren t i a l bc
ASM Lock 100 %
electro-hydfoulic engogement
e bfoke system, oil-immeised
hydrostotic with synchronised steering cylinders
Pump flow mte
shored witfi tronsmission
kifting capocity, re
Front powedift, Cot II
upon request
doubleucting with fboling position, con be coupied under pressure
in neufrol or lifting position
individuol lever optional/cross lever for 1 +2 standard
100 MK3 105 MK3
100 MK3 105ÌVIK3
max. erigine power
\ Va" 6 spline shoft or 1 Va" 21-section; l ' A " 20 sectìon
1520 1540 1615
4350 4410 4710
front 1480 1960
reor ^ ^ ^ ^ H I H HH r ^ ^ 3 iHH Totol poylood 2150 3090
Negative leod cokulation in \: [(Front rolling circumference T reor rolling circumference x i )-l] x 100 % = negative lead in %. Tfie leod focfor shouid be minimum + 0.5 % ond moximum + 4.5 %.
Tyres, Wheels, Track Widths Standard tyre combìnations [SR= Piate wheels)
13.6R24 5R
: 270/95R32
270/95R48 ^^^^^^H^H^I^I^^^^^^^^HHHI^^^^^HL.^^^^^^^^^ *Avnil[ible from declers • Avoilable standard tyre combìnations aie given on the current valid price lists, Operation with front and rear twin wheels is permissible; the motor vehicle trof
fic regulations and the motor vehicle registrotion regulotions must he observed.
1500-1800 f
1500-1800 f
500-1800 f
Ibis prinTed materici is designed for internoliofìol irse. The lllusiratwis it contoins ^ovir bolh special equipment ond iKomi^te stondofd equipmenf. The ovoilubilily of some illustroled moòels, standoid ond speciol equipment con vary hom country to country. Only the ( M e r ' s prke lisi stipulotes whethef suth iNustiated equipment is inchided os Q stondord feohm or whether it is a speual occessory. In odditlon Ihe illuslmted mouiiad Jmptomenrs ond specid occes- sones moy not nlwDysaMnpIy with the fespecthre s l n l u l ^ rfy this, tctkiftg ihe operoting instnjctions into account. A l InformaHon ond HkRfrations In Ihfs brochure ore subjectTo conection; eiTors excepted. F u ^ m M e é informotion confoirwd in this bfachure is nor binding om) is subject to modSitotfons of o technicol ond tommercJol «mne or those resjting hom srofu- tory (eguloflons. No daims tthotsocver can be defived hom these. Some Deutz-Fohi Agroisysleme GmbH reserves the righi to moke ony chonges to the design ond technKol consrrucrion ond also the scope of sfìndard equipment ot ony time ond without prior notice,
SAME DEUTZ'FAHR Agrarsysteme GmbH, 0-89415 Laulngea, www.OeatZ'fahr.Oe DRtVEN BY INTELLIGENCE
i /
Relaxed and productive work requires room for movement and a clear arrangement of ali operating Controls.
Operaflon of ìhe AGROTRON MK3 Is not confusing, AH ievers and switches vory in shope and colour, logically and clecrly arranged in functional groups according to frequency of use in an operating panel on tfie right-hond side. The clear insfrumentation con be viewed by tfie driver a\ a glance. Tfiis resuits in an optimally designed workplace for safe uncomplicated operation, thereby enfiancing tfie productivity of the driver. Entering the spacious AGROTRON
MK3 cab is simple and comfortable. Galvanised, anti-slip steps, two full- length handrails on each side, v/ide- angle door opening and easy-to-reach door handles ensure safe mounting and dismounfing.
The multi-function armrest AH imporfant controis for operating the povv'ershift, electronic powerlift, elec- tronic angine control (EMCl and the manual throttle are oli integrated into the right-hond armrest. Ifs height and posi- tioning con be varied to suit any arm length enhancing operating conve- nience.
Large-area cab glazing of 6.5 af offers a panoràmic view of 320°
Integrateti working famps
•The transparent roof panel permits an unobstructed view when working with front loaders
Perfectty and ergonomically designed workplace
High degree of work safety due io coniusion-free operatìng controts
Cable lead-in when rear ' /5 closed
Pressurìsed cab with two filters for dust and other contamlnants
Low noise levels due to ali-round silencing techniques
increases productivity with improved external lighting for night work. The maximum option of 12 headiights and working lomps con illuminate an area of 500 m-.
Noise silencing With a noise levai of only 72 dB (A) (to OECD standard) in the cab, the AGROTRON MK3 is one of the quietest tractors in its class. This has been mode possible with basic design features such OS engines with low noise emission and eliminating -noise-emitting and noise- transferring components from the cab. Anofher feafure for ensuring the low noise in the cab is additionol ìnsulation
between the engine comporlmen! and the cab.
Co-driver seaf The folding, high-standard co-drÌver seof is perfectly integroted info the cab design. With a safety bar, handle and child-proof door lock, it is also extreme- ly safe. A comportment in the backrest of the co<lrÌver seaf provides room for documenfs.
impressive air condìtionìng The powerful 4-stage heating and venti- lation fan of the AGROTRON MK3 cab has a capacity of 580 mV^^ and ensures a Constant and pleosant work­
ing atmosphere at oli times. Tinted Win­ dows and roller blinds on the front and rear windscreens protect the driver from excessive exposure to the rays of the sun, and even more shading is avail- able on request with an overhanging roof.
oufput and high overpower.
so thot a Constant engine performance
is avaibble over a speed range of more
then 5 0 0 rpm. This meons comfortable
working, (orge power reserves, high
fiexibilitY and lower fuel consumption at
lower speeds, but the some Constant
engine performance.
Torque plateau
another important feoture exclusive fo
DEUTZ-FAHR engines. The torque plateau
(1 ,380- 1,750 rpm) gives maximum flex­
ibility through to the low speed ronges,
i.e. no shifting until the engine speed
drops to 1,380 rpm. Ali engines have a
minimum torque rise of 30 percent.
The AGROTRON MK3 engines ore
equipped with the very latest electronìc
engine control (EMC) os a standard feo­
ture. Engine sensors supply the EMC
with confinuous informotion which is
constantly compored with the pro-
grammed optimum engine rafings for
power, torque and fuel consumption.
These optimum values are then outomot-
icolly maintoined in every driving or
oad situafion.
Stortìng torque
J L J I I ! ! 1 ÌOOO J200 140Q tm> 1S00 2000 SOQ 23S0
Powerful, high-performance, economica! and reliable Deutz engines with electronic engine control (EMC)
PLD high-pressure injection with up to 1,400 bar with single injection pumps
Low lue! consumption of up to 198 g/kWh
High tracthfe force and flexibility in the lower speed range
RIVIE - capability
torque, up to 33 percent above the torque ot rofed speed. This high storting torque of the engines ensures thot the troctor pulls off reliobly and quickly on slopes, even with very heavy loods.
Low noise emission In the first instance possible noise sources were designed cut at the plan­ ning stage of fhe engines, as noises which do not occur do not requìre insù- ation! Engine features of this sor!
include o rigid ribbed crankcose, soft combustion, exhausf turbocharger and liquid cooling, double-shell silencing below the engine cowling and flexible mountings for the air intake and exhoust pipe.
ZF transmission of the 7100 serìes: Simple and reliable transmission design
Easy sttifting
Fast, ciear information for ttie driver with integrated diagnostìcs
No power loss in the powershift
iumsmmm^ "
The AGROTRON MK3 is equipped with the most reliable and field- proven ZF transmission of the 7100 senes.
The fully synchronised transmission com- prises three main components: 3-stage powershiff, 4-speed normal transmission with two groups (road and field), and oil-immersed mulfi-plafe clutch. A 4- speed creeper gear range is avalloble upon requesf.
Due to the position of the large-dimen- sioned wet multi-plote clutch between the main and powershift transmission,
wear on the clutch and the shifting forces are reduc^d considerably. This resuits in smooth and easy switching with maximum clutch reliabiliy
The mechonical torsion dompers enhonce smoofh starting and reduce the Ioad peaks when the powershift stages are actuoted. A separate speed with three powershiff changes is provided for each specific job, such os ploughing, mowing or transporfing.
Speeds Depending on the version and tyres,
overoii speeds ronge from 310 metres
per hour to 40 km/h, with eleven speeds in the main working range of 4 - 1 5 km/h. With the powershift, speeds ore increased by approximafely 20 percent or decreased by approxi­ mafely 17 percent. The driver con, for
exomple, use the tracfor opfimally for ploughing solely through utiiisotion of the Constant power ronge and the three powershift stages with maximum angine performonce ot 5 to 9 km/h without hoving to chonge gear.
Powershift With the powershift, ali four field ond
rood speeds, os well as the four creep-
^ ^
er gears, con be electronicolly selected by pressing the switch on the gear lever for shifting between -three different speeds without pressing the clutch.
Alternofively these con also be operated manually with the shift lever on the multi- function ormrest, avoilable on request.
Reversing transmission - With the pre-seìection reversing trans­ mission, the direction of trovel is chonged (after selection of the requlred
direction) simply by pressing the clutch. With the Power-Shuttle reversing trans­ mission it is possible to pulì away from stotionary or chonge the direction of
trovel (reverse/forward) without ocfuat- ing the clutch, using the power shuttle lever (with forword, neutral and reverse positions) located on the ieft within easy reach below fhe steering wheel. The direction of trovel con be chonged with­ out pressing the clutch at speeds up to 1 2.5 km/h. The fractor smoofhly slows before switching to the other direction.
The power shuttle is of porticulor odvan-
tage when working on heodlonds or
with the fiont Ioader, as the driver's right
hond is free to operate other functions.
centre hydraulic system as standard. A
gear pump, providing 83 I/min, supplies
oli connected services with o system pres­
sure of 200 bar. WKS-fast-action
cotegory II couplings are also standard.
Vibrotion damping on Agrotronic HD During fast road travel vibrations can occur in the hydraulic system, caused by the implement. These can have a con- siderable effecf on driving safety and comfort. When vibrotion damping is activoted (automotìcally from 8 km/h upwards), the vibrations are detected by the eìecfronics on the lood sensing
bolts and compensated for with selec- five and fast counteroction by the pow-
tremendous lifting force of up to
0 ,200 kg. Fast, relioble ond safe cou-
pling and uncoupling of implements by
addifional actuotion of the powerlift pro-
vided on the rear mudguord.
Electronic powerlift control Ali AGROTRON MK3 tractors are equipped with on electronic powerlift control (EHR). Its functions and sensors
ore continuously monitored by an inte- grated diagnostic system. When the powerlift is activoted, the system auto- matically runs a self-check with its infe- groted diagnostic progrannme. The EHR contois are locoted within easy reach in the multi-function armrest and provides the following functions: Troctive force
and position control, combined control, fioat, fast retraction, aufomatic whee slip control (with radar sensor], transport ocking, lift height limitotion, lowering speed control.
Remote valves The AGROTRON MK3 con be equipped with four doubie-oction remote valves, each with four functions. Ali remote valves con be closed in either the lift or fioat positions ond also used for single action or doublé action. The control levers ore colour-coded to match the hydraulic connections. Confusion is not possible. Ali remote connections af the reor ore coupied under pressure ond fhey ore equipped with a rapid emergency function and on oìl collecting pan.
Standard rear PTO with four speeds
i\/lodufated start-up
Simpie adapt^tion of different cardan shaft prohles
Automatic disconnection when rear poweriift is raised
With an easy-reach cross-lever the dri­ ver is able, simply and safely, to oper­ ate two rernote valves. If is, for exam- ple, possible to actuate the front Ioader ift and a push fork at the some time.
Four speeds The rear PTO with four standard speeds (540, 750, 1,000 and 1,400 rpm] permits a wide range of opplications. The bolted PTO stub con be fitted with a number of different proRles. The PTO con be operated both from the cab and also with pushbuttons on tRe rear mud- guard. The elecfrohydraulic control ensures modubted, low-wear engage­ ment of the PTO.
When the rear poweriift is raised fbe PTO is outomatically disconnected.
Operaiing errors are prevented ond mounted implements protected from damage.
Fronf PTO The fronl PTO with o speed of 1,000 rpm is driven direclly by the engine- If runs independently of the rear PTO and is electrohydraulically activoted et the touch of a button. Due to the modulation provided by the wet disc clufch, implement start-up is olways smooth ond independent of the bod.
Even if the standard equipmenf of the AGROTRON MK3 is already extreme- ly comprehensive, there may stili be some other requirements depending on your tractor applications.
DEUTZ-FAHR supplies a coordinated range of additionol and special equip- ment for ali models.
Please contact your DEUTZ-FAHR dealer for defails. They will be g b d to be of assistance.
1 Aeromat comfort seot: witfi seot angle adjustment^ automatlc adjustment to driver's weighf, rotofion to leff ond right (20°), doublé lumbar support ond adjustable shock obsorber.
2 Transparent roof: witfi tilting roof gloss panel, sunshade end integrated working lamps. Ideal for working wììh a front leader
3 Multi-function armrest: o\\ impor tant operoting elements - powershift, electronic powerlift control, EMC, mon-
ual throttle - are integrated into ffie rtgfit- hond armrest. Improved operoting con- venience.
4 Traction link: ìhe fraction link con be mounted eitfier in a fixed position at tfie centre or witfi a swivel feature. Its lengfh con be simply odjusted os required.
5 Front hydraulic system and front PTO: The AGROTRON MK3 reveais its true versatility potentiol when equipped with mounted front ìmplements. The inte-
." ' ' ir
groted front powerlift has a lifting capacity of up to 3,200 kg and o PTO speed of 1,000 rpm.
6 Work lamps: up to eight work ight illuminate mounted implements.
These help ensure safe and reliable work at dusk and a! night. "
7 Ballast carrier and front weights: optimum weight distribution wifh ballast
corriers and front weights.
8 Pneumatic braking system: com-
bined 1 and 2 line system, Indispensable for road transporf with trailers.
9 Remote valves: Up to four remote valves con be closed in either the lift or fioat positions as well as used for single action or doublé action.
Pick-up hitch: the pick-up hitch is low- ered and raised with the powerlift using
the EHR, The maximum drawbar Ioad is 3,000 kg.
Radar sensor; for Constant traction under ali soil conditions. Continuously measures actuol travelling speed as well as the slip of the rear wheels, acfivates end deactivates the differential locks os required and lifts the implement.
Fast, daily maintenance Daily mointenance is simple end quick, aided by the wide angle of the engine cowiing v\/hich opens towards the rear.
Pneumatic springs keep the cowiing in the open position. Ali important compcr nenfs and assemblles are easily acces- sible for fast maintenance without tools. A large, easily visible sight glass indi- cates the transmission and hydraulic oil levels. The engine oil level con even be checked v^ithout opening the cowiing.
Long maintenance intervals The regulor engine maintenance inter­ vals are long - in fact unlquely long. The engine oil only requires changing every 500 hours and valve adiusfment only need checking every 1,500 hours of operation.
1 The rodiators ore simply folded upwards for cieaning. The air intake grill con be removed without tools.
2 The engine air filter ìs easily
accessible. The air intake is located in a low-dust zone and with, the dust sepa- rotion feature, ensures that the mainte­ nance intervals of the filfer are very long.
3 The transmission and hydraulic oii levels ore shown in a large sight glass. The indicator is easily visible.
4 The mot on the floor of the cab con be easily removed for cieaning.
5 Both cab air filfers are located in easìiy accessible. positions. The filters con be cleaned and replaced withou! tools. Aerosol filters afe available on request.
ó The oil filler opening ànd dipsficic are easily accessible. Maintenance
intefvals ore uniquely long.
7 Ali fuses and swikhing relays are easily accessible and well-protected in the cab on fhe right-hand rear mudguard.
8 Besf diagnosis. The DEUT2-FAHR service centre provides fast diagnosis and display of the electrical and elec- tronic systems of the tractor via a single- plug connection, and any fauits con be quickly remedied.
/ / i I
This printed malefial is designed iof internotionol use. The illusìrations \\ confains show borfi special equipmenl and incomplete standard equipmenf. The ovoilability of some illuslraled models, sforìdord arvd special equfp- meni con vary from counTiv to country, Only the Dealer s price list stipulales whelhei such (lluslrated eqLfipment is included as a standard fealure or whether it is a special accesscwy. In addition the illuslrared mounted imple- menls ond special occessorìes may noi olways comply with the respecfive stotutory regubKons. tt is the respon- sibility of ihe cusìomer - oftet consultotlon with the Dealer - to verify this, taking the operaMng ifistructions info account. Ali inloimation and illustrations in this brochure ore subjecl to correclion; e^rors excepted. Fyrfhermore ali ir^foimation contained in this brochure is not binding and is subjecl fo modificalions of a technicoi and com­ mercial nature or ihose resulting fiom stotutory regulotions- No cioims whotsoever con be defived from these. Some Deutz-Fohr Agfarsysteme GmbH reserves the right lo moke any chonges to the design ond technicoi construction and olso the scope of standard equipment ot any time and withouJ prJor notice.
Order no,: 501-10-01 Bri 0 7 0 2
SMUE DEUTZ-FAHR Agrarsysteme GmbH, 0-89415 Laulogen, www.Oeuti-fà