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This was one of my talks for goto; conference in Zurich Designing Happiness isn't just about proper pixel placement, fancy animations or unnecessary mobile gestures. This is about trying to genuinely understand that our users aren't just "click's or views" and instead people with complex emotions. User Experience Design is a wrapper that contains the vision, strategy and overall design in mind while going through the stages of building a product, and as digital professionals we can use Maslow's hierarchy of needs to re-map the emotional connections to our products.

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2. DesigningHappinessPresentation by:Vince Baskerville | Mobile Product Manager 3. LithiumTechnologies engagecreate reach infuseon existing networksa content hubcustomers anywhereacross the enterprise social webcommunitiesmobile developer nationself-service vibrant & connected experience continuity enable more innovation customer care globalized uniquely-brandedmodern devicedeveloper outreach &integrationsengagement capabilitiessupportanalytics insightssocial intelligence performance 4. what exactlyis happiness 5. vince baskerville | @whoisvince 6. vince baskerville | @whoisvince 7. its co-dependent on yourcurrent situation.So..... how do you design forsomething thats constantlychanging? vince baskerville | @whoisvince 8. vince baskerville | @whoisvince 9. vince baskerville | @whoisvince 10. PLEA ACHIEV SUFUNCTIONAL RELIABLE USABLEABLE REABLE vince baskerville | @whoisvince 11. PL ACHIE EAFUNCTIONAL RELIABLE USABLE VABL SU RE E AB LEvince baskerville | @whoisvince 12. CLEAR MAILBOX FLY DELTAvince baskerville | @whoisvince 13. design foropposablethumbs 14. vince baskerville | @whoisvince 15. not baby ngersvince baskerville | @whoisvince 16. actual ngers accommodating for the taps & drags of ourclumsy ngers & thumbs vince baskerville | @whoisvince 17. 44px vince baskerville | @whoisvince 18. vince baskerville | @whoisvince 19. tablets & the in-betweensmartphone things vince baskerville | @whoisvince 20. rocket science? no.... vince baskerville | @whoisvince 21. one- thousandlittle things 22. vs.vince baskerville | @whoisvince 23. vince baskerville | @whoisvince 24. context matters vince baskerville | @whoisvince 25. the device warsvince baskerville | @whoisvince 26. vince baskerville | @whoisvince 27. vince baskerville | @whoisvince 28. vince baskerville | @whoisvince 29. vince baskerville | @whoisvince 30. vince baskerville | @whoisvince 31. vince baskerville | @whoisvince 32. throughout the designprocess, our work shouldbe situated in the contextwhere it will be used vince baskerville | @whoisvince 33. vince baskerville | @whoisvince 34. vince baskerville | @whoisvince 35. wells fargo vince baskerville | @whoisvince 36. vince baskerville | @whoisvince 37. vince baskerville | @whoisvince 38. my bank is mobile too, but doesnt make me happy. I expect it.vince baskerville | @whoisvince 39. vince baskerville | @whoisvince 40. context mattersvince baskerville | @whoisvince 41. simple & usable is always a great start, but theres stillmore that can be achieved as your audience grows*vince baskerville | @whoisvince 42. TRIPLINGOvince baskerville | @whoisvince 43. give userswhat theyneed 44. not what they ask forvince baskerville | @whoisvince 45. observe problems & listento the questions that our users are asking vince baskerville | @whoisvince 46. unlike page view metrics,(visitors, returning visitors,& conversions), nothinginstantly tells you what you need to know.vince baskerville | @whoisvince 47. 4 simple yet powerfulreasons why metrics &user data are invaluablevince baskerville | @whoisvince 48. 1. having data solves arguments. it removes opinions from fact; either its true or not2. data helps improve your intuition3. data shows you how to increase conversions4. investors / clients / stakeholders love data 49. build aproduct; not features 50. vince baskerville | @whoisvince 51. gradually expose the depth of your product vince baskerville | @whoisvince 52. vince baskerville | @whoisvince 53. vince baskerville | @whoisvince 54. vince baskerville | @whoisvince 55. 90/10 rule vince baskerville | @whoisvince 56. what greataestheticscant do 57. design supports the strategy, promotes theproduct which is built by your team & lead by astrong vision vince baskerville | @whoisvince 58. vince baskerville | @whoisvince 59. GOOGLE+ VINE COLOR vince baskerville | @whoisvince 60. engagementloads 61. 1.cognitive2.visual3.motorvince baskerville | @whoisvince 62. cognitive loads are the *mostexpensive* take lots of humanenergywhile motor loads are the leastexpensivevince baskerville | @whoisvince 63. vince baskerville | @whoisvince 64. vince baskerville | @whoisvince 65. vince baskerville | @whoisvince 66. when you lower all the loads you are also loweringengagement & entertainment vince baskerville | @whoisvince 67. The constraints in mobiledevices force us to focus on what really matters emphasize the most valuable parts [..] notjust the parts of our oering we think make sense. - LUKE WROBLEWSKI vince baskerville | @whoisvince 68. dankevince baskerville | @whoisvince