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Deisgning is all about problem solving and simplification.

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  • Designers Pet Partners
  • Adobe Illustrator Key Features Multiple Art Boards Transparency in Gradients Blob Brush Gradients Exposed In-Panel Appearance Editing Separations Preview
  • Corel Draw Key Features Interactive Tables Independent Page Layers Font Integration Live Text Formatting Centerline Trace
  • Discussion Q: When was Corel Draw developed? A: Corel Draw and Adobe Illustrator were created in 1987 and 1986 respectively. They are widely in used worldwide. Q: Is tool or artist important in designing? A: Artists have been developing new versions of these graphic design software, therefore, artist is very important. Q: Can a designer from Pakistan suggest improvement in software? A: It is highly recommended for CS8 and X8. Sajid Imtiaz Expert Member, CDKN Member, Pakistan Society of Criminology Member, Harvard Business Review Member, Advertising Age Economic Advisor shortlisted, British High Commission Islamabad Feedback: [email protected]