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  • 1. DESCRIBING TEACHERS 040 Fendi 012 Ahmad Jihad Satriyo 000 Dody Setiadi
  • 2. OUTLINE The Conclusions The Teacher as teaching aid Mime and gesture, Language model, Provider of comprehensible input The Teacher as a performer The Roles of Teachers Controller, Organizer, Assessor, Prompter, Participant, Resources, Tutor, Observer, Which role What is Teacher? Teachers and Learners
  • 3. What is Teacher?
  • 4. What is Teacher? Teaching means to give Show somebody how to do something According To The Dictionaries
  • 5. What is Teacher? Teachers & Learners - If the Teacher is indeed wise, it does not bid you enter the house of his wisdom, but rather leads you to the threshold of your own mind. (The Prophet by Khalil Gibran)
  • 6. What is Teacher? Teachers & Learners - Great emphasis has been placed on lerner- centred teaching.
  • 8. Controller Teachers are in charge of the class and the activity as controllers. announcements need to be made order has to be restored explanations are given the teacher is leading a question and answer session When ?
  • 9. Organizer Teachers should be able to organize students to do various activities. Engage instruct Initiate Organize feedback
  • 10. Assesser Teachers should be able to offer feedback, give correction and grade students in various ways. Critical issue Student have clear idea about what are being assessed Fairness Sensitive to possible student reaction
  • 11. Prompter Teachers should be able to motivate their students. The point is not to take charge of the stage but to encourage the student to think independently. Do it sensitively, encouragingly, but with discretion
  • 12. Participant Teachers actually joins the students in an activity not as a teacher but also as a participant. Teacher can enliven things from inside Teacher can easily dominate the proceeding
  • 13. Resource Teachers act as a information resource and help the students when they ask them. e.g. Grammar Explaining vocabulary Showing how to write essay.
  • 14. Tutor Teachers should be able to give personal instruction Difficulties Individual Pair Small Group Large Group
  • 15. Observer Teachers observe what students do so that they can give them useful group and individual information Dont be too intrusive Take note of student performance Give Feedback
  • 16. The Teacher as performer Different teachers act differently and that individual teachers vary their behavior.
  • 17. The Teacher as performer How The Teacher Should Perform Activity energetically, encouragingly, clearly, fairly Team Game commandingly, dramatically, interestingly Teacher reading aloud efficiently, clearly, supportively Whole-class listening
  • 18. The Teacher as teaching aid We are also a kind of teaching aid ourselves, a piece of teaching equipment in our own right.
  • 19. The Teacher as teaching aid Teaching aid tools : Mime & Gesture : Expression to demonstrate meaning and atmosphere Language Model Students get models of language from : Textbook, article, audio, videotapes. Ex : Reading aloud Provider of Comprehensible input : STT (Student Talking Time) Teacher Talking Time)
  • 20. THE CONCLUSIONS 1 Not to make students imitate the Teachers, but to leads them to develop themselves. 2 There are several role as a teacher. To be able to switch between those various roles depending on the situation 3 Teacher as a performer, every teacher has different styles to teach.
  • 21. Thats All, Thank You