Demand Driven Agile Growth

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Demand Driven Agile Growth. @bernino Lind CloudSigma. Demand Side = Efficient Fund them Let supply side bid. Demand at t=end. Demand at t=0. Time. Product delivered. LEARN. To finance growth… finance Demand & procure from SMBs. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Demand Driven Agile Growth

Demand DrivenAgileGrowth@bernino LindCloudSigma

In EU projects its normally all about supply side planning what the market wants, asking for EU money and then create something2

A different project exists Helix Nebula in which demand side asks suppliers to bid3

A winning supplier going thru a bid process is efficient and well established thru hundreds if not thousands of years of auctions and market dynamics4Demand Side = EfficientFund themLet supply side bid

TimeProductdeliveredDemand at t=0Demand at t=endA supply side planned product will normally fail because it assumes it can plan ahead and predict the future6LEARNIn agile we do quick iterations with checks if our product is in line with market demand and if not, we ACT and change course with a new plan: called Learning7

Reality is grim and corporations are scaling down8

Yet SMBs are optimistic and the first to invest9

For example in the cloud opportunity10

Yet the finance goes to corporations11To finance growth

finance Demand&procure from SMBs