Dell Ideastorm - Community involvement

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An overview of Dell's progression into social marketing, blogging & community involvement.

Transcript of Dell Ideastorm - Community involvement

  • Dells experiment with Online Communities September 2008 Dominique Hind Mark (M&C Saatchi)
  • It all started with a post Source:
  • And gained momentum Source:
  • And even more momentum
  • Leading to dedicated haters
  • How did Dell respond to the noise?
  • Phase 1 Dell blog One-way information push with moderated postings & comments
  • Phase 2 Inviting participation Collaborative environment
  • IdeaStorm Positioning: Where your ideas reign Messaging is consistent with online activities Its about: Containing negative feedback Product development CRM
  • How did this evolve? Design refresh & active online engagement
  • Dells three year progression
  • IdeaStorm redesign
  • Direct2Dell redesign
  • Dell tracking IdeaStorm
  • Dell staff listen to blogs
  • Who else is experimenting? Starbucks Radio Shack
  • My Starbucks Idea
  • Starbucks audience engagement
  • My Starbucks Idea Model Positioning: Help shape the future of Starbucks - with your ideas Messaging is inviting & consistent with online activities Its about: Understanding customer needs Being innovative Opening up to the community
  • Invention Lab Model Positioning: Sharing ideas & getting involved Its about: Providing a forum to encourage the sharing of ideas and stories to ultimately win a competition.
  • Key learnings & observations
  • Top 5 Learnings 1. Consistent message Ensure messaging is consistent with online activities 2. Open communication Transparent two-way dialogue is essential in authentic communication 3. Onsite promotion Idea promotion onsite allows the company to meet customer needs & wants 4. Company wide buy in Must be ingrained in the company with all departments actively engaged with regular posts 5. Focus Site needs to have one single, specific focus to drive posts
  • Thank you! Dominique Hind Email: [email protected] Blog:
  • Links Buzz Machine Dell IdeaStorm Direct2Dell Dell My Starbucks Idea Invention lab