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Professor Deeds taught at Shingu College (now University) for the 2008-2009 school year,

during which he published three research articles, including one I coauthored, in international,

peer-reviewed journals. Most of our professors barely manage ONE published paper per year!

His work focused on teaching business/computers in English to students whose first language

isn't English, research I understand he's now continuing in international schools. Professor

Deeds' use of the 3D Internet in his classes was considered revolutionary while he was here,

but just a year or so later he and other innovators have proven that his techniques/tools

combination is amazingly effective, and for students of all ages. You can count on Dr. Deeds for

always being on the cutting edge of educational technology. The ideas he's talking about today

will be standard operating procedure in a few years, so pay attention to what he says!

But it wasn't Professor Deeds' knowledge or skills that impressed me the most. Instead, it's his

passion for educating that makes him special if not unique. Please don't bother to hire him if

you're not serious about educational technology in particular and education in general. You'll

just be wasting the time and energy of one of the most dedicated education professionals I've

ever met, and he could/should be benefitting an organization that truly appreciates him! I without

reservation recommend Dr. Deeds for computer teaching as well as management positions.

With his business experience, he'd make an excellent administrator. If he can manage a million-dollar,

international software project, he can certainly organize and supervise your ITdepartment!

He would be an invaluable addition to any school's staff as teacher, manager or

both. Please don't hesitate to contact me (e-mail preferred) should you have any questions orconcerns.


V'~.../ ' I0

Yonghee L~e, Ph.1Professor,

ShinguComputer Informa1Seongnam,

[email protected],




University[ion Processing Dept.

Korea 462-743


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RE: David Deeds

To whom it may concern,

I have known David Deeds since he began working at Changchun American International School in August 2009. I worked closely with him throughout his entire time at CAIS until my departure in July of 2011. Right from when he first joined the organization David proved day in and day out that he is one of the most competent and professional individuals I have encountered in my career. His contributions to the development of CAIS have been too many to count and during my time working with him at CAIS I always considered him an invaluable and irreplaceable member of the school.

David has been the lead individual in bringing CAIS into the twenty first century and in many ways has been a lead individual for bringing 3D virtual worlds innovation into the realm of international schools. Not only has he constantly supported all CAIS teachers in terms of answering their technological needs, but David has designed and built an IT curriculum that has garnered worldwide recognition through the International Baccalaureate World Magazine and the Association for Advancement of Computing in Education. He has presented his work at a broad variety of international conferences among professors from leading institutions around the world and has made phenomenal progress in developing the school's profile both within China and internationally. I have personal experience teaching using the curriculum that David has created and based on my own significant research into current uses of technology in education I am certain that the program of learning David has put together would be considered absolutely top class anywhere in the world. His work in this regard has not only put CAIS on the map internationally but has established a basis that should guarantee an outstanding IT curriculum for years to come. The proof of this is not only in external recognitions, but most importantly also clearly shows in the development and learning of his students. And, he has done it with minimal budget impact.

Even with this high praise it would be selling David short not to make light of the many other ways in which he has contributed to the growth and development of the school on a daily basis. As the IT manager at CAIS David regularly demonstrated a well balanced mix of clear, goal oriented management skills with the flexibility to adapt to the ever changing environment of the school and its needs. David has successfully worked with a broad range of personnel in the school on many varied projects and has consistently faced adversity and change calmly while maintaining a clear sense of priority and a positive nature in supporting others to adapt. At the same time, he is to the point and highly efficient in ensuring that all achievable goals are reached, even providing extensive training to other members of staff in order to ensure a whole team capable of making it work. Whatever the needs of the organization have been, whether setting up TOEFL testing, identifying software for a new school language program, helping to bring in a school management system or providing other teachers with

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the training they need to catch up on recent advancements in educational technology and think of the future David has been the go-to-guy able to get results and make things happen quickly and effectively. Just as his outlook and interactions with colleagues and students are always positive, his work rate and output are consistently top notch. He has consistently gone well beyond the requirements of the job and through his contributions defined a role in the school that cannot be adequately described by his job title alone.

While I feel there is still more praise that could be heaped upon David for the contributions he brought to CAIS and the abilities he demonstrated while we worked together, suffice it to say that I do, without any reservation, give David my highest recommendations. I am certain that any organization which employs David in future will benefit greatly from what he brings to the table. Both CAIS as an organization and myself as an educator and administrator have been fortunate to benefit and learn from David in the time we spent as colleagues. I wish him the best in whichever position and organization he joins next.

If you have any questions regarding this reference, please contact me.


Alexander MakoszFormer Head of Primary & Primary Years Programme CoordinatorChangchun American International SchoolEmail: [email protected]