Deconstructing the social business roadmap

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Deconstructing the Social Business Roadmap A conversation and walkthrough of the understanding what it will take to develop a social media business policy for your organization.
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Based on the original social business roadmap from AIIM International, how you can break down the roadmap and understand how to apply it to your organization. Presented at #optsum on September 12, 2011 in Phoenix, Arizona.

Transcript of Deconstructing the social business roadmap

  • 1. Deconstructing the Social Business Roadmap
    A conversation and walkthrough of the understanding what it will take to develop a social media business policy for your organization.

2. Andrea Baker
Andrea Baker
Twitter: @immunity
LinkedIN Andrea R. Baker
3. How this session works:
Ill talk about the steps of the roadmap and discuss real world applications. Around the room, please feel free to volunteer how your organization is implementing the step or how you can implement to do better social business.
4. Are you on the right course?
5. Goals
To improve business processes using social practices and technologies
Set the standard in which to follow from concept to constituent and community collaboration
Create you essential guide to those who wish to implement social technologies
6. What is social business?
Social business is the use of social technologies and processes to improve internal collaboration and external customer engagement. It is more than simply setting up accounts on commercial services or even implementing enterprise social technologies. Instead, social business processes leverage social technologies within a culture of collaboration, openness, and sharing to streamline and improve the way organizations conduct business.
7. Where is the personal line?
Being a social business means having a personal connection with your customers.
Consider a corporate brand instead of a corporate push on the individual brand.
8. 9. Social Media / Social Business
Lets be clear of what YOUR needs are:
Whetheryou use social media/social networking for personal business be aware of what you post its forever!
Your personal life will probably touch or bleed into your professional presence people will search for you and know more than you think.
If needed, maintain a presence for each persona and keep them separate in your voice.
10. As we are moving forward in the digital age and with teleworking, it is imperative that in doing business and effective communicating with others not in the same room, we consider how to use social media technologies to fill in the gaps that email and traditional networking or communications do not provide.
11. It can be a little overwhelming for the untrained employee
12. 13. Social Media Empowerment
14. Do you feel empowered by your organization to work with social media?
Is your organization empowering themselves to work with you on your ideas and energy?
15. Empowerment
A necessary precursor to successful social business initiatives.
Based on three tenants
16. Transparency
Requires that the organization move from a culture of knowledge hoarding to one of knowledge sharing.
17. Trust
Requires that the organization trust its users to do what is right, while supporting them with the training and governance required for them to be accountable for that trust.
18. Technology
Requires willingness to allow employees to experiment with new tools and processes, trusting that they will not abuse them and permitting them to fail fast.
19. Case Study
Best Western



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