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Transcript of DCOR - Lighting the laminates ... bandoxaldecor+collection is a single service formula that ... A...

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    the Almeco Service bandoxaldecor+collectionbandoxaldecor+laser











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    Creative partner of architects and designers.

    bandoxaldecor is a range of coloured anodised aluminium surfaces for the decorative sector.

    There is an increasing number of objects that characterise the everyday environments in which the polished and anodised aluminium bandoxaldecor, produced by the ALMECO GROUP, expresses itself.Its applications range from design to architecture, furniture to acces-sories, automotive to boating, and from cosmetics to the electrical and electronics industries.The very same features of this product facilitate its potential use.

    Lightweight, flexible, resistant, envi-ronmentally friendly and completely recyclable, bandoxaldecor exhib-its exceptional durability over time.Its surface is homogeneous and free of iridescence, its colour is absolutely uniform, and it contains unique chemical and mechanical properties.The high quality of the product is combined with the widest range of colours, textures and thicknesses. Ductile, malleable, anti-static and


  • heat-resistant, it combines perfectly with other materials.Easy to work with, it adapts to vari-ous needs expressed by creativity, giving life to objects of great appeal thanks to its light aluminium.With bandoxaldecor, a techni-cal material such as aluminium acquires special aesthetic connota-tions. This results in surfaces that are adapted to the most different fields of application, giving value to designers projects.







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    Designers are constantly looking for materials that can now repro-duce the rich variety of colours found in nature, currently propos-ing new ones that are capable of giving a touch of originality to their creations.bandoxaldecor is the answer to both these needs, thanks to the in-finite range of colours that are ever-

    changing and always in line with the most current design trends.The warm, earthy colours are paired with cool and metallic tones in a luminous rainbow. Its ability to rep-licate other metals is extraordinary: from titanium to steel, brass to cop-per, tin to bronze, and from silver to gold. A world of colours to be discovered.

    An infinite range of colours.


    Colour is becoming increasingly important in the creation of interior environments. bandoxaldecor shows no limits to the imagination.



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    The variety and range of bandoxaldecor surface finishes is able to enhance objects and environments that are very differ-ent from each other, thanks to the diverse method in which light en-ters into dialogue with aluminium and causes it to vibrate, giving it a particular materiality.baldoxaldecor thus ranges with a

    mirror finish which softens the light, from brilliant and bright to satin or light-softening brushed, creating an almost diaphanous effect. The ex-traordinary workability of aluminium allows the realisation of an infinite range of textures, giving each surface an original connotation. Observing the multiple light effects will leave you fascinated.

    Surfaces that vibrate with light.


    Satin or reflective, with textures of great material effect. bandoxaldecor gives life to surfaces and objects that communicate originality and dynamism.


  • 6bandoxaldesign is the line of surfaces that were created to express a specific creative idea, in a unique way. New and exclusive colours and textures will arrive through subsequent tests, which can fit with light and give shape

    to the designers original intui-tion, which first takes the form of prototypes to then be fulfilled in industrial production.bandoxaldesign: no limit to the imagination.

    Your colour, your surface.

    bandoxaldesign | bandoxalform

    With bandoxalform, its possible to create objects and components from the concave and convex shapes with coloured aluminium. Thanks to their particular formability, these surfaces allow the combination of maximum design freedom with

    bandoxaldecor enveloping colour-ing, in a continuous and creative process that does not require further manifacture and enables the provi-sion of a ready to use product.bandoxalform: creativity takes shape.

    Aluminium is made flexible



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    The perfect fit for laminates.

    The answer to the strong demand for anodised, coloured aluminium from the laminates (HPL and com-posites) industry can be found in bandoxalprimer.The typical vari-ety of bandoxaldecor colours and finishes is combined with the tested capacity for rapid adhesion to the

    substrate of the specific primers to which aluminium is inextricably coupled.bandoxalprimer thus offers the guarantee of an important decora-tive product, which proves to be re-sistant over time. bandoxalprimer: design meets technology.


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    Each production made with creativity must be able to appear as unique and best interpret the exclusivity of the idea of the person that designed it.For this reason, the Almeco staff presents itself as a true partner of designers and companies to develop their original intuition, side by side.The choice is extremely expansive: ranging from the wide selection of bandoxaldecor surfaces that are

    ready-made, as well as the creation of a product with completely new colours and materials. A feasibility study of the object is carried out, followed by the creation of a proto-type and then the engineering.The production can be directly carried out at the Groups various factories, using the most appropri-ate technologies among the many available to ensure that the results in terms of volume and quality: from laser cutting to deep-drawing, from

    Alongside the specific needs of each client.

    The ALMECOSERVICEThe customisation of the product and the service holds a strategic value in the decorative sector.




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    cutting to calendering. This will of-fer the guarantee of a single point of contact that manages the entire process and keeps costs and tim-ing under control.Another advantage is the maximum customisation of the service.Inventory management, organized according to the most advanced and efficient criteria of the supply chain, allows the customer to have material ready to stock at each of the companys five headquarters

    and with more than 60 partners around the world.This proximity ensures extremely short response times, as well as a profound harmony in the tastes that reflect the fashion and design of each local market. The range of services offered has recently been enriched by new opportunities: from the supply of small batches, to the use of laser technology, up to the proposal of a special solution for applications


    that require fast installation and adhesion resistance.Therefore emotion and functional-ity, but also cutting-edge technical solutions for the most practical application needs.


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    bandoxaldecor+collection is a single service formula that allows you to choose your own supply, even though small (from 62.5m2), from a selection of 30 different finishes and colours in the catalogue that are periodi-cally renewed.

    This service allows you to give expression to your creativity while preserving the value of the uniqueness of the project, even with small projects. bandoxaldecor+collection: a choice of style without compro-mise.

    A collection ready for the catalogue.




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    bandoxaldecor+laser | bandoxaldecor+bond

    Laser technology in the service of design.

    With bandoxaldecor+laser, its possible to exploit the many op-portunities offered by decorative aluminium, combining a significant savings in cost with higher pro-duction flexibility.Using the laser cutting technolo-

    gy, you can indeed quickly obtain products in bandoxaldecor that are perfectly consistent with the original design, and avoid invest-ing in moulds and equipment.With bandoxaldecor+laser, imagination knows no bounds.

    bandoxaldecor+bond dresses up every surface with light and colour, turning it into a real piece of furniture and adding a touch of prestige and personality to stores, showrooms and exhibitions.The special adhesive that covers

    the back allows a quick and easy application on different applica-tions: from work plans to furni-ture, from walls to doors or false ceilings. bandoxaldecor+bond transforms your space.

    Convenient and easy to install.


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