Database Derby

The Literature Librarians present Lions and literature and databases, oh my!

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The Literature Librarianspresent

Lions and literature and databases, oh


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THE destination for your broadest world literature


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Types of documents

“Presents industry-leading Literature content, including criticism,

biographies, reference articles, reviews, primary sources, plot

analysis, explication, and multimedia.”

- Gale’s LRC title list

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Priestley, Chris. "Payne's grey." New Statesman [1996] 25 Feb. 2008: 63. Literature Resource Center. Web. 24 Nov. 2013.

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Full-text field day!

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Let’s do some searching!

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“thousand” ≠ 1000

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But what if I’ve forgotten _________?

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Person search

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Work search

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No database is perfect...

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...but we love this one as is.

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Literature Online (LION) Database

Another database?

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Why Does the Library Subscribe to LION?

Academic and Public Users

Specialized contents unavailable

elsewhere in English and American


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“My Archive”




Reference Shelf


Beginner’s Guide

Remote Access

Site Map

New Additions



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Scope of the LION Database

Literature: English and American Prose, Drama, and Poetry

Collection of Penguin Classics

Literature Online Journals

Literary Criticism



Author Pages

For in-depth parameters of the scope and content of the database, and explanations for why decisions regarding scope are made, visit the Information Centre and click on the Content and editorial policy link.

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Functionality of the LION DatabaseFull-Text Access

Advanced Searching


Searchable Fields


Unique to LION: Early modern

typographical variants

Results display and

manipulation; content


Help page

My archive


Stable links

Keyword searching

Historic first editions

Mobile compatibility

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Interface Navigation: LION Old and New

The Old InterfaceSearch boxes, including

QuickSearch, located on left side

of screen

No Mobile Access

Original search engine

Access to MyArchive

Existing help pages

The New InterfaceSearch boxes in the middle of the screen

Mobile Access

Faster, more efficient search with a new

search engine

MyArchive accounts will not be

transferred; necessary to make a new


LibGuide and training webinars

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Special Features of LION: How it Works

Come with us on a tour of LION’s online demo!

You may access all the information in the online demo at your leisure at the Literature Online help page.