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    Dark Sun Gazetteer

    IntroductionThis is an introduction to Dark Sun. All of the images are from the TSR Dark Sun books while some of

    TSR D S W C D&D Next playtest. As such

    Wizards of the Coast own the copyright to those items. Portions of text are from the online roleplay

    intensive game called ArmageddonMUD located atwww.armageddon.organd as such are owned by

    them. These copyrighted materials are used in good faith with no copyright infringement intended.


    Athas is a harsh world where only the fittest survive, and competition over extremely scarce

    resources causes constant strife, struggle, and bloodshed. Deserts cover most of the Known World

    and the great red sun can bring temperatures as high as 150 degrees during mid-day and as low as60 degrees at night. Your character will face hardship often, and will probably even be killed. If your

    character dies, he or she is dead -- permanently. A new one must be rolled up to continue playing.

    The City-State of Allanak

    Allanak is a large city-state located in the southern portion of the Known World. The city itself is

    divided into five main "quarters" -- T M Q C Q

    Merchants' Quarter, the Nobles' Quarter and the Templars' Quarter. The Magi Q

    ghetto where those born with a connection to one of the elemental planes are permitted to live

    S K T M Q

    and various merchant estates within. The Templars' and Nobles' Quarters, located on the south-west

    and south-east sides of the city, respectively, each contain residences of the city's rulers. Lastly, the

    Commoners' Quarter contains houses belonging to the city's common people.

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    Life in Allanak

    The life of a nakkie citizen is one of strife--expensive and degenerate living conditions, a nearly

    omnipotent ruler and His Templars watching your every move. Everyone accepts it though as the

    only option is to go out into the terrible wastelands beyond Allanak

    poisonous insects and worse lurk under every rock and over every sand dune.

    Most nakkies are slaves belonging to the nobles and Templars, and the commoners are usually of

    the merchant class or soldiers in Tektolnes my. The rest of the population earn their living in less

    honest ways.

    Templars are His Gloriousness's elite soldiers and spellcasters. Their power comes from Tektolnes

    Himself rather than from the elements, more deadly but with few applications aside from destroying

    people who pose a threat to Him. Templars basically have the power to do anything they want, and

    don't hesitate to use it when threatened, intimidated, or annoyed.

    The nobles spend their careers gathering popular support, serving in the senate, or otherwiseadvancing the goals of their houses. Nobles are accustomed to a very luxurious lifestyle, far beyond

    the means of the commoners. Many commoners may have little idea what a noble's life really

    entails, but they know that nobles are simply a better breed than they.

    History of Allanak

    Almost everyone within the Known World is illiterate. The only exceptions are the nobility, Templars

    and those few who are born into the Great Merchant Houses. Given this, your average person is

    hazy on the details or timeframes for history, but there are some things everyone knows.

    Legend has it that at the dawn of time Athas was a fertile land with grass and plants spreading as faras the eye could see. Then The Dragon came. This creature declared war on all the people that lived

    in these lands. The Dragon used powerful magicks, fuelled by the life energy of plants, animals and

    even people, leaving nothing but ash in its wake. By the time the Dragon was finished, the land was a

    wasteland and everyone was either dead or enslaved by The Dragon.

    After some time, The Dragon left, leaving Dragonthralls to act as rulers in his place. These

    Dragonthralls were powerful people who had learned the terrible defiling magicks of The Dragon.

    For generation after generation these Dragonthralls ruled the Known World. Until one day, the

    Highlord Tektolnes rose to power.

    Uniting the southern tribes, he led a warband against the Dragonthralls, defeating them and freeing

    his slaves. The people repaid the Sun King by building him a city. The City-State of Allanak. Tektolnes

    continued his war against the other Dragonthralls, ridding the world of them once and for all. When

    Tektolnes returned to the southern deserts to rule over his people, false kings clawed their way from

    the ashes and built cities of their own. These false kings angered Tektolnes. But he allowed them to

    rule over these far off lands as they were too far away for Tektolnes to try to rule.

    And so for generation after generation the people of Allanak have lived in the city, protected by the

    Highlord from the beasts of the desert, from elves who would rob everyone of their goods and

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    Magick in Athas

    Wizards are known as defilers. They are people who draw energy from plants and people, turning

    them to ash in the process. Once filled with this energy, defilers are able to unleash it in the form of

    terrible spells.

    There are few laws which are universal in Athas, however the law that condemns all defilers to death

    upon first sight is one of them. Even elven tribes outlaw such magick, condemning those who

    practice it to death. If they can be killed.

    Unlike defilers, elementalists are permitted to exist within Allanak so long as they register their

    abilities with the Templarate. Once registered, they are permitted to use their abilities whenever

    they so desire. As long as they do it within the confines of the Magickers Quarter. Despite

    elementalists being permitted by the law, commoners still fear and despise them, dubbing these

    people and their Quarter magickers. Commoners will even turn on their own parents or children,

    M Q


    There are six elemental planes, which are:

    Suk-Krath: The plane of fire that also shares thesame name as the sun.

    Ruk: The plane of stone. Vivadu: The plane of water. Whira: The plane of wind. Drov: The plane of shadows Elkros: The plane of electricity.

    There is said to be another type of elementalist. A Nilazi.

    Nilazi are said to have a connection to the Void Plane, a

    plane where nothing exists. This plane is poorly

    understood and is the only type of elementalist that

    welcome in the Magickers Quarter. Although

    technically they are permitted under the law, the other

    elementalists will quickly try to kill the Nilazi and the

    templarate rarely intervene.

    In order to be easily identified, elementalists are forced

    to wear a dull green gem around their neck. It is

    believed these gems somehow allow the Allanak

    Templarate to control the magickers, which makes them

    viewed with great suspicion in other city-states.


    Metal is extremely rare in Athas with obsidian being

    used as both a coin and a weapon material.

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    Select 1 class to begin with at level 1. The possible classes you can choose are:

    Cleric Fighter Rogue

    For further details on what options for each class are available please read the Classes section.


    Select 1 background. Only backgrounds detailed in this document ar Y

    greater detail after the wild talent section.

    Note: All characters must have lived in Allanak their whole lives for this campaign. Future campaigns

    will allow greater background choices.


    Select a specialty. The following specialties are permitted:

    Archer Dual Wielder Guardian Healer Jack of All Trades Lurker Survivor


    Some races, backgrounds and specialities allow for the selection of a skill. The skills used in Dark Sun

    are as follows:

    Animal Handling (Charisma) Bluff (Charisma) Diplomacy (Charisma) Find and Remove Traps (Intelligence) Forbidden Lore (Intelligence) Geographical Lore (Intelligence) Historical Lore (Intelligence) Insight (Wisdom) Intimidate (Any) Listen (Wisdom) Local Lore (Intelligence) Natural Lore (Intelligence) Open Locks (Dexterity) Planar Lore (Intelligence) Professional Lore (Intelligence)

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    Sleight of Hand (Dexterity) Societal Lore (Intelligence) Spot (Wisdom) Stealth (Dexterity)

    Streetwise (Charisma) Survival (Wisdom)

    Further details on these skills can be found after the Specialties section.


    Below is a table that lists which languages each race starts with knowing.

    R L

    A D S M

    C E A S

    D E A S B

    G H A S B

    A H-E A S B

    H-G S

    G F H K

    H S B

    M S M

    T- N A S B

    Sirihish is the common language in each of the City-States, while Bendune is the tribal tongue

    spoken by most nomadic humans. The other languages listed are racial languages spoken by

    members of that particular race.

    In addition there are restricted languages. These are Cavilish which is the merchant tongue, spoken

    only by members of the Great Merchant Houses. The other secret language is Tatlum which is

    believed to be the language spoken before the coming of the Highlord Tektolnes. In modern times

    only Templars are able to speak this language.

    If your character gets a bonus language, they can choose any racial language in the above table

    except for Nrizkt. Only Thri-kreen possess the appropriate anatomy to speak this language.


    See the class and background sections for further details on starting equipment.

    Hit Points

    At 1st

    level you receive the maximum number of hit points. After 1st

    level your HP is determined by

    rolling to determine what your HP are.

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    Races of Athas

    Athasian Dwarven Stats

    +1 Constitution: Dwarves are stout and sturdy.

    Speed: Dwarves do not suffer a speed penalty for being

    encumbered or wearing heavy armour. Dwarves have a

    base speed of 25 feet.

    Low-Light Vision: If there is no light within 30 feet of a

    dwarf, they treat shadows in that radius as normal light,

    and they treat darkness in that radius as shadows.

    Dwarven Resilience: Dwarves are immune to poison.

    Dwarven Toughness: All dwarven hit die increases by 1

    step. They are 1d4, 1d6, 1d8, 1d10, 1d12, 2d6. At 1st

    level they gain 1 extra Hit Point.

    Dwarven Focus: Due to their focused nature, dwarvesselect 1 weapon and their damage dice increases by 1 step when using that weapon. In addition

    they gain training in one Profession Skill.

    Languages: Mirrukim and Sirihish.

    Dwarven Physical Appearance

    Uniformly a short and stocky lot, dwarves possess heights of endurance often unattainable by other

    races. Physically, dwarves stand between 52 and 58 inches in height and are nearly as thick across

    the shoulders as they are tall. All Athasian dwarves are completely hairless, with slightly pointed ears

    and great masses of muscle.

    Dwarves in Allanak

    Although something of a minority in population, the dwarven nature is well known among all races.

    They universally live within the human controlled city-states as either commoners or slaves.

    Although dwarves can fill a number of roles in the Allanak ranging from mercenaries to independent

    merchants or even crafters, they are never employed by either the city militia or the noble houses.

    Dwarven Focus

    A dwarven focus is something that a dwarf becomes fixated on by the time they become an adult. It

    is a goal they will never abandon and strive to achieve their whole life. A dwarf may do things

    unrelated to the focus - but it will always be at the back of their head, nagging them. A dwarf willnever do something contrary to their focus, ever. A dwarf likely does not refer to their focus in terms

    of "this is my focus." To them, it is entirely natural to want to complete this goal, just like breathing

    or eating.


    focus it is likely they will become fixated on a new focus directly related to the previous one. In this

    way a dwarf can appear to pursue a single goal their entire life to an outsider. It takes someone that

    knows the dwarf very well to realise they have actually had achieved goals over the years.

    Dwarven AgingT T

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    City Elven Stats

    +1 Charisma: Elves are born liars and are adept at bargaining their way out of trouble.

    Low-Light Vision: If there is no light within 30 feet of an elf, they treat shadows in that radius as

    normal light, and they treat darkness in that radius as shadows.

    Speed: Elves have a base speed of 30 feet.

    Light Fingers: Elves have advantage on checks made to spot something on a person and to sleight of

    hand checks to either steal it from them or to hide small objects without being noticed.

    Elven Weapon Training: When attacking with a dagger increase the damage die by 1 step from a d4

    to a d6. Furthermore double the range that a dagger can be thrown.

    Distrustful: Naturally distrusting of outsiders, elves are immune to charm effects and others have

    disadvantage when attempting to persuade, lie or intimidate an elf.

    Child of the Streets: E

    Languages: Elves begin play speaking Allundean and Sirihish.

    Desert Elven Stats+1 Dexterity: Elves are nimble.

    Low-Light Vision: If there is no light within 30 feet of an elf, they treat shadows in that radius as

    normal light, and they treat darkness in that radius as shadows.

    Fast: Elves have a base speed of 35 feet.

    Keen Senses: Elves have advantage on checks made to listen, search or notice something.

    Elven Weapon Training: When attacking with a longbow, shortbow or gythka increase the damage

    die by 1 step. They are 1d4, 1d6, 1d8, 1d10, 1d12, 2d6.

    Distrustful: Naturally distrusting of outsiders, elves are immune to charm effects and have others

    have disadvantage when attempting to persuade, lie or intimidate an elf.

    Child of the Sands: Elves can attempt to hide in any desert terrain using nothing but their clothing to

    blend into the sand dunes.

    Languages: Elves begin play speaking Allundean and either Sirihish or Bendune.

    Elven Physical Appearance

    All elves stand between around 75 and 96 inches in height and tend to have slim, light frames. Elvish

    features tend to have less variation than do human features, but a large range does indeed exist:

    skin color usually falls in the dark, dusky browns to pale cream-colors; hair is typically darker but

    shares a similar range of hues. Eye colour among elves, however, is a matter of extraordinary

    variability. Elven ears are always pointed, and the shape of the eyes is always that of an almond.

    Elves in Allanak

    Elves are universally considered thieves, a reputation they not only deserve but are proud of. Were

    they not the most populous race in Athas (by a very small margin) they would most likely be

    banished from the city-states. As it is, they are shunned from polite society, but allowed to live there


    Most elves live in the wastelands, coming to the City-States only to ply their trade. Whether that

    trade be dealing in goods or attempting to trick people out of their coin. Some elves actually make

    their home within a city-state. Often these degenerate souls are more often than not the remnants

    of a tribe that fell to the many dangers of Athas. S due

    to their unreliability. Elves in this campaign must have lived in Allanak all their lives.

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    Dark Sun Gazetteer Page 9

    Tribal Nature

    Elves, all elves, are deathly loyal to their tribe, if they should belong to one. You can almost attribute

    a sort of 'hive mind' to elves, in that most of them consider the welfare of their tribe above their

    own personal welfare. An elf would tell you that they would give up their own life without hesitation

    to protect or serve their tribe. Not all of them have that much willpower, but all of them wish they

    did, and certainly all of them will claim they do.

    Elves also naturally trust their tribemates. They know that every elf in their tribe feels the same

    loyalty they do - so they have a strong ingrained trust and even reliance upon all of their kin. To act

    in a harmful way against a tribemate is an unthinkable act in an elven tribe. But a caveat - some

    tribal cultures are harsh, what is "harmful" to you or me may not be considered serious harm to

    them; and also, if one elf is seen to be acting in a way that harms the tribe as a whole, to be harmful

    to that individual (to protect the tribe) is absolutely warranted. As a general rule, a harmful act

    against a tribemate would be one that betrays them to an outsider - this would be the ultimate

    crime among elves. Sometimes harmful acts occur entirely within the structure of the tribe which

    are important for the strength of the tribe as a whole - these are not truly harmful, to an elf.

    Finally, all elven tribes have an "us and them" philosophy of the world. As elf sees their tribemates as

    being essential to their self-image - they are part of a tribe more than they are an individual.

    Similarly, elves see anyone not of their tribe as being a complete outsider. This extends even to

    other elves and other elven tribes. There is no reason why an elf would feel any closer to an elf from

    another tribe than they would to a human or dwarf. Indeed, elven tribes war among each other as

    much, or more, than they war with other races.

    Individual elves may provide outsiders tests to gain their trust and loyalty. These tests are dangerous

    for both the elf and the outsider as the elf places themselves in more and more vulnerable situations

    to see if the outsider takes advantage of them. All elves assume outsiders will always take advantage

    of them; they would if given the chance, and so rarely perform these tests.

    Elven Culture

    There are two ideas that are true in all elven tribes. An elf would rather die than ride on a mount and

    all elves highly respect thievery. In elven culture, a gifted thief is given the same respect as a gifted

    artisan would be given in a human culture. In this sense, robbery is considered a precious skill among

    elves - it is something to be cultivated, something to hope your children possess, something which

    you yourself strive after, and the reason you look up to those more gifted than you. A clever

    pickpocket is indeed a fine example of an elven thief - but there is so much more to the art.

    Con-artists of any sort are thieves. Muggers are thieves, albeit less subtle ones. Even traders are

    thieves - indeed, many elves consider trading to just be a sophisticated form of theft. This makes

    many elves become merchants, but they tend to be the least scrupulous merchants around.

    T T

    themselves and the tribe.

    Elven Aging

    T T

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    Dark Sun Gazetteer Page 10

    Gith Stats

    +1 Dexterity: Gith are quite agile.

    Speed: Gith have a base speed of 30 feet.

    Low Light Vision: If there is no light within 30 feet of a gith, they treat shadows in that radius as

    normal light, and they treat darkness in that radius as shadows.

    Gith Weapon Training: Gith retain their weapon attack bonus (if any) when attacking with

    improvised weapons and also increase the damage die by 1 step. Damage die steps are 1d4, 1d6,

    1d8, 1d10,1d12 and 2d6.

    Scavengers: Gith gain advantage to all checks made to forage for food or supplies.

    Gith Toughness: Somewhat more hardy then elves, Gith increase all their Hit Dice by one step from

    d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, 2d6. At first level they get 1 extra hit point.

    Languages: Gith begin play speaking Heshrak and either Allundean, Sirihish or Bendune.

    Gith Physical Appearance

    Gith are a race of hunched-over humanoids which are apparently descended from elves. Any suchevolutionary branching assuredly occurred sometime in the very distant past, for there are few

    similarities between them save their long-limbed frame and great height. Gith skin is yellow to dark

    brown, rough and perhaps a little scaly as though some reptilian anscestry may exist. Average height

    is approximately 84 inches, with weight similar to that of elves. Eye colour is typically black and dark


    Gith in Allanak

    Relegated to the wastelands, gith are not tolerated within the city-states. As such all gith within

    Allanak were either captured in a raid or born into slavery. They live short lives in either the obsidian

    mines or in the arena as gladiators. Gith in this campaign must have lived in Allanak all their lives.

    Gith Culture

    Gith society is highly tribal, much like nomadic elves. However, gith tribal culture is extremely

    ritualistic and sometimes cruel. Symbolism, tradition, and attention to correct processes marks gith

    society apart from others (with the possible exception of thri-kreen culture, from whom the gith may

    have learned). Tests of merit by combat are common among gith, but other measures such as ritual

    performance are also frequently used to settle disputes. For example, as there is no gain from

    fighting an obviously

    weaker tribesman, the

    stronger gith may just as

    easily demand a contest

    of storytelling or a fire-

    ritual judged by peers.


    The average life

    expectancy of a gith is 45


    considered adults at 13.

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    Dark Sun Gazetteer Page 11

    Half-Giant Stats

    +1 Strength: Half-Giants are large and


    Speed: Half-Giants have a 30 foot base speed.

    SlowWitted: Often too stupid to understand

    when to be afraid, half-giants are immune to

    effects that would make them frightened.

    Keen Senses: Keenly aware of those around

    them, half-giants have advantage on checks

    made to listen, search or notice something.

    Half-Giant Weapon Training: Half-giants are

    proficient with all giant weapons.

    Armour Mastery: Half-Giants are proficient

    with light and medium armour. While wearing

    heavy armour they gain a +1 bonus to AC.Languages: Half-Giants begin play speaking


    Half-Giants Physical Appearance

    Half-giants appear much like a human, but with

    highly exaggerated features, and with skin

    tones which sometimes go into the reds. Half-

    giants stand between 120 and 150 inches tall.

    Due to their large size, half-giants must drink

    twice as much as other races and eat four times

    as much.

    Half-Giant Culture

    Half-giants have no culture to speak of.

    Suffering from great difficulty in formulating

    original ideas, half-giants very willingly adopt

    the customs of those nearby. They will do their

    best to emulate a particular person in the best

    way they know how. However if the half-giant

    leaves that person

    start emulating someone else. Given this, half- giants are able to switch their loyalties very quickly,

    and some races (such as elves) find this to be intolerable.

    Half-Giants in Allanak

    Technically half- laves under the law. A half-


    point in owning a half- T M H-Giants work for either

    one of the Great Merchant Houses, the Allanak militia or a noble family as soldiers and guards.

    AgingThe average life expectancy of a half- T

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    Dark Sun Gazetteer Page 12

    Grey Forest Halfling Stats

    +1 Dexterity: Halflings are quite nimble.

    Speed: Halflings have a base speed of 25 feet.

    Halfling Weapon Training: When a Halfling attacks with a

    blowgun, carrikal or a datachi club they are proficient

    with, increase the damage die by 1 level. They are 1d4,

    1d6, 1d8, 1d10, 1d12, 2d6.

    Eat Anything: Halflings are able to find sustenance from

    even the stringiest parts of dead creatures. A Halfling can

    get enough meat for 1 day and two quarts worth of

    water. A Halfling can also eat uncooked meat without ill


    Halfling Nimbleness: You can move through the space of hostile creatures that are larger than you.

    Naturally Stealthy: Halflings can hide behind creatures that are larger than them.Languages: Halflings begin play speaking Kentu and one other bonus language.

    Halflings Physical Appearance

    Halflings can often be mistaken as children of other races at first glance. Standing between 36 and

    44 inches in height, halflings are indeed the smallest of the humanoids. Skin and eye colour among

    halflings tends to vary between a pale cream and a muddy brown, although other colourations are

    not uncommon: pale blue, greenish, or coppery skin can all be found. Halflings are virtually hairless

    except for the typical unruly mane of hair which tops their heads.

    Halfling CultureNative to the Crescent Forest, halfling culture is extremely different than the societies of elves,

    dwarves, and men. Among the attributes stressed in halfling society are tolerance, learning and an

    oneness with nature. Aggressiveness, a desire to steal, or a will to deceive would be foreign qualities

    to a typical halfling. While seemingly an eminently desirable race to befriend, there are several

    aspects of halfling life which set them forever apart from other races. Foremost, halflings are

    extremely carnivorous and will readily consume nearly any freshly killed creature--a practice which

    tends to turn the stomach of others. H

    between intelligent and unintelligent animals and see them all as sources of food.

    By the standards of other races, halflings are a backward and savage people (not to mentiondangerous). Not only do they lack anything but the most basic ability to create equipment, they have

    no understanding of the concept of trade.

    Halflings in Allanak

    Halflings are killed on sight when within the human controlled city-states. As such all halflings in

    Allanak T

    short, but brutal lives.


    T Tconsidered adults at 31.

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    Dark Sun Gazetteer Page 13

    Human Stats

    +1 to all ability scores: Humans are much less specialised than other races.

    Versatile: At first level humans get an additional +2 to the ability score of their choice and +1 to all

    other ability scores.

    Speed: Humans have a base speed of 30 feet.

    Languages: Humans begin play speaking Sirihish or Bendune.

    Human Physical Appearance

    Most humans stand between 68 and 78 inches in height and vary tremendously in skin and eye

    colour (hair colour tends to range between light blond to black, but peculiar variations on even this

    feature are entirely possible). Eons of life on Athas has warped the human appearance enough so

    that physical anomalies are somewhat commonplace: webbed fingers or toes, hairlessness, pointed

    ears, long or short limbs, or skin tones in the faint blues or greys are all possible mutations upon the

    human form. It is said in Allanak that such people are descendants of the mutants who followed the

    S K S or acceptance within society.

    Humans in Allanak

    Humans are the most predominant race in Allanak. They are either natives to the city-state or

    T -state or a

    member of a tribe that lives within the harsh conditions of the desert itself. In this campaign PC

    humans must either have lived in Allanak all their life or be from one of the local tribes.

    Those native to Allanak could either be a slave, a commoner, a gemmed magicker, a member of a

    Great Merchant House, a noble or a Templar. These organisations are detailed later in this



    T T

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    Dark Sun Gazetteer Page 14

    Mul Stats

    +1 to any ability score: The Mul's human half makes them

    quite versatile.

    Speed: Muls have a 30 foot base speed.

    Born to Fight: Muls increase the damage die of 1 weapon

    category by 1 step.

    Alert: Mulsgain advantage on checks made to spot or notice

    someone during battle.

    Fearless: Muls are immune to becoming fightened.

    Beserker: Muls can continue fighting even when they drop

    below 0 hit points. Each time they take damage that causes

    them to be in negative hit points they can choose to fall

    unconscious or continue fighting. If they continue fighting they

    must make a wisdom save equal to 5 + the damage they took.

    On a failed save they go into a homicidal rage and for 1 minutewill attack the closest creature.

    Muls Physical Appearance

    Physically, muls bear most of the bulk of their dwarven parent,

    being extremely strong and rugged. Most of the height and

    cunning of their human ancestry is preserved as well--from a

    purely intellectual point of view, a much better product than

    half-giants. Mulish ears are always pointed, and muls never

    grow hair. Skin tones are widely varied, from light tan to

    copper to greys and even blues to dark browns. Usually, a

    mul's eyes are slanted. Muls are slightly shorter than humans.

    Mul Culture

    Being sterile, and thus outside of the typical chain of reproduction, muls often suffer from a sense of

    meaninglessness. This is compounded when they learn (often too young) that they were born as a

    tool or bargaining chip. This tends to make many muls into angry people, full of distrust and hate.

    Muls in Allanak

    Muls are sterile crossbreeds of dwarves and men, bred solely by House Borsail for combat in the

    arenas of Allanak. It is quite likely that muls did not exist prior to the founding of Allanak, when the

    earliest known experimentation of this nature was recorded.

    Muls are always slaves and are usually gladiators. Some nobles and merchants are brave enough to

    keep them as personal bodyguards, sometimes with disastrous results. Muls who prove themselves

    in the arena as not only powerful warriors, but brilliant tacticians are sometimes taken into the

    Nakkie militia as Captains. Although technically slaves of the templarate, they command a unit and

    are given great latitude in the training of their men.

    Mul Aging

    T T dered an adult at 15.

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    Dark Sun Gazetteer Page 15

    Thri-Kreen Stats

    +1 Dexterity: Due to their insectoid nature, thri-kreen are quite agile.

    Speed: Thri-Kreen have a 30 foot base speed.

    Low-Light Vision: If there is no light within 30 feet of a thri-kreen, they treat

    shadows in that radius as normal light, and they treat darkness in that radius as


    Hunters: Thri-Kreen have advantage on tracking and foraging checks.

    Hive Mind: Thri-Kreen have a greater psionic connection then other races. By

    spending a week in close proximity to other creatures it can establish a

    connection that allows the group to communicate with each other

    telepathically when within a range of 100 feet of the thri-kreen. The other

    creatures have to be willing to accept this psionic connection for it to work.

    Insect Biology: Thri-kreen can survive on 1 pint of water a day. This cannot be

    lessened by being in the shade during the day. Furthermore thri-kreen are incapable of sleep.

    Thri-kreen Weapon Training: Thri-kreen increase the damage die for gythka and chatka by 1 level.Languages: Thri-kreen begin play speaking Nrizkt and either Allundean, Sirihish or Bendune.

    Thri-Kreens Physical Appearance

    Thri-Kreen are hulking insectoids who generally stand about 85 inches in height at the shoulder (they

    are nearly 48 inches longer than they are tall). They are six-limbed exoskeletal creatures, covered by

    a hard, sandy yellow-to-ruddy brown carapace. Their heads are wedgelike, with two black

    compound eyes on either side and a laterally-working jaw at the front. Two antennae grow from

    between their eyes, and serve as aids to movement when in darkness.

    Thri-kreen CultureThri-kreen are utterly foreign in manner and thinking to all other intelligent races. The single thought

    which dominates the mind of a thri-kreen is the hunt for food. Active all day and night, thri-kreen

    travel with their packs (or clutches) endlessly, searching for prey, killing, and eating. The pack-

    mentality is so strong within thri-kreen that they act as one, losing all independent thought. Thri-

    kreen regard most other races as lazy (because of their sleeping habits) and have great difficulty

    distinguishing the non-insectoid races. As such wild thri-kreen will often hunt down and eat the

    intelligent races for food. Among some thri-kreen clutches elven meat is considered a great treat.

    A strictly carnivorous species, thri-kreen can only eat freshly killed meat. Thri-kreen refrain from

    hunting when they approach other races to trade, lest they accidentally kill the creatures they wishto trade with. Thri-kreen refrain from manufacturing items themselves, as such they often trade

    meat or unworked gems for these items.

    Thri-kreen in Allanak

    Thri-kreen do come to the city to trade, and might even stay there if they are without a pack. They

    recognise that as a single creature they are vulnerable and will often hire on as a guard in a

    T-kreen are also kept as gladiators in

    the arena and the Great Merchant Houses even keep some slaves as personal guards.

    Thri-kreen AgingThe average life expectancy of a thri-kreen is 24 years. They are fully matured at 6.

  • 7/31/2019 Dark Sun Gazetteer


    Dark Sun Gazetteer Page 16

    Wild TalentsEvery character begins the game with a single wild talent. Some characters, such as a psionicist or

    thri-kreen, have additional psionic abilities. These are detailed under the race or class that grants

    those abilities.

    Using wild talents requires a wisdom check with the DC depending on the wild talent. Failure to

    make this check results in you taking subdual damage equal to your classes hit die. This represents

    the mental strain it takes to use your psionic abilities untrained

    taken physical damage. If your HP reach 0 it means that you have passed out. Any damage taken this

    way can be restored through rest and spending hit die, magick or potions.


    This wild talent helps you in dealing with other people. It is a DC 10 wisdom check to use this ability.


    Every additional time you use this ability the DC increases by +2. The DC resets to DC 10 after you

    have an extended rest.


    This wild talent protects you from psionic attacks. It is a DC 10 wisdom check to erect the barrier

    initially which lasts for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes you must make another wisdom check with +1

    to the DC or lose the barrier. The DC resets to 10 after you have an extended rest.

    I while you have the barrier running, you and the attacker

    must make opposed wisdom checks to see if the attack succeeds (automatically causing you to lose

    the barrier). You have advantage on this check.


    This ability allows you to communicate psionically with someone else. The table below determines

    the DC depending on how far away they are from you:

    DC 10: 100 feet DC 15: 1 mile DC 20: 18 miles

    This contact lasts for 10 minutes during which time you can communicate with them one way. After

    10 minutes you must sever the link or make an additional wisdom check with +2 to the base DC. TheDC resets after an extended rest.

    Danger Sense

    This wild talent warns you when danger is coming. When you roll initiative you can make a DC 10

    wisdom check to either avoid being surprised or to gain advantage on the initiative roll.

    Heightened Hearing

    This wild talent allows you to overhear other conversations much more easily. When you make a

    listen check you can gain advantage be beating a separate DC 10 wisdom check. This DC increases by

    +2 every additional time you use it. The DC resets to 10 after an extended rest.

  • 7/31/2019 Dark Sun Gazetteer


    Dark Sun Gazetteer Page 17

    Heightened Smell

    This wild talent allows you to track someone by scent. Make a DC 10 wisdom check and you gain the

    ability to follow someone based on their scent. This ability lasts for 10 minutes at a time, after which

    you must make an additional wisdom check with +2 to the DC before or lose this ability. The DC

    resets to 10 after you have an extended rest.

    Mind Over Body

    This wild talent allows you to go without food and water for 24 hours without suffering any negative

    effects. The initial wisdom check is a DC 10. Every day you make an additional check without eating

    or drinking the DC increases by +1. You cannot attempt to use this ability if you are suffering from

    the effects of dehydration or starvation.

    Know Direction

    This wild talent helps you avoid becoming lost. You can imagine a place that you are quite familiar

    with and then make a DC 10 wisdom check to work out which direction it is. Every time you make

    another check before resting for the day, the DC increases by +2.

    Object Reading

    This allows you to pick up impressions left on an object by its previous owner. Listed below are the

    DCs you must meet to get the relevant information. When attempting to gain particular information

    DC to meet. If you fail this check then you take damage as


    DC L DC L DC L DC 19: How the last owner came to gain the item and how they lost it. DC 22: All this information about all past owners.


    This ability allows you to try harder to recollect a lost memory. If you make a DC 10 wisdom check

    you can reroll a failed lore check. If you beat the wisdom check by 5 or more you can reroll the failed

    lore check with advantage.

    Each time you use this ability in a day the DC increases by +2. The DC resets to 10 after an extended


  • 7/31/2019 Dark Sun Gazetteer



    STR ( )

    DEX ( )

    CON ( ) Current XP Required for Next Level

    INT ( )

    WIS ( )

    CHA ( )

    Class Features




    Range: Ammunition:

    Weapon: Attack:

    Damage: Break:





    XP NL

    Hit Die


    Speed Initiative


    Damage: Break:

    Damage: Break:

    Damage: Break:

    Weapon: Attack:

    Range: Ammunition:

    Weapon: Attack:

    Range: Ammunition:

    Weapon: Attack:

    Range: Ammunition:

    Weapon: Attack:

    Range: Ammunition:


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    Spell Atk:

    Spell DC:

    lvl 1

    lvl 2

    lvl 3

    lvl 4

    lvl 5

    lvl 6

    lvl 7

    lvl 8

    lvl 9

    lvl 10

    Total Weight

    1st 4th


    Spell Slots Per Day

    6th 8th 9th 10th2nd