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V1.8 last edit: 2010-09-25 by A Helpful Anonymous Contains all items and other purchasables from Dark Heresy Sections that follow no specific heading are from the core rulebook The sections called Feral & Feudal Word Specific, Hive World Specific, Forge World Specific, Frontier World Specific, The Void Specific, The Holy Ordos Specific and War Zone Specific are from Inquisitors Handbook

Armory (complete)

The sections called Shadow Gear, Dark Tech, and Xenos Tech are from Radicals Handbook, note that many of these items have vastly greater descriptions then ar The sections called Rogue Trader are from Rogue Trader sans repetitive entries, prices are not listed because Rogue Traders do not buy, but acquire The sections called Anathema are from Creatures Anathema The sections called Ascension are from Ascension; prices are not listed because Throne Agents follow Acquisition rules (similar to RT) The sections called Into the Storm and ITS are from Into the Storm. Prices are not listed because Rogue Traders do not buy, but acquire Astartes are from

It is advised that you read the full description of the source material of any interesting item for a better understanding of what it is. This Document is only a quick Keyword Reference Accurate +10 BS when used with aim action; on single shot, gain 1d10 extra damage for every 2 successes when using a basic weapon (2d10 max) Balanced +10 to Parry Blast (x) x= radius of blast Stuns target with sound. Take a toughnes s test at 10 per DoS on hit or be stunned for one round. Auditory protectio n grants +10 to resist stunning. If you take damage greater than S bonus, get knocked Concussive down. Customized Defensive Devastating (X) Fast Felling (X) Flame Flexible Force Gyro-Stabilised Haywire (X)

Reloading takes half listed time, half action is still half action +15 to parry, -10 to attacks Reduce one additional point of Cohesion if hit, regardless of wounds or damage. If Horde, reduce magnitude by X per hit. -20 to parry Ignore one level of Unnatural Toughness per X. Don't test BS, all creatures in 30 arc test Ag or hit. If hit test Ag again or be set on fire. Cover negated. Hit body only, jam on 9 cant be parried Count as Best Never counts as further than Long Range (penalty still applies). Heavy Weapons with this Quality reduce the penalty for firing without Bracin Everything in X radius goes haywire. Roll on table 5-4 (page 143 in DW) to determine effect. Lessens by one step every round until it become

Inaccurate Overheats Power Field Primitive Razor Sharp Recharge Reliable Sanctified Scatter Shocking Smoke Snare Storm Tearing Toxic Twin-Linked Unbalanced Unreliable Unstable Unwieldy Volatile Craftsmanship

No bonus to aim action Roll of 91 or higher overheats, consult pg 129 When parrying a weapon with this quality, 75% to destroy AP doubled against primitive, unless armor is primitive Double pen of weapon if attack roll results in 2 DoS or more. Only fires every other round If would jam, roll 1d10 and on 10 jams Counts as Holy. Must be Good/Exceptional or Best/Master-Craft in order to have this. Has certain effects on some Daemonic and Warp Crea Point blank shot, each 2 degree is another hit. At long range Ap is doubled If takes damage after AP and toughness, roll Toughness test +10 for every armor point on location, fail means stunned for half damage in ro when hit is scored, creates 3d10 meters in diameter centered on impact, lasts 2d10 rounds or less on hit, make Ag test or immobilized. Once immobilized cant do anything except attempot escape, St or Ag test, helpless until free Shoots twice per shot: two hits per degrees of success on Semi/Auto, double ammo use; maximum hits is double ROF Roll additional 1d10 for damage, discard lowest die Damage after AP and toughness make a toughness test -5 for every damage taken, failure deals 1d10I with no reduction +20 to hit, uses twice the ammunition, two or more degrees of success give additional hit, reload time doubled -10 to parry Jam on 91 or higher when hit, roll 1d10. 1 is half damage, 2-9 normal, and 10 doubles damage Can not parry Automatically confirm Righteous Fury on a roll of 10 for damage. Cost Multiplier Availability Melee: +10 WS, +1 Damage; Ranged: never jams; Armor: +1 AP; Ork: Same as good, with +1 damage and one Kustom Bit; Fields: Overload s on a 1 Melee: +5 WS; Ranged: Reliable (or remove Unreliabl e); Armor: +1 AP against first hit per combat; Ork: +5 to BS and WS. Weigh .5kg more. Fields: Overload s on 1-5



Drop 2 step

Good Common

x3 x1

drop 1 step Normal Everything: Normal; Fields: Overloads on 1-10

Melee: 10 WS; Ranged: Unreliabl e, if already Unreliabl e gun jams on every missed shot; Armor: 10 Agility; Ork: Jams instantly for a nonork, weighs .5KG less; Fields: Overload s on 1-20



Increase 1 step

Astartes Craftsmanship

Req. Multiplier

Renown Required Melee: +10 WS, +2 Damage; Ranged: never jams or overheat s, +2 Damage; Armor: +1 AP, weighs half normal amount; Fields: Overload s on 1 Melee: +5 WS, +1 Damage; Ranged: Reliable (or remove Unreliabl e), +1 Damage; Armor: +1 AP against first hit per combat; Fields: Overload s on 1-5




Exceptional Common

x1.5 x1

Respected None Everything: Normal; Fields: Overloads on 1-10

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Ranged WeaponsLasLaspistol Pistol Las Carbine Basic Lasgun Basic Long Las Basic MP LasCannon Heavy Hive World Specific Civitas Pistol Death Light Basic Drusus Prime Basic Duelling Las Pistol Minerva -Aegis Basic Palantine Pistol Series-S Venom Pistol Steel Burner Pistol Forge World Specific D'laku Hellgun Basic War Zone Specific Fury Pistol Hellgun Basic Hellpistol Pistol Laslock Basic Mark III Basic Mark IV Pistol Multi-Laser Heavy Roth Pattern Basic Stormfront Basic Twin Lasgun Basic Rogue Trader Specific Archeotech Laspistol Pistol Belasco Dueling PistolPistol Hellpistol (Lucius) Pistol Hellgun (Lucius) Basic Las Gauntlets Pistol Lascarbine (Locke) Basic Ascension Specific Hellgun (Cadian) Basic Hellpistol (Cadian) Pistol Into the Storm Specific Assault Lasgun Basic Mark IV Dervish Pistol Mezoa Lascutter Heavy Astartes Specific Lascannon Heavy 30m 60m 100m 150m 300m 25m 80m 100m 30m 60m 20m 10m 30m 100m 20m 110m 35m 70m 100m 70m 250m 120m 100m 100m 90m 45m 35m 110m 50m 60m 50m 20m 50m 25m 5m 300m S/-/S/2/S/3/S/-/S/-/S/2/S/3/S/2/S/-/S/4/8 S/3/S/-/S/-/1d10+2E 1d10+2E 1d10+3E 1d10+3E 5d10+10E 1d10+1E 1d10+5E 1d10+3E 1d10+4E 1d10+2E 1d10+2E 1d10+1E 1d10+4E 0 0 0 1 10 0 2 0 4 0 0 0 2 4 0 3 3 0 0 0 4 0 0 0 2 4 7 7 1 0 7 7 0 0 6 10 30 40 60 40 5 25 18 50 1 40 20 15 10 Full Full Full Full 2Full Full Full Full Full Full Full Full Reliable Reliable Reliable Accurate, Reliable 1.5kg 3kg 4kg 4.5kg 55kg 2kg 7.2kg 7kg 1.7kg 4.1kg 1.1kg .5kg 2.5kg 10kg Reliable 1.5kg 6kg 4kg 4kg 4kg 1.75kg 50kg 4kg 5kg 7kg 4 1.5 4 6 3 2.5 6 4 Reliable Reliable 4.5 1.5 8 75kg 30 50 75 75 100 5000 40 250 50 220 150 100 120 100 500 100 180 140 40 75 150 2000 175 85 220


Accurate, Tearing Reliable Reliable

S/3/5 1d10+3E S/2/5 S/3/S/2/S/-/S/3/S/2/-/-/10 S/2/S/3/S/2/S/3/S/-/S/2/S/3/S/4/S/2/S/3/S/2/S/-/5 S/4/S/-/S/-/1d10+2E 1d10+4E 1d10+3E 1d10+4E 1d10+3E 1d10+3E 3d10+3E 1d10+2E 1d10+3E 1d10+4E 1d10+3E 1d10+5E 1d10+4E 1d10+4E 1d10+4E 1d10+3E 1d10+4E 1d10+4E 1d10+3E 1d10+3E 2d10+3E 6d10+10E

40 2Full 30 40 20 1 60 15 60 60 60 18 70 1 40 30 20 40 Full 3Full 2Full Full Full Full 3Full Full Full Full Full Full 2Full 2Full Full 2Full

Unreliable Reliable Accurate, Reliable Reliable Reliable Tearing, Unreliable Accurate, Reliable Accurate

Reliable Reliable

30 2Full 40 2Full 120 2Full 20 Full 10 2Full 6 2Full

SP WeaponsAutopistol Pistol Stub Revolver Pistol Stub Auto Pistol Hand Cannon Pistol Autogun Basic Hunting Rifle Basic Shotgun Basic Pump-Action ShotgunBasic Combat Shotgun Basic Heavy Stubber Heavy Hive World Specific Armageddon Basic Armsman-10 Pistol Blackhammer Basic Carnodon Pistol VI Crank Cannon Heavy Creed-9 Basic Encarmine Pistol Fate Bringer Pistol Flametongue Pistol Hack Shotgun Pistol Hecuter Pistol 30m 30m 30m 35m 90m 150m 30m 30m 30m 120m 100m 35m 20m 35m 70m 50m 20m 40m 20m 10m 30m S/-/6 S/-/S/3/S/-/S/3/10 S/-/S/-/S/-/S/3/-/-/10 S/2/6 S/3/S/-/S/3/-/-/5 S/3/10 S/3/8 S/-/S/-/S/-/S/3/6 1d10+2I 1d10+3I 1d10+3I 1D10+4i 1d10+3I 1d10+3I 1d10+4I 1d10+4I 1D10+4i 1d10+4I 1D10+4i 1d10+3I 2d10I 1d10+4I 1d10+5I 1d10+3I 1d10I 1d10+3I 1d10+6I 1d10+4I 1d10+3I 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 0 3 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 18 6 9 5 30 5 2 8 18 200 15 13 1 6 100 35 24 5 2 1 15 Full 2Full Full 2Full Full Full 2Full 2Full Full 2Full Full Full 2Full Full 3Full Full Full 2Full 2Full 2Full Full Reliable 2.5kg 1kg 1.5kg 3kg 3.5kg 5kg 5kg 5kg 6.5kg 35kg 8.5kg 1.5kg 4.7kg 2.5kg 38kg 3.6kg 2kg 1.6kg 2kg 3kg 2kg 75 40 50 65 100 100 60 75 150 750 100 50 250 200 500 115 90 200 140 60 175

Accurate Scatter, Reliable Scatter, Reliable Scatter

Reliable Inaccurate, Scatter Accurate Unreliable

Accurate, Reliable Primitive,Reliable Inaccurate, Scatter, Tearing Reliable

Mariette Mercy Killer Meat Hammer Nomad Phobos Stubber Puritan-14 Ripper Clip Salvation Scalptaker Slayer Spectre

Steadholder Stormchild Talon Mark III 54 Tranter Forge World Specific Panoptic Pistol Vanahein Basic The Void Specific Ironclaw Basic Naval Shotcannon Heavy Irontalon Pistol Shotgun Pistol Pistol War Zone Specific Alcher Mark IV Basic Assault Cannon Heavy AutoCannon Heavy Doreas Pattern Pistol Orthlak Mark IV Pistol Holy Ordos Specific Catechist Basic Rogue Trader Specific Heavy Stubber(Orthlac eavy H Heavy Stubber(Ursid) Heavy Naval Pistol(Mars) Pistol Shotgun Pistol Pistol Into the Storm Specific Assault Stubber Basic Civilian Firearm Basic Disposable Handgun Pistol Ripper Pistol Pistol Sniper Rifle Basic Void Speargun Basic Astartes Specific Assault Cannon Mounted Shotgun Basic

Pistol Pistol Basic Basic Pistol Pistol as shotty Pistol Pistol Pistol Basic Basic as shotty Basic Pistol Pistol Pistol

20m 20m 30m 250m 30m 20m 15m 15m 10m 30m 30m 80m 30m 100m 35m 30m 30m 35m 40m 30m 40m 20m 10m 60m 120m 300m 30m 30m 40m 120m 120m 20m 10m 100m 60m 30m 30m 220m 10m 150m 30m

S/-/S/-/S/-/S/-/S/3/S/3/6 S/-/-/-/6 S/3/S/-/S/-/S/3/10 S/-/S/-/S/-/S/2/6 S/2/-

2d5+3I 1d10+2I 2d5+6I 1d10+5I 1d10+3I 1d10+2I 1d10+4I 1d10+2I 1d10I 1d10+3I 1d10+4I 1d10+3I 1d10+4I 1d10+4I 1d10+4I 1d10+2I 1d10+5I

0 1 2Full 0 1 2Full Inaccurate, Unreliable 0 1 3Full Scatter, Tearing 3 4 Full Accurate, Reliable 0 9 Full 0 14 Full 0 1 Full Scatter 0 12 Full Inaccurate, Unreliable 0 7 0 6 2Full Reliable 0 6 3Full Scatter 0 20(x3) Full (each) 0 4 2Full Scatter 0 6 Full 2 5 2Full 0 18 Full 2 7 Full Unreliable 0 5(x2) 2Full 0 15 Full 0 0 0 0 0 5 4 0 0 3 3 3 0 0 3 0 0 7 0 2 6 0 12 24 15 1 40 200 20 9 12 Full 2Full Full Full Full 2Full 2Full Half Full Reliable Scatter Reliable, Scatter Scatter, Unreliable Primitive, Reliable, Tearing Reliable, Scatter

.5kg 1kg 5kg 10kg 1.3kg 1.7kg 3kg .7kg 2kg 3.5kg 6.5kg 5kg 3kg 2.3kg 3.5kg 2kg 8kg 6.5kg 7kg 2kg 1kg 3.5kg 60kg 55kg 1.5kg 2.5kg 4kg 35kg 35kg 3kg 1kg 21 3 2 4 4 1.5 80 12

400 10 80 2000 50 100 40 80 40 70 375 60 65 70 95 225 300 80 700 150 60 95 7000 1000 150 75 750

S/2/- 1d10+3I S/3/6 1d10+4I S/2/S/3/S/2/5 S/-/S/-/10 -/-/10 S/2/5 S/3/S/-/6 S/-/-/-/10 -/-/10 S/3/S/-/-/-/6 S/2/S/2/S/2/S/-/S/-/1d10+4I 2d10+4I 1d10+2I 1d10+4I 1d10+3I 3d10+5I 4d10+5I 1d10+3I 1d10+4I 1d10+4R 1d10+5I 1d10+5I 1d10+4I 1d10+4I 1d10+4I 1d10+3I 1d10+2I 1d10+3I 1d10+4I 1d10+2R

Tearing, Unreliable

5 2Full 200 40 6 1 200 6 8 8 6 1 2Full Full Full Full 2Full Full 2Full Full Full Full


Tearing Reliable, Scatter Storm Inaccurate, Unreliable Tearing, Toxic Accurate

-/-/10 3d10+6I S/2/- 2d10+3I

200 3Full 18 Full

Tearing Scatter, Reliable

30 5

Bolt WeaponsBolt Pistol Pistol Boltgun Basic Heavy Bolter Heavy Hive World Specific Angelus Basic Mauler Pistol Spitfire Pistol War Zone Specific Garm Pattern Pistol Scourge Boltgun Basic Holy Ordos Specific Sucristan Bolter Pistol Rogue Trader Specific Boltgun(Locke) Basic Bolt Pistol(Ceres) Pistol Storm Bolter(Mars) Basic Heavy Bolter(Solar) Heavy Ascension Specific Malleus Psycannon Heavy Storm Bolter (Ryza) Basic Into the Storm Specific 30m 90m 120m 100m 30m 20m 30m 90m 30m 90m 30m 90m 120m 120m 90m S/2/- 1d10+5X S/2/- 1d10+5X -/-/10 2d10X S/-/S/3/S/-/S/2/S/2/S/2/S/2/4 S/2/S/2/4 -/-/10 2d10X 1d10+5X 1d10+3X 1d10+5X 1d10+5X 1d10+6R 1d10+5X 1d10+5X 1d10+5X 2d10+2X 4 4 5 5 4 0 4 4 4 4 4 4 5 5 4 8 Full 24 Full 60 2Full 3 3Full 6 Full 3 Full 8 Full 24 Full 6 Full 24 8 60 60 Full Full Full Full Tearing Tearing Tearing Accurate, Tearing Reliable, Tearing Tearing, Unreliable Tearing Reliable, Tearing Tearing Tearing Tearing Storm, Tearing Tearing Tearing, Reliable, Sanctified Storm, Tearing 3.5kg 7kg 40kg 11kg 2.75kg 3kg 4.5kg 10kg 3.3kg 7kg 3.5kg 9kg 40kg 20kg 9kg 250 500 2000 2000 375 75 350 650 380

S/-/5 2d10+5X S/2/4 1d10+5X

40 3Full 60 Full

Bolter Cane Solo Boltgun Astartes Specific Astartes Bolt Pistol Bolter (Godwyn) Boltgun (Stalker) Combi-Weapon Heavy Bolter Storm Bolter Skapulan Bolter

Pistol Basic Pistol Basic Basic Basic Heavy Basic Basic

30m 100m 30m 100m 200m 100m 150m 100m 120m

S/-/S/-/S/3/S/2/4 S/-/S/2/4 -/-/10 S/2/4 S/2/4

1d10+5X 1d10+5X 2d10+5X 2d10+5X 2d10+5X 2d10+5X 2d10+10X 2d10+5X 2d10+9X

4 4 5 5 5 5 6 5 7

1 2Full 8 Full 14 28 24 28 60 60 28 Full Full Full Full Full 2Full Full

Tearing Accurate, Tearing, Reliable Tearing Tearing Tearing Tearing Tearing Storm, Tearing Accurate, Tearing, Special

3kg 7kg 5.5kg 18kg 17kg 25kg 68kg 26kg 16kg 5 5 15 15 20 20 75

Melta WeaponsInferno Pistol Pistol 10m S/-/- 2d10+4E Meltagun Basic 20m S/-/- 2d10+4E Hive World Specific Melta-Cutter Basic 10m S/-/- 2d10+4E War Zone Specific Multi-Melta Heavy 60m S/-/- 4d10+12E Ultimo Basic 40m S/-/- 2d10+2E Thermal Lance Heavy 10m S/-/- 2d10+4E Rogue Trader Specific Inferno Pistol(Mars) Pistol 10m S/-/- 2d10+8E Meltagun(Mars) Basic 20m S/-/- 2d10+8E Meltagun(Mezoa) Basic 20m S/-/- 2d10+8E Thermal Lance(Mars) Heavy 10m S/-/- 2d10+10E Multi-Melta(Mars) Heavy 60m S/3/- 4d10+5E Ascension Specific Hellax Infernus Pistol 10m S/-/- 2d10+6E Into the Storm Specific Beamer Meltagun Basic 40m S/-/- 2d10+6E Astartes Specific Do an extra d10 damage at short range. Infernus Pistol Pistol 10m S/-/- 2d10+8E Meltagun (Vulkan) Basic 20m S/-/- 2d10+8E Multi-Melta (Maxima)Heavy 60m S/-/- 4d10+6E 12 12 10 12 8 12 13 13 13 12 13 14 12 13 13 13 3 Full 5 2Full 5 3Full 10 2Full 5 2Full 2 2Full 3 5 10 2 10 Full 2Full 3Full 2Full 2Full Blast(1) 2.5kg 8kg 30kg 55kg 10kg 14kg 2.5kg 7.5kg 8.5kg 40kg 40kg 2kg 9kg 5kg 14kg 72kg 35 20 35 7500 4000 600 8500 2500 3000

Accurate Blast(1) Sanctified

5 2Full 6 2Full 4 Full 6 2Full 12 2Full

Blast (1)

Plasma WeaponPlasma Pistol Pistol Plasma Gun Basic Forge World Specific Kronos Pistol Maximal War Zone Specific Plasma Blaster Basic Plasma Cannon Heavy Maximal Mark III Sunfury Basic Rogue Trader Specific Plasma Pistol(Ryza) Pistol Plasma Gun(Mezoa) Basic Plasma Cannon(Ryza) Heavy Ascension Specific Plasma Pistol (Ryza) Pistol Plasma Gun (Ryza) Basic Into the Storm Specific Clovis Plasma Gun Basic Maximal Wrath Plasma Pistol Pistol Astartes Specific Plasma Cannon Heavy Maximal Plasma Gun (Ragefire)Basic Maximal Plasma Pistol Pistol Maximal Deathroar Pistol Maximal 30m 90m 30m 40m 60m 120m 80m 30m 90m 120m 30m 90m 60m 70m 40m 150m 160m 100m 110m 30m 40m 40m 50m S/-/S/2/S/-/1d10+6E 1d10+6E 1d10+6E 1d10+10E 2d10+6E 2d10+10E 4d10+10E 1d10+10E 1d10+6E 1d10+7E 2d10+10E 1d10+6E 1d10+7E 6 6 6 6 6 8 8 6 6 6 8 6 7 6 8 6 10 12 8 10 8 10 10 12 10 4Full 20 8Full 10 4Full Recharge, Overheats Recharge, Overheats Overheats, Recharge 4kg 11kg 4kg 4000 3000 5000


6 2Full 16 5Full 10 2Full 10 3Full 40 5Full 16 5Full 10 3Full 40 5Full 40 5Full 10.3 8 3Full 16 5.33 40 13.33 12 4 10 3.33 5Full 4Full 3Full 3Full

Overheats, Recharge, Unreliable 20kg Overheats, Recharge, Unreliable 38kg Blast(3)(in addition) Overheats, Recharge 12kg Overheat Overheat Blast(1), Overheat, Unreliable Overheats Overheats Overheats Overheats, Recharge Overheats, Accurate 4 18 40 4 9 20 5

7500 8500 3000

S/3/5 1d10+5E S/3/- 2d10+5E S/-/- 1d10+8E S/-/S/2/S/2/S/-/2d10+11E 3d10+11E 1d10+9E 2d10+9E 1d10+8E 2d10+8E 2d10+13E 3d10+13E

Blast (1), Volatile 70kg Blast (3), Volatile, Recharge, Overheats Volatile 27kg Volatile, Recharge, Overheats Volatile 6kg Volatile, Recharge, Overheats Blast (1), Felling (1), Volatile 7kg Blast (3), Felling (1), Volatile, Recharge

30 20 25 70

Flame WeaponsHand Flamer Pistol 10m S/-/- 1d10+4E 2 Flamer Basic 20m S/-/- 1d10+4E 3 Hive World Specific Destroyer Pistol 15m S/-/- 1d10+5E 2 Gas Torch Basic 5m S/-/- 1d10+1E 2 Tox Spray Basic 10m S/-/- 1d10E 0 The Void Specific Burst Basic 5m S/-/- 1d5E 0 Stingray Basic 15m S/-/- 1d10+3E 2 War Zone Specific Heavy Flamer Heavy 30m S/-/- 2d10+4E 4 Voss Pattern Basic 20m S/-/- 1d10+5E 2 Rogue Trader Specific Hand Flamer(Mezoa) Pistol 10m S/-/- 1d10+4E 2 Flamer(Mezoa) Basic 20m S/-/- 1d10+4E 2 Heavy Flamer(Locke) Heavy 30m S/-/- 2d10+4E 4 Into the Storm Specific Assault Flamer Basic 10m S/-/- 1d10+4E 1 Astartes Specific Flames from an Astartes Flamer to 4 additional damage. Flamer Basic 20m S/-/- 2d10+2E 3 Hand Flamer Pistol 10m S/-/- 2d10+2E 3 Heavy Flamer Heavy 30m S/-/- 2d10+6E 6 2 2Full 3 2Full 5 2Full 5 2Full 3 3Full 1 2Full 4 Full 10 2Full 3 2Full 2 2Full 6 2Full 10 2Full 12 3Full 6 2Full 4 2Full 10 2Full Flame Flame Flame Flame Flame, Toxic Flame, Primitive Flame Flame Flame, Toxic Flame Flame Flame Flame Flame Flame Flame 15kg 6kg 65kg 3.5kg 6kg 2.1kg 20kg 6kg 3kg 3kg 45kg 6kg 3.5kg 6kg 20kg 6 10 10 15 200 300 750 150 200 50 100 1000 400

Primitive WeaponsBolas Thrown Hand Bow Pistol Flintlock Pistol Pistol Musket Basic Bow Basic Sling Basic Crossbow Basic Feral and Feudal World Specific Iocanthos Blunderbuss asic B Composite Bow Basic Deuce Pistol Pistol Fedrid Rasor Disk Exotic Flick Bow Pistol Heavy Crossbow Basic Javelin Thrown Longbow Basic Siskan Musket Basic Vibe Spear Thrown Volonx Bone Bolas Thrown Volonx Thunderclap Exotic Hive World Specific Drive Nailer Basic Impaler Heavy Scrap Cannon Heavy Shadow Gear Specific Haywire Rifle Basic Into the Storm Specific Blunderbuss Basic Hunting Quoit Thrown Javelin Thrown 10m 15m 15m 30m 30m 15m 30m 10m 40m 15m 10m 15m 80m 18m 50m 40m 10m 8m 9m 5m 30m 15m 10m 30m 10m 10m S/-/S/-/S/-/S/-/S/-/S/-/S/-/S/-/S/-/S/2/S/-/S/-/S/-/S/-/S/-/S/-/S/-/S/-/S/-/-/3/S/-/S/-/1/-/S/-/S/-/S/-/1d10R 1d10+2I 1d10+2I 1d10R 1d10-2I 1d10R 1d10+1I 1d10+2R 1d10+2I 1d10R+SB 1d10R 1d10+4R 1d10R+SB 1d10+2R 1d10+3I 1d10+2+SB 1d5I 1d5+3X 1d10+1R 1d10+5I 1d10+3R 1d10+3I 1d0+2I 1d10R 1d10R 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 0 2 1 2 0 1 0 0 4 2 0 2 0 0 0 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Full 3Full 5Full Half Full 2Full 5Full Half 3Full Full 4Full Half 5Full Primitive, Snare, Inaccurate 1.5kg Primitive 1kg Primitive, Unreliable, Inaccurate 4kg Primitive, Unreliable, Inaccurate 7kg Primitive, Reliable 2kg Primitive .5kg Primitive 3kg Inaccurate, Primitive, Scatter, U 4kg Accurate, Primitive 3kg Primitive, Unreliable 2kg Primitive .5kg Primitive, Special 1kg Primitive 5kg Primitive 1kg Primitive 3kg Primitive 8kg Primitive, Snare, Special 2kg Primitive, Snare, Toxic 2kg Blast(2), Inaccurate, Primitive, 1kg U Primitive Primitive, Unreliable Scatter, Unreliable 7kg 22kg 40kg 5kg Primitive, Unreliable, Inaccurate 4kg Primitive .5kg Primitive .5kg 10 200 10 30 10 10 10 35 50 40 50 30 75 8 20 60 14 12 45 50 100 150 400

15 3Full 1 2Full 1 3Full 6 Full 1 2Full 1 1

LaunchersGrenade Launcher Basic RPG Launcher Heavy Hive World Specific Gorge GL Basic War Zone Specific Disposable Launcher Heavy Rogue Trader Specific Grenade Launcher(Mez Basic Grenade Launcher(Vos asic B Missile Launcher(Locke eavy H 60m 120m 60m 250m 80m 60m 250m S/-/S/-/S/-/S/-/S/-/S/-/S/-/* * * * * * * * * * * * * * 6 Full 1 Full 1 2Full 1 Full 1 Half 6 Full 1 Full * * Reliable* * * *, Inaccurate * 9kg 15kg 8kg 35kg 10 12.5 12 500 1200 300 3000

Missile Launcher(Retobeavy H Into the Storm Specific Auto Launcher Heavy Bola Launcher Basic Disposable Launcher Heavy Hunter-Killer Missile Heavy Mole Mortar Heavy Mortar (Voss) Heavy Mortar (Locke) Heavy Astartes Specific Cyclone Launcher Mounted Missile Launcher (Soun eavy H Aux Grenade Launcher /a n *Depends on explosive loaded

200m 15m 20m 200m 350m 50-200m 50-300m 50-300m 300m 250m 45m


* * 1d10I 3d10+3X 3d10+6X 2d10+2X 2d10X* 2d10X* * * *

* * 0 4 6 2 3* 3* * * *

5 2Full 3 6 1 1 1 1 6 3Full Full N/A N/A Full Full 2Full


35 30 8.75 10 64 50 41 48 95kg 50kg +3kg 25 10 15

Primitive, Snare

Inaccurate, Shocking, Blast(4) Inaccurate, Blast (5) Inaccurate, Blast (5) * * *

12 3Full 8 Full 4 2Full

Grenades & Explosives

Frag Thrown SBx3 2d10X 0 Blast (4) 0.5 10 Krak Thrown SBx3 2d10+4X 6 0.5 50 Blind Thrown SBx3 0 Smoke 0.5 25 Photon Flash Thrown SBx3 Special(pg137) 0 0.5 60 Special(pg137) 0 0.5 40 Hallucinogen Thrown SBx3 Fire Bomb Thrown SBx3 1d10+3E 6 Blast(3) 0.5 5 Hive World Specific Choke Gas Thrown SBx3 Special 0 1 Blast(1d10+3) .5kg 40 Nail Bomb Thrown SBx3 1d10+1X 0 1 Blast(2), Unreliable 1kg 20 The Void Specific Bilge Grenade Thrown SBx3 2d10X 0 Blast(4), Unreliable, Toxic .5kg 20 War Zone Specific Frag Missile 2d10X 4 Blast(6) .5kg 75 Inferno/Thermal Thrown SBx3m S/-/- 1d10+3E 6 1 Blast(2) .6kg 60 Krak Missile 3d10+10X 10 Blast(1) 1.5kg 150 Mark III FG Thrown SBx3m S/-/- 2d10X 0 1 Blast(5) .8kg 10 Stun Thrown SBx3m S/-/- special 0 1 Blast(3) .2kg 40 War Zone Specific Det-Cord and Tape 1d5X per kg, radius is kgx2 in meters 20 1kg Fyceline 1d10+5X per kg, radius is kgx5 in meters 70 1kg Limper Mine 4d10X in one meter, Pen 8 55 3kg Melta Bomb 6d10E in 2 meters, Pen 12, ag test or catch fire 100 4kg Promethium 2d10E per kg, radius is kgx4, ag test or catch on fire 60 1kg Rogue Trader Specific Anti-Plant Thrown SBx3m S/-/- 3d10E* 0 Blast(3) .5kg Filament Thrown SBx3m S/-/- 4d10+4R 6 Blast(1), Tearing .5kg Plasma Thrown SBx3m S/-/- 1d10+6 6 Blast(1) 4kg Smoke Thrown SBx3m S/-/0 Smoke** .5kg Virus Thrown SBx3m S/-/- 3d10I 0 Toxic*** .5kg *Only effects flora **Only interferes with visual sight ***If causes damage, each round after the first choose a random target in d5m and roll new hit and damage, stops when no one is hurt or after 10 round Xenos Tech Specific Ork Pulsa Mine Placed 1d10E Blast 10, Unstable 20kg 2000 Into the Storm Specific Bloodfire Thrown SBx3m S/-/- Special 0 .5kg Choke Gas Thrown SBx3m S/-/- Special 0 .5kg Haywire Thrown SBx3m S/-/- Special 0 Blast (2) .5kg Howler Thrown SBx3m S/-/- 3d10X 1 Blast (3), Shocking .5kg Inferno/Thermal Thrown SBx3m S/-/- 1d10+3E 6 Blast (2), Flame .5kg Kinetic Thrown SBx3m S/-/- Special 0 Blast (2) .5kg Minefield Round Lau/Mor * S/-/- 2d10X 1 Blast (1) 2kg Starflare Lau/Mor * S/-/- Special 0 1kg Scatter Round Lau/Mor * S/-/- 2d10X 0 Blast (4) 2kg Stunner Thrown SBx3m S/-/- Special 0 .5kg Tanglefoot Thrown SBx3m S/-/- Special 0 Blast (2), Snare .5kg Toxin Thrown SBx3m S/-/- Special 0 .5kg Astartes Specific Blind Grenade Thrown SBx3 S/-/- Special 0 Smoke 0.8kg 10 Frag Grenade Thrown SBx3 S/-/- 2d10X 0 Blast (5) 0.8kg 1 Frag Missile 2d10X 4 Blast(8), Devastating (1) 2kg 5 Incendiary Grenade Thrown SBx3 S/-/- 1d10+4E 0 Blast (3) 1kg 15 Incendiary Missile 1d10+3E 0 Blast (5) 2kg 15 Krak Thrown SBx3 S/-/- 3d10+4X 6 0.8kg 1 Krak Missile 4d10+6X 10 Blast(1) 2kg 5 Nova Grenade Thrown SBx3 S/-/- 1d10E 0 Blast (3) .8kg 15

Plasma Grenade Plasma Missile Stasis Grenade Stun EMP Grenade Photon Flash Vortex Grenade

Thrown Thrown Thrown Thrown Thrown Thrown

SBx3 SBx3 SBx3 SBx3 SBx3 SBx3


2d10+12E 2d10+12E Special Special Special Special Special

8 12 0 0 0 0 0

Blast (1), Special, Volatile Blast (3), Special, Volatile Blast(5) Haywire (3)

2kg 3kg 1kg 0.8kg .5kg .5kg 1kg

20 25 N/A 10 30 5 N/A

Exotic WeaponsNeedle Pistol Pistol Web Pistol Pistol Needle Rifle Basic Webber Basic Hive World Specific Aegis-Redback Heavy Galvian Needler Pistol Hypo Pistol Pistol Widower Pistol Forge World Specific Graviton Gun Exotic Rad-Cleanser Exotic Shock Blaster Exotic Shadow Gear Specific Snare Gun Basic Rogue Trader Specific Crux Beam Gun Basic Dartcaster Pistol Digi-laser Pistol Digi-melta Pistol Digi-needler Pistol Digi-flamer Pistol Graviton Gun Basic Kroot Rifle Basic (melee) melee Ork Shoota Basic Ork Slugga Pistol Shuriken Catapult Basic Shuriken Pistol Pistol Creatures Anathema Specific Eldar Shuriken Pistol Pistol Eldar Avenger Shurikenasic B Eldar Ranger Long Rifle asic B Enoulian Shard Pistol Pistol Enoulian Shard Rifle Basic Ork Slugga Pistol Ork Shoota Basic Ork Snazzgun Basic Dark Tech Specific Callophean Psy-Engine Basic Xenos Tech Specific Morgauth Burn CasterBasic Xenarch Death-Arc Basic Ascension Specific Digi-las Pistol Digital Explosive Thrown Purgatus Crossbow Basic Executor Pistol (Bolt) Pistol Executor Pistol (Needleistol P Exitus Pistol Pistol Exitus Rifle Basic ITS Imperial Exotic Specific Meritech Cannon Pistol Razorweb Launcher Heavy Rocketfire Gun Basic Sonic Rifle Basic Web Pistol Pistol Web Gun Basic Heavy Webber Heavy ITS Archaeotech Exotic Specific Assault Gauntlet Pistol Entropic Accelerator Basic 30m 30m 180m 50m 80m 30m 20m 35m 30m 30m 20m 30m 80m 30m 3m 3m 3m 3m 30m 110m 30m 60m 60m 30m 20m 80m 200m 20m 70m 20m 60m 100m 100m 20m 100m 3m SBx3 50m 30m 30m 30m 200m 15m 10m 80m 30m 30m 50m 70m 20m 40m S/-/S/-/S/-/S/-/S/-/S/3/S/-/S/-/S/-/S/-/S/2/1/-/2d10+5E 1d10R 1d10+3E 2d10+4E 1d10R 1d10+4E Special 1d10+5E 1d10R S/3/10 1d10+4I S/3/- 1d10+4I S/3/10 1d10+4R S/3/5 1d10+4R S/3/5 S/3/10 S/-/S/-/S/3/S/3/S/3/10 S/2/1d10+2R 1d10+4R 1d10+3E 1d10+1R 1d10+2R 1d10+4I 1d10+4I 2d10I or E S/3/S/-/S/-/S/-/S/-/S/-/S/-/S/2/1d10R 1d10R 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 4 6 1 6 1 4 7 3 1 Full Full 2Full Full 3Full Full 2Full Full Accurate, Toxic Snare Accurate, Toxic Blast(5), Snare Blast(6), Snare Toxic Accurate Blast(5) Blast(2), Recharge, Toxic Shock Snare Scatter Toxic Reliable Toxic Flame Blast(5) Balanced Inaccurate, Reliable Inaccurate, Reliable Reliable Reliable 1.5kg 3.5kg 2kg 8kg 17kg 1kg 1kg 2kg 5kg 26kg 3kg 3.5kg 4kg 2.5kg .5kg .5kg .5kg .5kg 5kg 6kg 4kg 2kg 2.5kg 1.2kg 5000 9500 8500 2000 5500 100 200 1500 41000 2750 2750 1250 1200 1000 1800 2000 950 1000 1000 3500 7000 650 100

1d10-1R 1d5+2R 1d10+3R Special 2d10+2E 1d10+2E

7 4 0 6 0 7 12 0 2 1 0 0 0 6 4 4 6 2 0 0 0 0 1d10 0 9 0 5 5 2 5 3 9 9 4 5 4 2 0 0 0 2 3

3 2Full 20 7 Full 1 Full 25 1 1 1 1 1 3 6 30 18 100 40 40 100 40 20 40 18 30 20 4Full Full Full Full Full Full 2Full 2Full Full Full 2Full 2Full 2Full 2Full Full Full 2Full Full Full 2Full

Reliable 1.2kg Reliable, Tearing 2.5kg Accurate, Reliable 2kg Tearing 1kg Tearing 2kg Inaccurate, Unreliable 2kg Inaccurate, Unreliable 4kg Inaccurate, Overheats, Unreliab kg 7 15kg

See page191 R S/3/- 1d10+4E S/3/6 1d10+3E S/-/S/-/S/-/S/2/S/3/S/3/S/-/S/-/S/-/S/-/S/2/S/-/S/-/S/-/S/-/8 S/-/2d5+5E 3d10X 1d10+5I 2d10+4X 1d10+5R 2d10+2I 2d10+2I 2d10+4X 2d10+4R 1d10+5I 1d10+3X None None None 1d10+4I 3d10+4E

12 3Full 100 Full 1 1d5 Hours 5 16 16 5 10 6 1 6 8 1 1 3 2Full Full Full Full Full 3Full Full Full Full Full Full Full

Unstable Inaccurate, Shocking

4kg 10kg .1kg .1kg 6.5kg 5.5kg ^^^^^ 5kg 9kg .5kg 3kg 4kg 3.5kg 3.5kg 6kg 14kg 3kg 5kg

Blast (3) Reliable, Sanctified Tearing Toxic Accurate Accurate Blast (1) Blast (1), Tearing Tearing Tearing, Shocking Snare Snare, Blast (2) Snare, Blast (5)

24 4Full 1-

Recharge, Toxic

Lightning Cannon Basic Quill Blaster Basic ITS Archaeotech Exotic Specific Argonite Whistler Pistol Dragon's Breath Basic Eldar Blaster Basic Eldar Deathspinner Basic Eldar Lasblaster Basic Eldar Sunrifle Basic Pulse Pistol Pistol Pulse Rifle Basic Pulse Carbine Basic Larn Cutters Basic Splinter Pistol Pistol Splinter Rifle Basic Xenos Flechette Blaste Basic ITS Ork Specific Big Shoota Basic Burna Basic Deffgun Heavy Rokkit Launcher Basic Bomb Squig Thrown Sploding Squig Thrown Stikkbomb Thrown Stinkbomb Thrown ITS Kroot Specific Hunting Rifle Basic Krootbow Basic Astartes Specific Conversion Beamer Heavy Digital Flamer Pistol Digital Laser Pistol Digital Melta Pistol Sniper Rifle Basic

60m 50m 40m 30m 30m 40m 120m 90m 40m 150m 60m 20m 50m 80m 20m 80m 15m 90m 120m 3d10m SBx3m SBx3m SBx3m 150m 40m 100m 4m 4m 4m 200m

S/-/S/-/6 S/-/S/-/S/-/S/-/S/3/6 S/4/8 S/2/S/2/4 S/-/3 S/-/S/3/S/3/5 S/-/S/3/10 S/-/S/4/8 S/-/S/-/S/-/S/-/S/-/-

2d5+4E 1d10R 3d10E 2d10+2E 2d10+5E 4d10+5R 1d10+4E 1d10+6E 2d10+2E 2d10+3E 2d10+2E 4d10+6E 1d10+2R 1d10+2R 3d10R 1d10+6I 1d10+5E 1d10+10I 3d10+5X 4d10+5X 2d10R 2d10+5X Special

4 2 6 3 8 2 4 4 4 4 4 8 3 3 2 1 3 2 6 0 0 2 0 3 3 Varies 3 7 12 0

2 Full 50 2Full 8 20 24 30 90 60 16 36 24 4 120 200 40 40 8 50 1 2Full Full Full 2Full Full Full Half Half Full 3Full 2Full 2Full 2Full Full 2Full 2Full Half

Overheats, Shocking Tearing, Overheats Recharge Flame Reliable, Blast (2), Tearing Reliable, Blast (2), Tearing Reliable, Storm Gyro-Stabilised Gyro-Stabilised Gyro-Stabilised Tearing Toxic Toxic Tearing, Blast (2)

.5kg 5kg 2kg 4kg 1.2kg 4kg 3.5kg 4kg 3kg 8kg 6kg 10kg 1kg 2.5kg 2kg 6 8 45 15 5 1 1 1.5

Inaccurate, Unreliable Inaccurate, Unreliable, Flame Inaccurate, Unreliable, Unwield Inaccurate, Unreliable Accurate, Blast (1d5) Blast (2) Blast (1) Smoke Accurate Tearing, Toxic 4kg 6kg 85kg .1kg .1kg .1kg 4kg

S/-/- 1d10+5E S/4/8 1d10+3R S/-/S/-/S/-/S/-/S/-/Varies 2d10+2E 1d10+4E 2d10+5E 1d10R

8 Full 20 2Full 4 1 1 1 6 2Full Special Special Special 2Full

Flame Reliable Accurate, Felling (1), Toxic

40 35 35 35 20


Common Common Common Scarce Very Rare Common Very Rare Common Very Rare Scarce Average Scarce Very Rare Scarce Scarce Rare Rare Plentiful Average Rare Scarce Rare Very Rare Rare Near Unique Very Rare Rare Rare Very Rare Scarce Rare Rare Average Scarce Rare Respected

hotshot or overcharge gives overheat property, scarce on magnogorsk

Covert pistol, has to be recharged at a station Hotshot or overcharge gives overheat property scarce on magnogorsk ammo is attached to backpack of carapace armor, standard laspacks give 12 shots

use standard las charge packs, but consume 4 charges a shot use standard las charge packs, but consume 4 charges a shot

Bullpup design lasgun integral bayonet, wooden stock, spear in melee

uses 10kg backpack source, can use upgraded power pack uses 10kg backpack source, can use upgraded power pack -10 penalty to onehand instead of normal -20 Has a built in Targeter Has a built in Targeter Counts as Mono-Spear in Close Combat

Common Plentiful Plentiful Average Average Scarce Common Average Scarce Scarce Average Plentiful Rare Scarce Average Average Average Rare Rare Common Average

without sigil or cypher stamp considered unlucky -10 to hit unless Str bonus of 4 or more, uses exotic ammunition

Exotic, Primitive ammunition uses two shells at once, if only one shell loaded 1d10+4I

Rare Plentiful Scarce Very Rare Plentiful Scarce Scarce Common Plentiful Average Rare Plentiful Average Common Common Rare Average Scarce Scarce Rare Average Average Very Rare Scarce Rare Scarce Rare Average Scarce Scarce Average Average Common Ubiquitous Extremely Rare Rare Average Famed

-30 to searching for weapon parts when disassembled if jams, roll 1d10, result of 9 means gun explodes, hurting wielder takes three shells to reload

-10 to ballistic test if not fired with two hands Common on Volg, makes loud clang when out of ammo Has to be disassembled to be reloaded

3 mags and a fire selector cant fire the same action as autogun can be used as a basic club can use extended 30 round mag but cant be holstered and suffers -10 ballistic if not held two handed If Str Bonus of 4 or more, considered pistol, jams on 94-00 2 separate ammo canisters, has fire selector shotgun has built in red dot sight and sawbladed bayonet Doubles as club(1d10-2+SBI) common armament Must be braced or take -30 to BS can be basic club; special ammo (Rare, 30/clip); normal auto-rounds lose Tearing, Primitive -10 to hit if fired one-handed

6 rotating barrels that wear out easily

holy munition, tearing effect against sorcery or psy rating. More than 5 damage inflicted leave bolt imbedded, removed causes 1d5 dmg ignor

uses special ammunition, normal ammunition loses tearing ability -10 to hit unless fired with two hands or a recoil glove

Rare Very Rare Very Rare Very Rare Very Rare Scarce Rare Very Rare Rare

made to fire Astartes bolt shells, illegal can order custom made, doubles price and earns best quality for who it was made for Imitation bolter; on crit hit test agility or catch fire, jam results in damage to firer, test ag or catch fire, ammunition unstable if hit by fire, 65% Commissar's Pistol counts as an axe in close combat Str bonus of 4 or -10 to BS

Very Rare Rare Extremely Rare Used mostly by Astartes Very Rare Extremely Rare pg 139 for full details Extremely Rare Used mostly by Astartes

Very Rare Very Rare Only for additional Bolt Pistols. Starting one is free. Respected Respected Respected Hero Awareness tests to hear at -30 and can only be attempted at half normal distance. See Stalker Rounds For Primary Bolter. Secondary is S/-/- and Clip 1, all others based on weapon

Deathwatch Relic. Integrated Fire Selector, Targeter, and Master-Craft Combat Knife Melee Attachment. Any roll of 96-100 grants a Re-Roll.

Very Rare Rare Scarce Very Rare Very Rare Rare Very Rare Rare Rare Rare Very Rare Unique Very Rare Famed Respected Respected Absolute Range of 10m, has no bonus to short range; requires StrB 4 or lose -10 BS for each point of StrB below 4

can cut through bulkheads

Ignores all fields and bonuses granted by psychic powers. In addition if hit and survives, must pass a +0 WP test or reduce WP by 1d10. Counts

Very Rare Very Rare Very Rare on maximal setting, uses 3 shots, and 2 round recharge

Very Rare Very Rare exhausts fuel, hot as the sun Very Rare Very Rare Very Rare Very Rare Very Rare Very Rare Extremely Rare Extremely Rare Distinguished Respected Respected Hero Chapter Relic of the Dark Angels. Uses Ryza maximal: +1d10 damage, +10m range, +2 pen, +2 to blast if it has it; uses 3 shots, must recharge Uses Ryza maximal: +1d10 damage, +10m range, +2 pen, +2 to blast if it has it; uses 3 shots, must recharge

Rare Scarce Very Rare Very Rare Rare Scarce Average Rare Very Rare Rare Scarce Rare Scarce Uses a 45 degree arc instead of a 30

Wounding Hit to back of body, 50% of fuel explosion blast(4), 2d10E, wearer damage rolls twice and catches fire Jam means fuel ruptures, weapon damage to blast(2), wearer rolls damage twice

Things cannot catch fire, sends microwaves needs two men to operate, one carrys gun, the other fuel

Average Rare Common Common Common Plentiful Common Rare Uncommon Common Average Scarce Rare Plentiful Average Scarce Uncommon Rare Very Rare Common Scarce Very Rare Very Rare Plentiful Common Common

normally is folded for concealment, need half action to lock bow to firing position

toughness test or suffer one fatigue; Medicae to remove spear, failure deals 1d5 direct damage if thrown and misses, come back to user, ag test, failure by more than 3 degrees means explosive mishap, pg137

Str Bonus of 4 to reload or use Successful hit must test for pinning, underhive has average availability, anything can be ammo doubled Pen vs machine,

Scarce Rare Average Scarce Scarce Scarce Scarce fires missiles only

Rare Very Rare Scarce Rare Very Rare Extremely Rare Rare Rare Famed Respected

Common Rare Scarce Scarce Rare Plentiful Scarce Average Common Average Rare Average Scarce Scarce Common Average Scarce Rare Scarce Very Rare Extremely Rare Very Rare Common Extremely Rare Ignores armor unless Sealed (Stormtrooper, Power) or at least Machine 3

each turn in the gas test toughness, fail loses one fatigue. Lasts for time in gas plus 1d10 rounds, fail by 4 or more degrees reduce toughness b

toughness test or become stunned for 1d5 rounds, photo-visors and sealed armor provide +20 test

Very Rare

re-detonates every 1d10 rounds, 10 percent chance of shutting off, for unstable roll, a 1 permanently halves damage, if hit, ag test or be knoc

Rare Anyone within 10m must take a -10 Toughness test or suffer 1d10+3 Toxic bypassing armour and toughnesss. Respirators and sealed armor gi Rare Anyone within 10m must take a +10 Toughness Test or suffer Fatigue for each DoF. 5 DoF or more and you begin suffocating. Near Unique All electronics in blast radius cease function for 1d5 rounds. If directly on vehicle, suffers a critical hit as if RF and adds 1. May only be thrown. Scarce Emits sound for 1d5 Rounds. Anyone in 10m is deafened and must pass a +0 Toughness Test or be Stunned while active. Rare Extremely Rare If caught in blast, take 1d10 Impact and +0 Strength Test. If failed, victim is knocked prone. Rare Does not explode on impact, instead creates landmine. Scarce Illuminate area like a large flare. Very Rare Rare Anyone within 10m must take +10 Toughness Test or be stunned for rounds equal to DoF. Respirators and sealed armor provide +20. Extremely Rare Rare Anyone within 10m must take a -10 Toughness Test or suffer 2d10+4 Toxic Damage bypassing armor and Toughness. Respirators and sealed a

Req cost only for 'excessive' amounts. Req cost only for 'excessive' amounts. Must make Ag save or be lit on fire. Area remains on fire for 1d5 rounds. Must make Ag save or be lit on fire. Area remains on fire for 1d5 rounds. Req cost only for 'excessive' amounts Req cost only for 'excessive' amounts Must make -30 Toughness Save or be blinded for 1d10 Rounds. Photo-visors and the like reduce it to -10. If in 20m, acts like normal flash gren

Distinguished Continues doing damage in Blast Radius for 1d5 Rounds. Distinguished As Plasma Grenade. If it hits a vehicle with 4 or more DoS, the Blast radius becomes centralized with the vehicle instead of the impact location N/A May not be Req'd, only issued. Radius of 2 meters, holds target in stasis for 1d5 Rounds (secret). Toughness test or become stunned for 1d10 rounds, photo-visors and sealed armor provide +20 test, input filters make one immune Respected If within 15m, Toughness Save or be Blinded for 1d5 rounds. Eye protection will make you immune. N/A May not be Req'd, only issued. Radius of 3m. May spend reaction to dodge before rift opens. Anything else is lost to the warp forever. Each ro

Very Rare Rare Very Rare Rare Rare Very Rare Scarce Rare Very Rare Very Rare Rare Scarce

+300 to mount on forearm with palm trigger, gains concealed property On hit, roll damage. Max capable inflicted is one. -20 toughness test or fall comatose for 1d10x3minutes. Fail by 3 or more degrees means 1d5 subsonic and has no flash, can have explosive or poisoned darts, attachable stock and extendable barrel to turn it basic with range 150m and w

victims take -30 toughness test or be knocked down, causes 1d5I (primitive) on the body, attempting to move 2d5 rounds after the blast must The toxic quality represents the massive radiation poisoning and should treated as such use standard las pistol packs

opposed str or ag vs firers str to break free

Near Unique Rare Can coat darts with special poison, mimic hallucinogenic, holy ammunition and others Extremely Rare size of a ring, one for each finger, can be fired even if holding something Extremely Rare size of a ring, one for each finger, can be fired even if holding something Extremely Rare size of a ring, one for each finger, can be fired even if holding something Extremely Rare size of a ring, one for each finger, can be fired even if holding something Near Unique if hit, -30 str or be knocked down, 1d5I (primitive), moving in zone for 2d5 rounds calls str test to beat str60, can break environment Extremely Rare Scarce Scarce Very Rare Very Rare Very Rare Very Rare Very Rare Very Rare Very Rare Scarce Scarce Rare Very Rare Very Rare Very Rare doubles as club doubles as club

munition is very rare at 500 thrones a clip when used with aim, pen doubles, full action aim gives 6 pen

Common if by black market Common if by black market scarce if by black market, if used with bionics or targeting equip, loses inaccurate instead of gaining bonuses

This weapon fires the controlled might of 4 psyker brains, psyprotected guy fires, expendable guy holds the brain frame. Extended exposure c Scarce on Calixis Trailing border, special ammo any additional shots that strike are combined into single damage roll

Extremely Rare Extremely Rare Very Rare Removing stake without proper care takes Full action and deals 1d5+1 damage no soak; Daemonit Trait creatures must make Instability tests a Near Unique Near Unique Near Unique Near Unique Unique Extremely Rare Very Rare Rare Rare Rare Rare Very Rare Near Unique

Near Unique Near Unique

Gains +2 damage and Pen per half turn aiming, up to a maximum of +4.

Near Unique Unique Unique Unique Near Unique Unique Very Rare Very Rare Very Rare Has a grenade launcher, counts as Mezoa Pattern Near Unique Extremely Rare Counts as Mono-Knife in Melee Extremely Rare Counts as Mono-Spear in Melee Very Rare

Rare/Average Very Rare/Scarce reconfigure with tech-use to count as burning blade with unwieldy requiring 2 hands. May Extremely Rare/Rare Very Rare/Scarce Extremely Rare/ May be fitted with different explosives. May use wrangling instead of thrown weapons training. If too short a distance to target, explodes befo Extremely Rare/ Wrangling check to feed metal for +3 Pen Scarce/Common ay be used as a club, counting as truncheon. Explodes on a 91 or higher. M Rare/Average Anyone in 10m must take -20 Toughness Test or be overwhelmed by stench for 1d5 rounds. Respirators and sealed armor get +20 to test. Eve Extremely Rare Near Unique Hero Famed Famed Famed Only Tech-Marines may Req. Page 153 DW for details. The size of a ring. May be worn with armor. Reloading requires 1d5 hours and a Tech-Use Check. Flames do 4 additional damage. The size of a ring. May be worn with armor. Reloading requires 1d5 hours and a Tech-Use Check. The size of a ring. May be worn with armor. Reloading requires 1d5 hours and a Tech-Use Check.


Melee WeaponsWeapons marked with * require two hands to use




Dam 1d10+1I 1d5-1I 1d10I 1d10+2I 2d10R 1d10+1I 1d10-2I 1d5R 1d5R 1d5I 1d10R 1d10R 1d10I 1d10+1R 1d5-2I 1d10+1I 1d10R 1d10I 1d10+2R 1d5-1I 1d10R 1d5+1R 1d10R 1d10+2R 1d10R 2d10I 1d5-1R 1d5+2I 1d5+1I 2d5R 1d5R 1d5+1R 1d10I 1d5+1R 1d5R 1d5I 1d10+3X 1d10+1R 1d5+1R 1d10I 1d5+2I 1d10-1R 1d5+3R 1d5I 1d5+1R 1d10R 1d10-1R 1d10I 1d10+2I 1d5R 1d5I 1d5+3R 1d10+2I 1d5-1I 1d5R 1d10R

Pen 0 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 2 0 0 2 0 0 2 3 2 0 0 2 3 2 0 0 3 0 2 2 1 0 0 0

Special Primitive, Unbalanced Primitive Primitive Flexible, Primitive Primitive,Unwieldy Primitive, Unbalanced Primitive, Unbalanced Primitive Primitive Defensive, Primitive Primitive Balanced, Primitive Balanced, Primitive

Wt 4kg .5kg 2kg 4kg 7kg 4kg .5kg .5kg 3kg 3kg 3kg 3kg

Cost 20 5 5 20 70 10 5 5 25 15 15 10 50 30 30 10 28 70 60 25 4 15 12 45 100 25 60 40 50 55 150 50 50 85 35 30 130 200 60 75 12

Availability Average Plentiful Abundant Scarce Scarce Common Abundant Plentiful Average Common Common Plentiful

Primitive WeaponsAxe Melee Brass Knuckles Melee Club Melee Flail* Melee Great Weapon* Melee Hammer Melee Improvised Melee Knife Melee,Thrown3m Throwing Star/Knife Thrown 5m Shield Melee Spear* Melee,Thrown10m Sword Melee Staff* Melee Feral and Feudal World Specific Bastard Sword Melee Buckler Melee Chain-Stick Exotic Cutlass Melee Double Flail* Exotic Long-Sabre* Melee Mirror Shield Melee Moon Blade Melee, Thrown 5m Punch Dagger Melee Sabre Melee Scythe* Melee Spetum* Melee Steam Drill* Melee Stiletto Melee Tower Shield(metal) Melee Tower Shield(wood) Melee Hive World Specific Bolo Knife Melee Devil's Kiss Melee Emperor's Whisper Melee, Thrown 5m Punisher Baton Melee Render Melee Sigilite Melee The Void Specific Armoured Gauntlet Melee Boarding Pike* Melee Chimera Pistol Sword Melee Melee, Thrown 5m Kraken Tooth Dagger Man-Catcher Melee Naval Shield Melee Short Sword Melee War Zone Specific Combat Knife Melee Guard Shield Melee Trophy Knife Melee Shadow Gear Garrote Melee Sieve Blade Melee Rogue Trader Specific Truncheon Melee Warhammer Melee Ascension Specific Kineblades Melee WPBx5m Into the Storm Specific Combat Shield Melee Falchion Melee Lacusta Hammer* Melee Memory Wire Melee 2m Parrying Dagger Melee Swordstick Cane Melee Astartes Specific

Primitive 5kg Balanced, Primitive 1kg Fast, Primitive, Toxic 1kg Primitive, Unbalanced 3kg Flexible, Primitive 4kg Balanced, Primitive 3kg Defensive, Primitive 3kg Fast, Primitive, Unwieldy 3kg Primitive .5kg Balanced, Primitive 2kg Primitive, Unwieldy 5kg Primitive, Unbalanced 6kg Primitive, Unbalanced, Unwie 18kg Fast, Primitive .2kg Defensive, Primitive 7kg Defensive, Primitive 5kg 2kg .3kg .5kg 3kg 1.2kg .75kg .5kg 4kg 3.5kg .4kg 8kg 9kg 1.5kg .8kg 3.5kg .3kg .5kg .5kg 2kg 4.5kg .5kg Primitive, Defense Primitive, Defense Primitive Primitive Defensive, Primitive Balanced, Primitive 1kg 2kg 5kg 1kg .5kg 2kg

Average Common Scarce Common Scarce Very Rare Rare Rare Plentiful Common Uncommon Rare Very Rare Uncommon Rare Uncommon Rare Rare Very Rare Average Rare Rare Common Common Scarce Rare Scarce Average Common

Fast, Primitive Balanced Primitive, Tearing Defensive Primitive Primitive Primitive Primitive Primitive, Snare, Unwieldy Defensive, Primitive Primitive

0 Primitive 0 Defensive, Primitive 1 Balanced, Primitive 0 Flexible, Primitive 0 Primitive 0 Primitive 1 Primitive 2 0 0 0 0 0 0

40 Average 100 Scarce 700 Very Rare 200 Scarce 75 Scarce Plentiful Scarce Very Rare Common Average Average Rare Average Scarce

Page 1

MeleeCombat Knife Melee Ceremonial Sword Melee Sacris Claymore* Melee Combat Shield Melee Storm Shield Melee Sword of the Remorseless Cru elee M 1d10+2R 1d10+3R 2d10+2R 1d5+1I 1d10I 1d10+8R 2 2 2 0 0 6 Balanced Unbalanced Balanced Defensive Sanctified 2kg 5kg 10kg 3kg 10kg N/A 3 3 3 20 Distinguished 35 Distinguished N/A


Chain WeaponsChainsword Chain Axe Hive World Specific Chain Knife Holy Ordos Specific Eviscerator* Into the Storm Specific Crimson Crown Double-Edged Chainsword* Drusian Chainsword Astartes Specific Chainsword Melee Melee Melee Melee Thrown Melee Melee Melee SBx4 1d10+2R 1d10+4R 1d5+3R 1d10+10R 1d10+2R 1d10+5R 1d10+2R 1d10+3R 2 Balanced,Tearing 2 Tearing 2 Tearing 5 Special, Tearing, Unwieldy 2 Tearing 2 Tearing 2 Tearing, Balanced 4 Balanced, Tearing 6kg 13kg 2.5kg 12kg .5kg 12kg 7kg 10kg 5 275 Rare 450 Very Rare 80 Scarce 750 Scarce Very Rare Average Average

Power Weapons

Power Blade Melee 1d10+3E 6 Power Field 1.5kg 1750 Very Rare Power Sword Melee 1d10+5E 6 Balanced, Power Field 3.5kg 2500 Very Rare Hive World Specific Serpintine Melee 1d10+2E 6 Fast, Power Field 1.5kg 2500 Very Rare Forge World Specific Energy Blade Melee 1d10+6E 7 Balanced, Power Field 1kg 5000 Very Rare Omnisian Axe Melee 2d5+5E 6 Power Field, Unwieldy 7kg War Zone Specific Power Fist Melee 2d10E 8 Power Field, Unwieldy 12kg 3100 Very Rare Power Longsword* Melee 1d10+6E 6 Power Field 4.5kg 3500 Very Rare Holy Ordos Specific Melee or Throw 10m 1d10+4E 6 Power Field, Special 5kg 2800 Very Rare Witch Lance Rogue Trader Specific Omnissian Axe(Sollex) Melee 2d10+4E 6 Power Field, Unbalanced 8kg Extremely Rare Power Axe(Mezoa) Melee 1d10+7E 7 Power Field, Unbalanced 6kg Very Rare Power Fist(Mezoa) Melee 2d10E 9 Power Field, Unwieldy 13kg Very Rare Power Maul(High) Melee 1d10+5E 4 Power Field, Shocking 3.5kg Very Rare Power Maul(Low) Melee 1d10+1E 2 Shocking Power Sword(Mordian) Melee 1d10+5E 5 Power Field, Balanced 3kg Very Rare Ascension Specific Arbites Ultima-Pattern Power Melee 1d10I 0 Shocking 3kg Rare Arbites Ultima-Pattern Power Melee 1d10+5I 5 Power Field 3kg Rare Daemonhammer Melee 2d10+1I 8 Power Field, Sanctified, Unwie 5kg Extremely Rare Power Stake Melee 1d10+7E 5 Power Field, Unbalanced, San 1kg Very Rare Into the Storm Specific Burning Blade Melee 1d10+5E 4 Power Field, Balanced 3kg Extremely Rare Loi Pattern Power Axe* Melee 1d10+7E 9 Power Field, Unbalanced 9kg Extremely Rare Power Discus Thrown SBx4 1d10+4E 5 Power Field .2kg Extremely Rare Thunder Hammer* Melee 2d10+4E 10 Power Field Unwieldy 15kg Very Rare Astartes Specific Fist weapons impose -20 to all tasks involving manual dexterity and make it impossible to wield a ranged weapon in that hand. Chainfist Melee 2d10E 10 Power Field, Tearing 48kg 40 Famed Lightning Claw Melee 1d10+6E 8 Power Field, Special, Tearing30kg 30 or 45 Distinguished Power Axe Melee 1d10+8E 6 Power Field, Unbalanced 10kg 20 Respected Power Fist Melee 2d10E 9 Power Field, Unwieldy 25kg 30 Distinguished Power Sword Melee 1d10+6E 6 Balanced, Power Field 5kg 20 Respected Thunder Hammer Melee 2d10+5E 8 Power Field, Concussive, Unw 18kg 30 Distinguished Omnissian Axe (Astartes) Melee 2d10+6E 6 Power Field, Unbalanced 14kg 30 Distinguished Frost Blade Melee 1d10+11E 9 Balanced, Power Field, Tearin 10kg 60 Hero Deathwatch Relic Blade* Melee 2d10+7E 9 Power Field, Special 25kg 50 Hero

Shock WeaponsShock Maul Melee Electro-Flail Melee Feral and Feudal World Specific 1d10I 1d10+2I 0 Shocking 0 Flexible, Shocking 2.5kg 4.5kg 150 Scarce 375 Rare

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MeleeLightning Gauntlet Lightning Chain* The Void Specific Neural Whip Officer's Cutlass Shock-Staff Shadow Gear Shock Gauntlets Rogue Trader Specific Officer's Cutlass Shock Glove Shock-Staff Ascension Specific Suppresion Shield Into the Storm Specific Shock Knuckles Neural Whip Shock Stars Suppresion Shield Exotic Exotic Melee Melee Melee Melee Melee Melee Melee Melee Melee Melee Thrown Melee 3m 1d10I 1d10+1I 1d10+1E 1d10R 1d5+1I 1d5E 1d10R 1d10I 1d5+3I 1d10 I 1d10I 1d10+1R 1d10I 1d10E 0 Primitive, Shocking 2kg 0 Flexible, Primitive, Shocking 4kg 0 Flexible, Shocking 0 Shocking 2 Shocking 0 Shocking 0 Shocking 0 Shocking 0 Shocking 4kg 3kg 2kg 1kg 3kg 1.5kg 2kg 80 Scarce 100 Very Rare 500 Rare 200 Scarce 100 Average 100 Scarce Scarce Rare Rare Rare Scarce Rare Rare Rare

5kg 0 Defensive, Recharge, Shocking 0 0 0 0 Shocking 1kg Flexible, Shocking 4kg Shocking .2kg Defensive, Recharge, Shocking 5kg

3m SBx3

Exotic WeaponsForge World Specific Breacher Vivisector The Void Specific Bulkhead Cutters Rogue Trader Specific Fractal Blade Ghost Sword Harlequin's Kiss Ork Choppa Anathema Specific Ork Choppa Enoulian Whisper Line Dark Tech Specific Apostatic Matrix Empyric Conduit Blade Xenos Tech Specific Aether Lance Draethri Pain Gauntlet Scythian Fury Talon Ascension Specific Neuro-Gauntlet Into the Storm Specific Agonizer Egerian Shard Glaive Eldar Powersword Forearm Powerblade Galthite Lacerator Inertial Hammer* Macro Hammer* Null Rod Soft Sword ITS Ork Specific Big Choppa* Grabba Stick Grotwhip Power Klaw Exotic Exotic Melee Melee Melee Melee Melee Melee Melee Melee Melee Melee Melee Melee Melee Melee Melee Melee Melee Melee Melee Melee Melee Melee Melee Melee Melee Melee 1d10+5R 1d5+5R 1d10+3R 1d10+1R 1d10+3E 1d10+8R 1d10+1R 1d10+1R 1d10+1R 1d10I 1d10R 2d5E 1d10+2R 1d5+3R 1d10R 1d10+3E 1d10+4R 1d10+4E 1d10+1E 1d10+6R 1d10+7I 1d10+7E 1d10+5E 1d10R 2d10R 1d5I 1d10+3R 2d10E 4 Special, Tearing, Unwieldy 0 Tearing, Unwieldy 6 Tearing, Unwieldy 7 6 10 2 Power Field, Balanced Power Field, Balanced Tearing Unbalanced 18kg 1.5kg 6kg 1kg 1kg 1kg 8kg 5kg .5kg 4kg 3kg 3.5kg 3kg 1kg 2.5kg 750 Scarce 650 Rare 75 Average

Extremely Rare Extremely Rare Extremely Rare Scarce 600 Scarce 4500 Very Rare 30000 Very Rare 45000 Very Rare 50000 Very Rare 1500 Very Rare 1000 Very Rare


2 Tearing, Unbalanced 4 Flexible, Tearing 0 Balanced, Shocking 2 Balanced 0 Unwieldy 0 Shocking 3 Toxic 8 Tearing, Toxic 6 2 8 4 6 3 10 4 2 2 0 0 10

Extremely Rare

Tearing, Shocking 8kg Tearing, Toxic 4kg Power Field, Balanced 2kg Power Field, Balanced, Defens 1.5kg Tearing 1kg Unwieldy 4kg Power Field 8kg Power Field 3kg Balanced 1.5kg Tearing, Unbalanced Snare Flexible, Tearing, Primitive Power Field, Tearing, Unwield 10 5 5 17

Very Rare Extremely Rare Near Unique Very Rare Near Unique Near Unique Extremely Rare Near Unique Rare

2m 3m

Rare/Average Rare/Average Rare/Average Near Unique/V

Force WeaponsHoly Ordos Specific Force Axe Force Staff* Force Sword Into the Storm Specific Force Axe Force Staff* Force Sword Melee Melee Melee Melee Melee Melee 1d10+3R 1d10I 1d10+1R 1d10+3R 1d10I 1d10+1R 2 Special, Unbalanced 0 Balanced, Special 2 Balanced, Special 3 Force, Unbalanced 2 Force 2 Balanced, Force 4.5kg 3kg 3.5kg 8kg 2kg 5kg 4000 Very Rare 3500 Very Rare 3500 Very Rare Near Unique Near Unique Near Unique

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MeleeAstartes Specific Force Staff* Force Sword Melee Melee 1d10+1I 1d10+2R 0 Balanced, Special, Force 2 Balanced, Special, Force 5kg 5kg

25 Respected 25 Respected

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Provides 2AP to body and arm wielding.

Covers arm and one other body part, 8 AP (primitive), or full 8 AP against Las

-10 AG; requires StrB 4 or lose -10 WS for each point of StrB below 4 6 AP (primitive) -2 AG bonus 8 AP (Primitive) -2 AG bonus Common on Malfi

after initial blast, acts as club also has 1 shot of iron talon

8AP as cover

all attacks count as called to head and take the necessary -20WS; subsequent attacks after success are made at +30 to hit (from base, not from -20), either in can add poison to weapon, expelled on first hit

Psyker adds WP bonus instead of Str bonus to damage inflicted with kineblades. Adds 3AP to wielding arm and body. Better models are two steps rarer, but lose primitive. Damage +2 if wielding while mounted Adds an additional +5 to WS when Parrying

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MeleeReq only for additional beyond Standard Issue Chapter Trapping for Dark Angels, Req only for additional beyond Standard Issue Chapter Trapping for Storm Wardens, Req only for additional beyond Standard Issue Acts as Field, Rating of 25 on arm. Acts as Field, Rating of 55 on arm and body. Additional -10 if used to hit, makes Guarded Attack only a Half Action. Part of Armor of the Remorseless Crusader

on 96-00 WS test ag or take dmg as if struck, include SB

str bonus does not apply, parry success by 2 degrees destroys opponents weapon, attack or parry failure by 5 degrees inflicts damage to wielder, consumes p +10 to interactions with machine cult followers, also a multitool, it is only given to the most worthy tech priests add SBx2

Righteous Fury deals 2d10E holy, sets on fire also functions as a combi-tool add SBx2

additional +5 bonus to parry

Add double Str Bonus

Target, on hit, must pass a +0 Agility Test or be set on fire

Add +1 to Unnatural Str. Multiplier. Requires Terminator Armor Do +2 Damage per DoS when equipped with a pair. Add +1 to Unnatural Str. Multiplier.

Only Reqable by Techmarines. Counts as combi-tool. Chapter Relic of the Space Wolves. Does +3 Critical Damage. Deathwatch Relic. Automatically destroys weapons without Power Field if parried. Cannot be parried effectively. 25% chance to destroy any other weapon ex

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special qualities to quality, pg153

Adds 4AP to the wielding arm and torso. While recharging, loses, shocking and gains primitive. May brace a basic weapon to fire with one hand.

Righteous Fury is 2d10; requires StrB 5 or lose -10 WS for each point of StrB below 5 +10 to interrigation and intimidation, +10 mediae to repair servitors and do autopsies, +500 thrones to add injector rig to give toxic quality

must use frequently to stay sharp additional +5 bonus to parry

Common if by black market, catch-all stat for ork meleeweapons need heavy gloves to use, like a lasso or garrote

each hit attacks victims soul, causing fear check, mental disorders deal with losing faith can discharge warp energies into victim, causing 1d10 energy, or 2d10+5 vs deamons, bypasses armor, causes 2d10 corruption and 2d10 insanity and give mi

-10 tp parry, ignores armor, toughness and psychic defences, do not add str bonus, daemonic or machine 5+ creatures immune to weapon, if hits hex wards d can use to interrogate, -20 forbidden lore(xenos), every degree of success gives 1 dmg each round that bypasses armor and toughness, every point of damag stores 5 doses of any drug or poison, each hit injects one dose pg 142 for more info

Grants an additional +10 to parry

When making an All-Out Attack, add 1d10+3 damage All psykers in 10m take a -30 Penalty. User gains +30 to resist psychic powers directly affecting. Can be disguised as clothing

Adds S Bonus again to damage.

counts as good craft with mono, for psykers every point of psy rating adds 1 dmg and pen counts as good craft with mono, for psykers every point of psy rating adds 1 dmg and pen counts as good craft with mono, for psykers every point of psy rating adds 1 dmg and pen

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MeleeCounts as Exception Psy-Foci, +15 to Invocation

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Upgrades & Ammo

Weapon Upgrades & AmmoName Description Wt Compact halves weight but halves clip size and reduce damage by 1; -20 to skill test to find weapon x.5kg Exterminator one shot flamer, attach to weapon with damage of at least 1d10 (no Pistols, no Flexible), lose Balanced +1kg Extra Grip One hand without -20 penalty, range halved (use two-handed for full range) x1/3kg Fire Selector select between three different ammunition types, switch at the beginning of turn +0.5kg Melee Attachment weapon with melee attachment counts as spear +2kg Mono no longer primitive, +2 penetration 0 Red-Dot Laser +10 to BS when fired on single shot +0.5kg Silencer awareness test to detect shot at -20 penaty. Attempt at half normal distance to detect +0.5kg Telescopic Sight ignore penalties for long and extreme range with full action to aim. +1kg Forge World Specific Lathe Blade loses Primitive, +2 Dmg, +3Pen, +10 WS, immune to Power Field, AP 25 if attacked, Best Quality War Zone Specific Aux GL Basic, 45m, S/-/-, Clip 1, Rld Full +2.5kg Duplus Ammo Clips halves reload time Forearm Weapon Mounting Can use pistol but keep a free hand, reduce range by 30% +1kg Targeter +10 BS +1.5kg Tripod and Bipods increases accuracy; bipod 90-degree arc (half action to brace), tri-pod 180-arc (full action) +2kg Holy Ordos Specific Sanctified Weapon any primitive or good quality chain, adds holy damage type, special against deamons and warp Shadow Gear Combi-Weapon combine two basic weapons, secondary weapon ammo halved, cost doubled Rogue Trader Specific Motion Predictor +10 to BS test, only works on semi or full auto burst +.5kg Photo-Scope no penalties due to darkness, +.5kg Preysense-scope no penalties due to darkness, +20 to vision perception tests at night +.5kg Omni-scope combines red dot, telescopic, and preysense scopes. +2kg Suspensors halves weight, user gains auto-stabilized trait, always counts as braced, semi and full auto as half action x1/2 Vox Operated fire, operate shot selector, switch firing modes by voice command +.5kg Ascension Specific Spoor Targeter Prevents firing on an ally. No penalty for firing into melee. Counts as a scope. Into the Storm Specific When weapon overheats, roll a d10. 4+ vent operates, overheat nullified. 3 or lower, take hit to body with full dam .5kg Calamity Vent Exterminator Cartridge May be equipped to a basic or pistol type weapon. Fired with half action, counts as hand flamer. 1kg Tox Dispenser May be equipped to any primitive or chain melee weapon. Free action to gain Toxic for one round. May use up to t75kg . ITS Ork Specific Bigga Barrel Adds 10m to weapon range. Any ranged Ork weapon. +2.5kg Bigga Klip Doubles clip size. Any ranged Ork weapon. x1.5 Kombi-Shoota Makes twin-linked or combi-weapons. Any ranged Ork wearpon. Varies Kustom Job Grants Customised quality. Any ranged Ork Weapon. 0kg Loudener Inflicts -10 to all Pinning Tests. Any Ork weapon capable of Suppressive Fire. +2kg More Shooty Adds +1 to Damage and Pen. Any Basic of Heavy ranged Ork weapon. +3kg Red Light Functions as Red-Dot Laser Sight. Any ranged Ork weapon. +1kg Sparky Knobz Grants Shocking quality. Any Ork melee weapon. +2kg Spiky Bitz Makes Ork ranged weapons count as unbalanced swords in close combat. Ork melee weapons gain +1 damage. +4kg Astartes Specific Arm Weapon Mounting Mounts weapon on fore-arm or shoulder. Reduce range 30%. +1.5kg Melee Attachment Counts as Combat Knife or Chainsword in close combat, lacks balanced in the latter. +2/8kg Deathwatch Suspensor Counts as having Auto-stabilised. x.5 Fire Selector select between three different ammunition types, switch at the beginning of turn +1kg Dipole Mag-lock Grants Quick Draw for upgraded weapon. If talent is already possessed, may ready as a Parry. Motion Predictor Grants +10 to BS tests when firing on Semi- or Fully automatic. Counts as sight. +.5kg Preysense Sight Suffer no penalties to shooting in Darkness and gain +20 bonus to vision based tests using scope. Counts as sight. +.5kg Red-Dot Laser Sight Grants +10 bonus to BS tests when firing on Single shot. Counts as sight. +.5kg Silencer awareness test to detect shot at -20 penaty. Attempt at half normal distance to detect +.5kg Telescopic Sight ignore penalties for long and extreme range with full action to aim. Counts as sight. +1kg

AmmoName Arrows/ Quarrels Shot Bullets Shells Charge Pack (pistol) Charge Pack (basic) Special Effects

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Upgrades & Ammo

Charge Pack (heavy) Fuel (pistol) Fuel (basic) Bolt Shells Melta Canister (pistol) Melta Canister (basic) Overcharge Pack adds 1 to damage, halves clip size Plasma Flask (pistol) Plasma Flask (basic) Exotic Dumdum +2 damage, double AP Hot-shot Charge +1 damage, Tearing quality, pen of 4, loses Reliable, clip reduced to 1 Inferno Shells Ag test or catch fire, may set things other than people on fire Man-Stopper Bullets Set Penetration to 3 Hive World Specific Spitfire shells Hypo-pistol ammo Razor Darts Duelling Las Mariette cylinders Forge World Specific Hyper-Density Penetrators Reduce range by half, +2 pen, gains tearing. If Shot +10 toughness test or knocked down. Weapons: hand cannon, hunting rifle, s Tempest Bolt Shells Damage changes from X to E, gains shock quality; bolt weapons The Void Specific Void Rounds reliable quality in the void Blaze Shotgun Shells can only fire on single shot, max range 15m or less, type becomes E, gains flame and primitive Holy Ordos Specific Catechist Bolt can only be aquired by holy ordos Blessed Ammunition deals holy, special againsts deamons and warp creatures, through holy ordos only only given to full inquisitorial rank, +5 to crit damage, double damage against psy rating, deamons, and warp entity after AP and Psycannon Bolts Rogue Trader Specific Backpack Ammo Pack 25kg; 80 shots Plasma/Melta/Hell, 300 Las, 200 SP/Bolt, 60 Flame; Heavy weapons: only Stubber, Bolter, Flamer Amputator Shells +2 to damage, stub revolvers, stub autos, shottys, hand cannons, autopistol and autoguns Bleeder Rounds +3 damage to bio, ap doubled, stub revolver, stub autos, and hand cannons Expander Rounds +1 dmg and pen, stub revolver, stub auto, autoguns, and autopistol Explosive Arrows/Quarrels -10 attack, dmg becomes E, loses primitive quality, bows, crossbows, and hand bows Dark Tech Specific Empyric null field generator powers Empyric Conduit Blade 1kg Xenos Tech Specific Morgauth ammo Ascension Specific Executioner Shotgun Shells Loses scatter, +4 to damage, +1 to pen; Shots that miss at short or standard range may re-roll, ignore cover. Single shot only. Use Exitus Rounds Any attempt to dodge is at -20. Can be programmed to self-destruct Exitus Hellfire Rounds Adds 1d10 to damage and inflicts RF on 9 or 10. Gains tearing. Exitus Shield-Breaker Rounds Ignores daemonic, any protection from Psychic Powers and fields. If something with these is hit, they cease functioning for one r Exitus Turbo-Penetrator Roun Inflicts +2d10 damage and adds 5 to the pen. Ignores increases to toughness from unnatural toughness, but not daemonic. Into the Storm Specific Acid Shells Causes 2d10E, pen 0. Takes damage like Fire. If it hits armor, reduce location by 1, must be repaired to regain effectiveness. Shot Airtorch Caniser Gain Scatter and Overheat, halve range. Melta weapons. Microburst Flask Add -2 damage, +2 pen, +10 meters range, lose maximal and overheating. Add 1kg to weight. Plasma guns. Nephium Fuel Tank Agility tests to avoid damage suffer -10, increase base damage by 2. Flame weapons Target must take a Toughness Test with -10 per point of damage taken. Failure causes 2d5R damage with no reduction. Hand can Organgrinder Rounds Snare Shells Decrease base damage by 2, gain Snare. Shotguns, shot pistols, shotcannons. Toxic Shot Gains toxic. If weapon jams, user takes 1d5 damage, no reduction. And SP and Flame weapon. Tracer Shells Add 5 to BS tests when firing on full auto. Tests to hit user also gain +5. Any SP and Bolt weapon Void Rounds Operated normally in the void. Suffer -1 Damage while in atmosphere. Any SP weapon. Astartes Specific Specialist Ammo for Heavy Bolter requires an additional +5 Req. Each requisition is one magazine. Backpack Ammo Pack Weighs 40kg. Provides 100 Plasma/Melta/Las, 250 SP or Bolt, and 75 Flame. Automatically issued with Heavy weapons. Dragonfire Shells Decrease base damage by 2. If within 2m of target, make Ag save or catch fire. May choose to target area with +20 test. Ignores Natural Armor, inflicts RF on 9 and 10. Gain tearing. With Heavy Bolter, RoF changes to S/-/- and gains Blast (3). Add one Hellfire Rounds Implosion Shells If damage is taken, suffer 1d5 points of temporary Agility Damage. Kraken Rounds Increase Pen to 8, increase range 50%. Metal Storm Rounds Decrease Damage and Pen by 2, but gain Blast (2). Awareness tests to hear suffer -30 and may only be attempted at half distance. Reduce damage by 2 unless used in Stalker Patte Stalker Rounds Vengeance Rounds Gain Felling (1) and increase Pen to 9. Detonate prematuraly on roll of 91-100. Suffer explosive damage equal to weapon's dama Witch Bolts Any creatures with Psy Rating that take damage reduce Psy rating by 1 for 1d10 rounds. May not push. Warp Instability must im

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Upgrades & Ammo

Cost 50 35 25 25 25 40 50 10 35

Availability Average Common Plentiful Scarce Plentiful Scarce Scarce Plentiful Average

Upgrades Any Pistol or Basic Las, Solid Projectile, Flame, Bolt or Plasma Any Weapon Any basic ranged Bolt and Sp Pistols or SP and Bolt Basic weapon Basic ranged weapon any Primitive close combat weapon; for weapons without an edge, make up fluff (crunch stays the same); Power weapons gain b Pistol or Basic Las, SP, Bolt, Primitive or Plasma Stub revolver, stub auto, hand cannon, autogun, hunting rifle Basic Las, SP, Bolt, Primitive or Plasma knives, throwing knives, swords, axes and great weapons; can't be combined with Mono attaches to any basic, during turn fire either main or gl basic and pistol, SP or las with removable clip primitive, las, SP, bolt or melta pistol any las, SP, Bolt, or heavy basic or heavy

2500 Very Rare 250 10 300 2250 25 Rare Scarce Scarce Rare Average

500 Very Rare Special add weapon prices together then double Very Rare any non-primitive ranged weapon capable of semi or full auto Very Rare basic las, SP, bolt, primitive, or plasma. Very Rare basic las, SP, bolt, primitive, or plasma. Near Unique basic las, SP, bolt, primitive, or plasma. Extremely Rare heavy any Rare non-primitive pistol, basic, grenade or heavy Very Rare Very Rare Common Rare Common Abundant Very Rare Very Rare Average Common Rare Scarce Abundant 10 Distinguished Las, SP, Bolt, or Melta Pistol; inc Aux GL Any Basic Ranged. 25 Respected Any Heavy ranged weapon. 2 Bolt and Sp Pistols or SP and Bolt Basic weapon 5 Any Pistol or Ranged Weapon, or any 1-handed Melee Weapon 20 Respected Any non-primitive ranged weapon capable of Semi- or Full- fire. 10 Any Basic Las, SP, Bolt, or Plasma Weapon. 10 Any Pistol or Basic ranged Las, SP, Bolt or Plasma. 3 Autogun, Autopistol, Needle Sniper Rifle 6 Any Basic Las, SP, Bolt, or Plasma Weapon. Any without flame or blast or similar quality.

7 or 9

Cost/Amount Availability 1/20 Common 1/20 Common 1/20 Plentiful 1/20 Common 10/full clip Common 15/full clip Common

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Upgrades & Ammo30/full clip 8/full clip 10/full clip 16/1 20/full clip 15/full clip 15/1 24/full clip 18/full clip 20/1 5/6 15/1 18/1 5/6 5/3 8/1 15/1 20/1 100/cylinder 100/1 250/1 8/1 4/1 50/1 50/1 250/1 Rare Scarce Scarce Rare Very Rare Rare Common Rare Rare Very Rare Scarce Scarce Rare Scarce Scarce Scarce Rare Rare Rare Rare Very Rare Scarce Common Rare Very Rare Very Rare Rare Extremely Rare Rare Scarce Scarce 17000/1 10/1 Very Rare Scarce where weapon is found Very Rare Near Unique Near Unique Unique Unique Very Rare Extremely Rare Extremely Rare Very Rare Extremely Rare Rare Scarce Average Rare

any pistol or basic Las

28/clip 25/clip 27/clip 5/clip 15/clip 5/clip 25/clip 12/Clip

Respected Respected

Famed Distinguished

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Upgrades & Ammo

Page 5

ArmorArmor with AP > 7 inflict a -30 penalty to Silent Move and Conceal

Armor Type

Location(s) Covered AP 1 2 2 2 3 3 5 6 3 2 1 6 3 2 3

WT 5kg 7kg 2kg 10kg 14kg 18kg 30kg 22kg 12kg 12kg .5kg 28kg 15kg 7kg 5kg

Cost 25 100 10 5 60 50 120 5000 50 20 10 300 1000 5 150

Availability Average Common Common Average Common Average Scarce Very Rare Rare Average Plentiful Scarce Very Rare +10 to avoid fire Common -10 to Fellowship Rare

PrimitiveGang Leathers Arms, Body, Legs Heavy Leathers Arms, Body, Legs Quilted Vest Body Beast Furs Body Grox Hides Body Chain Coat Arms, Body, Legs Feudal Plate All Xeno Hides Body Feral & Feudal World Specific Banded Armor Arms, Body, Legs Bone Arms, Body, Legs Bracers Arms, Body, Legs Heavy Plate All Scale Armor Arms, Body, Legs Scrag Furs Body Silkmail Arms, Body, Legs Hive World Specific Mirker's Greaves Legs Rogue Trader Specific Burnscour Beast Hide Body

Primitive AP are halved before non-Primitive weapon Penetration is applied

4 8kg 6 20kg

50 Average Very Rare

Flak ArmorFlak Helmet Flak Gauntlets Light Flak Coat Flak Vest Flak Jacket Flak Cloak Guard Flak Armor War Zone Specific Flak Greatcoak Shadow Gear Mask Bodyglove Blur Suit Rogue Trader Specific Flak Coat Head Arms Arms, Body, Legs Body Arms, Body, Legs All All Arms, Body Body, Arms, Legs All Arms, Body, Legs 2 2 2 3 3 3 4 2kg 1kg 4kg 5kg 6kg 8kg 11kg 25 50 80 50 100 80 300 Average Average Scarce Average Average Scarce Scarce

when not on the center of the blast, flak has AP5 against damage with blast

4 9kg 2 6kg 2 7kg 3 5kg

150 Average 650 Rare 750 Rare Average

+20 to concealment to infrared sensors of creatures based on sight-heat -10 to sight based tests against user, damage penetration has 2 added, half

Mesh ArmorMesh Cowl Mesh Gloves Xeno Mesh Mesh Vest Mesh Combat Cloak Hive World Specific Hardened Body Glove Volcanis Shroud Head Arms Arms, Body, Legs Body All Arms, Body, Legs All 3 3 4 4 4 .5kg .5kg 2kg 1kg 1.5kg 100 120 375 150 350 Rare Rare Rare Rare Very Rare

3 5kg 3 20kg

300 Rare 350 Average

for 3x cost gain sealable hood, gain stealth features, -20 to detect with ausp AP doubled against fire, acids, and corrosives, -10 ag test, built in rebreathe

Carapace ArmorCarapace Helm Head Carapace Vambraces Arms Carapace Greaves Legs Enforcer Light Carapace Arms, Body, Legs Carapace Chest Plate Body Storm Trooper Carapace All Hive World Specific Magistratum Carapace All The Void Specific Boarding Armor Body, Head War Zone Specific Windrider Carapace Body Shadow Gear Cameleoline Combat Armo ll A Shock Carapace Body, Arms, Legs Ascension Specific 4 5 5 5 6 6 2kg 2kg 3kg 15kg 7kg 17kg 250 300 375 575 600 3750 Rare Rare Rare Rare Rare Very Rare Built in Respirator, comm-bead, and photo-visor Built in void-suit and photo-visor

5 16kg 5 17kg 6 6kg 5 17kg 6 19kg

1100 Rare 1225 Rare 800 Scarce

1000 Very Rare light carapace with cameleoline cloak, +20 to concealment, one range brack 5000 Very Rare successive hit with close combat weapon of conductive material, toughness

Cadian Kasrkin Carapace Judge's Carapace Astartes Specific Scout Armor

All 6 15kg Very Rare Built in auspex, grav chute hardpoint, rebreather, photo-visor, encrypted m All 5 15.5kg Very Rare Built in encrypted micro-bead, good quality photo-visor (ignores photon-fla See details on pages 160-165 for full information. This is purely for reference. Body, Arms 30kg N/A

Power Armor

Light Power Armor All 7 40kg Power Armor All 8 65kg Forge World Specific Dragon Scale All 8 20kg 7500 Tech-Priest built in photo-visor and respirator, str +10 War Zone Specific Lidhl Power Armor All 6 40kg 8000 Very Rare Ascension Specific Ignatus Power Armor All 8 65kg Extremely Rtrength +20, Hulking size, +1 to movement rate; further information on pg S Into the Storm Specific Heavy Power Armor All 9 150kg Extremely R gility -20, auto fail Dodge, Acrobatics, and Contortionist. Strength +20, Hu A Astartes Specific See details on pages 160-165 for full information. This is purely for reference. Mk VII Power Armor All 8 and 10 180kg N/A Artificer Armor All 12 100kg 60 Hero May only be Requisitioned as Signature Gear. Techmarines may do this at D Terminator Armor All 14 400kg 100 Famed Requisition indicated cost to arm as well as cost to requisition. It is 60 on its Armor of the RemorselessAll 12 110kg 70 Hero Artificer Armor with Retractable Sword. Grants +20 to resist Psychic Effects

Must be wearing Body, Arms, Legs for Strength bonus to apply; Helmet not necessary 8500 Very Rare Strength +10 15000 Very Rare Strength +20, Hulking size

Force Field

Forge World Specific Amulet of Warding All special 1kg 30000 Very Rare Every attack, reduce damage by 3d10, double ones means attack slipped th War Zone Specific Refractor Field All special 1.5kg 20000 Very Rare against I,E,X; roll 2d10 and reduce dmg, double 1 means bypassed, double t refractor charge cell 1000 Rare Holy Ordos Specific Rosarius All 2kg 25000 Rare roll 2d10 and reduce range dmg, double 1's blocks nothing, on 20 damage, Ascension Specific Refractor Field (Lathe) All 30 .5kg Very Rare roll 1d100. Under value ignores all damage, overloads depending on quality Rosarius (Maccabien) All 50 .5kg Extremely Rare Icon of the Just (Daemonsb All 55 .5kg Near Unique Null Blocker (Lathe) All 60 .5kg Extremely Rare Into the Storm Specific Archaeotech Mirror Shield Arm and Body 60 1.5kg Near Unique User may spend reaction with a +0 Agility test to reflect back Ene Conversion Field (Locke) All 50 1kg Extremely Rare If more than 12 Damage is blocked, flash of light is released actin Displacer Field (Mars) All 55 2kg Near Unique If field successfully blocks an attack, roll scatter then 2d10 meter Eldar Forceshield All 75 .2kg Unique Power Field (Personal) (Ryz All 80 50kg Near Unique Automatically encumbering to user. Wears out in 1 hour. Impose Power Field (Vehicle/Empl ll A 80 500kg Extremely Rare Refractor Field (Mars) All 30 2kg Very Rare Salvation Shield One location 70 .05kg Near Unique Only lasts several minutes before needing to recharge several ho Astartes Specific See details on pages 166-168 for full information. This is purely for reference. Combat Shield Arm 25 3kg 20 Distinguished May be used in combat. 1d5+1I, Pen 0, Balanced. May be used in combat. 1d10I, Pen 0, Defensive, but additional Storm Shield Arm and Body 55 10kg 35 Distinguished Iron Halo All 50 .5kg 40 Hero Always Master-Crafted. Levin Shield Arm and Body 55 10kg 50 Hero Causes 1d10+4E each round to all creatures in melee with the wi

Other ArmorSynskin All Frontier World Specific Environmental body Glove All Slither Boots Legs Wind Armor All Rogue Trader Specific Armoured Bodyglove Arms, Body, Legs Xenos Tech Specific Holo-Armour All Mecronid Armour All Into the Storm Specific Eldar Raider Armor All Flexsteel Arms, Body, Legs Thermal All ITS Ork Specific Ard Hat Head Boss Pole Head Eavy Armor Body, Legs 2 2kg 1 5kg 3 6kg 3 18kg 3 5kg 4 4kg 7 2kg 5 4kg 4 7kg 3 12kg 2 3kg 5kg 4 8kg 2500 Very Rare +10 to concealment and silent move. Invisible to infrared and dark sight 625 Rare 500 Rare 2200 Rare Rare

+1AP, +10 survival tests, re-breather, comm-bead, photo-contacts +10 to Ag tests to maintain footing in treacherous or slick conditions. 6AP t 3 hour rebreather, vox-system, photo-visor, immune to strong winds and st Can be concealed

Special Special -30 to all attacks, perception or awareness to discern anything within the fi 15000 Very Rare if wearer loses conciousness, make willpower save or be suffocated for 1d1 Near Uniqu Counts as always carrying a mono-knife in melee Very Rare Rare Scarce/Common Very Rare/R rants +10 to all Command Tests when interacting with other Orkz. G Very Rare/Rare

Iron Gob Squighide ITS Kroot Specific Fetish Pouch Kroot Leathers Totem

Head Body, Arms, Legs

2 5kg 3 4kg 2kg 2 4kg 1kg

Very Rare/R rmor stacks with any other head armor. Gives +10 to intimidation tests. A Scarce/Plen ounts as Primitive unless worn by an Ork. C


Extremely Rerves no purpose, extremely personal to Kroot. S Very Rare/Rare Near Uniqu Grants Kroot user an additional Fate point that may only be spent, not burn

Armor Upgrades

Holy Ordos Specific Hexagramatic Wards as upgraded +2500 Very Rare +20 bonus to resist psychic attack, double AP against psychic or warp energ Shadow Gear Cameleoline Coating 1000 like wearing cameleoline cloak Preysense Mask 500 like mask bodyglove Blur 1000 like blursuit, including added damage Shock-field 2000 like shock carapace Rogue Trader Specific Advanced Helmet Systems Very Rare May have any of the following: microbead, vox-caster, grant heightened se Dark Tech Specific Immateria Ward 1kg 17000 Very Rare Blocks up to 6 corruption points from exposure to warp material. Blocks up Astartes Specific See details on pages 160-165 for full information. This is purely for reference. Diagnostor Helmet Head 8 30kg 15 Provides +10 to all Medicae Tests while equipped, duplicates effects of Prey Masking Screen +.5kg 25 Distinguished Helm of Varthion Head 12 18kg 70 Hero Chapter Relic of the Ultramarines. Provides +10 to all Attack rolls, and +3 to

GearClothing & Personal ItemsName Backpack Cameleoline Cloak Charm Chrono Clip/Drop Harness Clothing Explosive collar Filtration Plugs Infra-Red Goggles Photo-Visors/Contacts Re-Breather Recoil Glove Repirator/Gas-Mask Void Suit Feral & Feudal World Specific Braid Cloak Soul Mask Hunting Must Hive World Specific Gloom Eye Ocular Catechizer Forge World Specific Opus Machina Frontier World Specific Aerial Pinions 4 line 6 line Redole Re-breather Thermal Gloves The Void Specific Jump Pack Magboots Selenite Void Suit with Impellor War Zone Specific Backpack or Field Sack Dog Tags Uniform Shadow Gear Spider Pads Gil Filter Holo Visor Rogue Trader Specific Night Cloak Preysense Goggles Shifting Fabric Survival Suit Into the Storm Specific Blast Goggles Rockhound Voidware Suit Slip Suit Targeting Monocle Astartes Specific Chalice of Vision Adamantine Mantle Devotion Chain Tabard Blood Drop Pendant Golden Icons Robe Wolf Pelt Runic Totem Tempest Amulet Cingulum Heraldry Scroll Harness Jump Pack Magboots Wt 1kg .5kg Cost 10 500 Var 2kg Var 1kg .5kg .5kg 1kg .5kg .5kg 8kg 2kg 1kg .2kg 55 15 275 100 50 85 25 100 40 25 Availability Plentiful Rare Average Abundant Common Abundant Rare Common Rare Scarce Scarce Rare Average Plentiful

Info Holds shit up to 50kg +20 to concealment; when standing still, wearer counts as one Range bracket further depending on charm, could lead to lucky moments at DM discretion keeps time +30 to climb tests to descend, cannot fall shows stance and worth Two Full actions to fit on Helpless or Unconscious target; can explode remotely up to 1 +20 toughness to resist gasses No penalties due to darkness, +20 to vision based percep tests at night. Advanced can gain dark sight trait, good quality make immune to flash grenades immune to gases and can breath underwater. Canisters last an hour before being repl can fire basic weapon with one hand without penaly +30 to toughness tests to resist gas, may re-roll if failed full suit with rebreather, can surviver vacuum +10 on concealment test when in forest or jungle terrain, +1 AP(primitive) cool oversized mask -20 on perception test to detect wearer by smell, lasts 1d10 hours

80 Uncommon 200 Scarce 20 Rare 300 Very Rare 250 Scarce

Scarce on Volg, glow like a candle, counts as supirior charm, +10 to avoid pinning +10 to literacy, lore, and search where close examination is needed. Failure by 4 or mo


1500 Tech Priest Only

need common lore (machine cult) skill, +10 to fellowship on followers of machine cult

10kg 15kg 1kg 1kg 25kg 2kg 20kg +5kg 2kg 3kg 1kg .5kg .5kg 2kg .5kg

300 500 250 220 2000 65 600 200

Scarce Rare Rare Scarce Rare Average Average Scarce

harness that allows traversing below ceilings, half normal speed ag test to move normal speed helmet that draws oxygen from water to stay under indefinitely. Expires after 10 years protect from cold, can use for +10 tech-use to power old data slates and such, can cha

use pilot(jump pack) skill, softens falls, Flyer(12) trait for 1 minute, power lasts 1 hour halve movement and ag, in low or no grav no penalty as long as he can walk. last 10 hours in space, internal vox-link, seal patching kit, compact grapnel, photo-viso propel through open space with movement of 6, don t work in normal gravity can serve as bodybag

5 Common 1 Plentiful 10 Common 150 Scarce 100 Scarce 250 Rare Average Rare Very Rare Plentiful Common Scarce Very Rare Very Rare 70 Hero 50 Hero Black Templars Black Templars Blood Angels Blood Angels Dark Angels Space Wolves Space Wolves Storm Wardens Ultramarines Ultramarines 4 15 3

+30 to climb, +10 on scree, talus, or similar sythetic gill to breath underwater, needs constant immersion detects infra-red laser on gun that can only be seen in visor, kinda bulky

absorbs light and emits no heat, toughness test or suffer fatigue after every hour, +30 no penalty in darkness, +20 to vision based percep tests at night like roarshach's mask from watchmen but colorful +20 to toughness test against extreme weather

.5kg 30kg 7.5kg .02kg 5kg 15kg

Contains enough air for 15 hours of operations, includes vox-link, suit-patch kit, helme Grants +10 to escape Grapple, and opponents take -10 to Grapple. May be a kind of sight (details on pg 133). -30 Scrutiny to determine true purpose. Cou

8kg 50kg 5kg

Chapter Relic of the Blood Angels. Gain +10 to all WS, BS, and Skill Tests and Unnatura Deathwatch Relic. Negates two points of AP from incoming attacks. Gain +10 to Oppo Chapter Trapping. Grants +3 to WP Tests to resist Fear effects and Cohesion Damage Chapter Trapping. 3 Varieties. Ornamental grants +2 to Fel Tests. DW/Squad Heraldy Chapter Trapping. May add +13 to tests when spending a Fate Point instead of +10. Chapter Trapping. 3 Varieties. Icon of Inspiration grants +3 to Command Tests. Wings Chapter Trapping. 3 Varieties. Scholar's Robe grants +3 to one kind of S. Lore test. Rob Chapter Trapping. Grants +2 to all Intimidate Tests. Chapter Trapping. 3 Varieties. Totem of the Bloodied Hunter adds +1 to any RF Dama Chapter Trapping. 3 Varieties. Amulet of Might adds +2 S after all mods. Victory Script Chapter Trapping. 3 Varieties. Adamantine Inlays adds +3 to Parry Tests. Honour Belis Chapter Trapping. Add +10 Kill Markers to any Assault Mission where it was displayed Grants +30 to Climb Tests, will not fall if failed. Requires Pilot (Personal). May double base movement with short jump in any directio Reduce Ag by half when in use. Allows normal movement in low/zero-g. Astartes Mk V

Psychic Hood Back Banner Charm Chrono Dilation Field

15kg 5kg


25 Distinguished 15 6 1 45 Famed

Read page 171 for details. Regain additional point of Cohesion when Kill-Team Leader spends a Fate Point to rest Acts as a charm. Time piece. Read page 172 for details.

Drugs & ConsumablesName Amasec De-Tox Frenzon Injector Lho-sticks Medikit Obscura Ration Packs Recaf Rotgut Booze Sacred Machine Oil Slaught Spook Stimm Feral & Feudal World Specific Feral Healer's Kit Feudal Healer's Kit Sleep Dust Sour Mud Styckle Oil Belly-Churn Spirit Tonic Styger Milk Hive World Specific Gorsk White Gyn Quaddis Wine Sorrowful Vintage Golden Tokay Kataline Malmsey Night Dust Panimmune Slam Somna Verita Forge World Specific The Tears of the Dragon Frontier World Specific Dryas (per dose) Polygum Ration Grubs Coral Paste The Void Specific Ploin Juice War Zone Specific Civilian Relief Rations Combat Ration Pack Daily Prayers Emergency Rations Long Duration Ration Pack Cast Spray Counterseptic Drugs Ghostfire Extract Halo Kick Rainbow Synth-Skin Toxin Wands Rogue Trader Specific Medkit(Advanced) high provender sacred unguents Thosophit's Philtre Tranq Into the Storm Specific Wt Cost 50 65 95 5 10 150 28 10 5 10 150 75 395 20 50 100 100 45 12 10 12 75 Availability Scarce Rare Very Rare Abundant Common Common Rare Plentiful Abundant Abundant Very Rare Scarce Rare Average Average Scarce Rare Uncommon Scarce Average Common Very Rare


Info alcohol drink immediately removes all drug effects, stunned for 1d10-TB as you expell all you can in become fearless and gain frenzy talent. Lasts 1d10 minutes inject drugs, full action cigs +20 to medicae test, 6 doses of stimm and other supplies illegal recreational drug FOOD basically tea basic booze full action to make a gun immune to jamming for its clip size. If already jammed it unja increase Ag and Per by 3 for 2d10. afterwards test toughness or take -20 to ag and per see pg149 lasts 3d10 rounds, ignore negative effects from damage and can not be stunned, wear

2kg 3kg .5kg 3kg .5kg 1kg .1kg .3kg

+10 medicae test +10 medicae test 10 toughness test or 1d10 minutes later fall into a deep sleep for 1d5-TB in hours +10 medicae tests for disease and fevers, full action to stop blood loss Apply to melee weapon or primitive firearm. Reroll any failed test to prevent breaking Cheese that curdled in an animals stomach +10 bonus on fear tests, -10 int, lasts 1d5 hours, addictive +20 resistance to toxins, lasts 1d5 hours, toughness test or lose one point in toughnes -20 Carouse to drink

5 Common 250 1000 10000 25 40 100 500 500 Rare Very Rare Very Rare Very Rare Average Very Rare Scarce Very Rare

Imitation of the best wine in Calixis The best wine in Calixis Holy Grail of Wine smoking is -20 to all tests, 2d10 minutes later the victim falls into deep slumber with v +30 toughness to resist toxin and disease and carouse tests, lasts 1d5+1 hours, afterw x2 str and toughness for 1d5 rounds, afterwards permanently lose 1d5 str and ag -10 medicae to use properly, 4 degrees in failure result in death, success means death -10 wp tests and -20 percep tests for 3d10 minutes, experieces visions and altered per

6000 Very Rare 200 75 15 225 Rare Very Rare Average Very Rare

-10 WP test or 1d10+10 insanity, gain fearless, permanently reduce fellowship by 1d10

1kg .5kg .5kg 1kg 1kg 1kg

lasts 3 days, +20 to survival in arid, half water needed, -10 str and percep, -5 fellowshi does too many things, pg 154 Inq Handbook Enough nutrients for a day, bad for long term diet covers ships on Spectorin to mask nature from dangerous wildlife, abundant on specto Popular space juice

25 Scarce 2 2 1 10 5 55 25 300 100 75 75 50 100 Plentiful Plentiful Average Average Common Scarce Common Very Rare Common Average Rare Average Scarce Rare Very Rare Very Rare Very Rare Abundant

.2kg 5kg

Barely keeps someone alive, literal brick of food Standard Ration for battle contains prayers on edible paper, step above relief ration like standard with higher energy Spray on cast, reduces difficulty of medicae test to stop blood loss by one step +20 to resist disease or infections for 6 hours gives Fearless and frenzy talents and unnatural agility(x2). Lasts 2d10minutes. Take on +10 to resist Fear and Pinning, -10 Perception, lasts 1d10 hours removes fatigue and immune to fatigue for 2d10 rounds, afterwards 1d5 levels of fatig reroll any failed test to resist disease or toxin, stops bloodloss, toughness or take 1d5 full action, stops blood