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  • 8/11/2019 Dan Brock Deadbeat Super Affiliate Make Money Online


    If you screw thisup its time to throw in the towel for good because even

    though I AM THE LAIE!T affiliate online

    Sleep Walkinto your first $3,000 month then sit back andwatchas you start passively banking $11,461 a month ormore and once the money starts coming its!"#%%&'() even if you stay in bed all day and hardly

    touchyour %* for +eeks!o +ay- $11,461 in !) .!#/--

  • 8/11/2019 Dan Brock Deadbeat Super Affiliate Make Money Online


    ate2"ednesday# $ovember %&'

    rom #he "agging *ouch f2 an 'rock

    ear riend2

    If youre reading this you probably wor( a lot harder than me'

    )oure not alone' Even most of the Internet mar(eting *gurus+

    who brag about their *la,y+ lives wor( way more than I do and

    dont have much to show for it'

    And if that sounds *unfair+ theres nothingto stop you from

    -oining me'

    .ecause if youre willing to stop racing around loo(ing for the

    latest *loophole+# *glitch+ or *miracle+ to tric( Twitter fa(e out

    /aceboo( or game 0oogle

    youre right where you need to be to ta(e a shortcutstraight tothe top of the affiliate mar(eting food chain'

    In fact you can be about the la,iest !'1'.' on the planet and

    pull down a full2time income in as little as 3 hours per wee(

    without anyof the usual roadbloc(s in your path

    even if youre dead bro(e even if you cant force yourself

    out of bed before noon and you cant concentrate more than %4

    minutes at a time hec(#

    even if youre under doctors orders to stay in bedall day-

    I should (now because thats e5actly where I ended up a few

    short months ago'

    A couple friends convinced me it would be *fun+ to ta(e a full2

    contact 6ung /u class 7normally the closest I come to a *sport+ is

    channel surfing8

    and this strip2mall do-o instructor did some nin-a *hip throw+

    move and tossed my body up in the air while my leg went the

    other direction'

    9ust li(e that I officially became the least athletic person everto

    tear their A:L ; some part of the (nee I didnt even (now I had

    until it swelled up to the si,e of a grapefruit'

    Its usually some super2athlete in-ury'

    Maybe thats what the surgeon thought I was 7hey# Madden is a

  • 8/11/2019 Dan Brock Deadbeat Super Affiliate Make Money Online


    (ind of a sport8 when he told me Id need an intense three hours

    of surgery'

    Id already been hobbled for a full month before the swelling

    finally came down when the

  • 8/11/2019 Dan Brock Deadbeat Super Affiliate Make Money Online


    And if youre wondering if I pulled this off by being some (ind of

    tech wi, mar(eting genius or e5ploiting some hidden


    $ot by a long shot'

    The thought of loo(ing for loopholes -ust ma(es me tired'

    Ive seen the HA>< "A) of ma(ing a si52figure income online

    first2hand 7more on that in a minute8

  • 8/11/2019 Dan Brock Deadbeat Super Affiliate Make Money Online


    and I reali,ed a long time ago if I reallywanted to never wa(e

    up to an *A'M'+ on my alarm cloc( if I was seriousabout never

    *wor(ing+ more than an hour a day 7and E>1 on wee(ends8

    had to find something easier "omething thatnever goes out of date never 8slaps9 you or

    changes the game around

    !o while every other affiliate mar(eter I (new competes for

    commissions on the latest :lic(ban( eboo( or :?A offer

    sweating it out to sellpeople on stuff they didnt (now they


    Ive managed to pull down a steady middle managers income

    with the absolute laziestmar(eting tas( on the planet without

    *selling+ a thing'

    (My 911 Porsche Carerra I bought with money I made online. This baby goes 0!0 in " seconds #lat.$

    At the same time @@ of affiliates are busy begging# pleading

    and ca-oling all the traffic they can buy# borrow or steal -ust to

    open their wallets a crac(

    Im settling onto the couch with my ?!B controller while a

    -etstream of />EE traffic crams its way through my affiliate lin(swith the cash already halfway out of their poc(ets'

  • 8/11/2019 Dan Brock Deadbeat Super Affiliate Make Money Online


    And I didnt discover some magical *secret+ niche# either' That

    would ta(e research (eyword tools competitive analysis

    hec(# Im getting out of breath -ust thin(ing about it'

    All I did was ta(e a step bac( and loo( at what the biggest chun(of the %'3 .ILLI1$C people online are shopping for and

    madeBig Lazy Obvious Discovery #1 there are way more'people pullingout the plastic for physical productsthan buying the latest Clickbank

    ebook and

    Big Lazy Obvious Discovery #2... the worlds biggest goldmines for allthe real-world products people are stuffing their virtual shopping carts

    with are the affiliate networks like Amazon Commission Junction

    and almart.com that pay out millions in commissions every month.

  • 8/11/2019 Dan Brock Deadbeat Super Affiliate Make Money Online


    $ow# you might be thin(ing

    &ma:on- %hysical %roducts- &re youfreakin kidding me #his is ;010, for cryingout loud- 1?@commissions +hen you could be getting ?0@A on *lickbankA lazybastard li(e me thats who'

    And it was a *no brainer+ decision once I discovered I

    could have Ama,on and the other brand name networ(s

    cutting me commission chec(s li(e these every month

    because heres what I don%thave to go through to get that


  • 8/11/2019 Dan Brock Deadbeat Super Affiliate Make Money Online


    dont have to 8sell9 anything orpersuade anybodyto +ant something they +erent already dead set onbuying

    And I dont have to fight it out with hundreds even thousands

    of other affiliates for scraps'And so theres no cutting2edge *!E1+ paid traffic or any

    need to cran( out articles and sales pages full of $L? and other

    9edi mind tric(s or even come up with *bonuses+ in order to

    get people to clic( on my lin('

    9ust go with the flow and collect my cut'

    Hec(# maybe youre smarter than me 7you probably are ; I

    wasnt e5actly voted *most li(ely to succeed+8

    or maybe youve got all the time in the world to spend hours(eeping *up to speed+ on all the latest traffic and copywriting

    techniDues you need to stay ahead of the hoards of other

    affiliates going after the same tired old (eywords you are'

    .e d rather steer clear of the digital moshpit andBust scoop up a la:y 5but lucrative7 slice of the $;4billion in sales &ma:on aloneis going to get this

    year'''"ith or without me

    Thats % times what :lic(ban(s made since they o&ened #or

    business7bac( in %@@FG8 and with customers coming in the

    door already *pre2sold+ on snapping up everything from '@@

    romance novels to 3#444 video cameras

    and one out of every J visitors you send over to Ama,on

    ma(ing a purchase

    trust me ; you wont be thin(ing about commission rates whenyou cash the chec(s'

    After all# when &ma:on paid out a cool $C6 billionjust to

    affiliates last year and :lic(ban( hasnt crac(ed billion in

    total sales in a decade even a la,y guy can do the math'

    And with B4#444C different products in the Ama,on mar(etplace

    practically flying off the shelves 7compared to -ust a few *hot+

    eboo(s of the wee(8

  • 8/11/2019 Dan Brock Deadbeat Super Affiliate Make Money Online


    if you run into something *competitive+ fine' 9ust pic(

    something else'

    The best part is if youre reading this letter you probably have

    a HK0E *unfair advantage+ over most of the people dividing up

    that @'J billion'

    f youve been busting your ass to keep your head above

    +ater selling ebooks you can +alk in and take theseclueless &ma:on affiliates lunch money

    In fact youll wonder why you ever botheredfighting it out for

    commissions on a few lousy ?

  • 8/11/2019 Dan Brock Deadbeat Super Affiliate Make Money Online


    brand product+ networ(s is not only the laziest but hands2down

    the most >ELIA.LE way to ma(e it as an affiliate and not -ust

    for a wee( or a month ; #or good

    The *rules+ almost $EE> change'

    Its a deadbeats dream come true ; Ama,ons been running the

    same *Associates ?rogram+ since %@@J 7they practically

    inventedthe idea of giving commissions on product sales8 and in all the time Ive been paying my rent with it theres

    never been any need to switch up the traffic sources and

    strategies Ive been using since the beginning'

    )ou can get away without learning any fancy new traffic tric(s for

    years at a time so you can finally stop chasing down the

    endless rat race of new *opportunities+ that flood your email

    inbo5 everyday'

    Thin( about it= 1ne day 0oogles up then its down' Then there

    was Twitter now Twitters *dead+''' and the ne5t *big thing+ is/aceboo( or media buying or some new flavor of 0oogle

    "ell# you can hit the *unsubscribe+ button on all those *must

    read+ guru lists

    because the only *change+ thats going to happen with

    Ama,on anytime soon is an e5plosion in profits as more and

    more shoppers go online loo(ing for the best deals on everything

    from boo(s and

  • 8/11/2019 Dan Brock Deadbeat Super Affiliate Make Money Online


    (a hard day o# wor' at the o##ice...$

    !o whether you decide to Duit your -ob or -ust cut bac( your


    or even if your friends tal( you into pe