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Dan Barney Barney & Associates Consulting Services

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Dan Barney Barney & Associates Consulting Services Slide 2 Quick Survey Moves Management Definition Specific Moves Raisers Edge Structure Reporting Establishing Protocols Shameless Plug Slide 3 Does your shop talk about Moves? Do you use Raisers Edge to track and report on Moves? Do you have the Prospect Tab? Is wealth screening used and recorded in RE? Are solicitors assigned? Do solicitors have goals? Do you have a special campaign (capital or otherwise) in play right now? In planning? Slide 4 Moves Management is the process of managing donor relationships. As David Dunlop, creator of the system, described it The moves concept focuses major gift fund raising on changing people's attitudes so they want to give. To do this, we take a series of initiatives or moves to develop each prospect's awareness of, knowledge of, interest in, involvement with, and commitment to the institution and its mission. Simply put, Moves Management involves planning the strategies you will employ to further a relationship with a donor and to, hopefully, reach the desired goal. Slide 5 Transform a constituent through each of these phases thereby increasing their affinity to your organization: Suspect Prospect (Capacity and Propensity) Donor Life-long Donor Legacy Donor Slide 6 BASIC MOVESADDITIONAL AS NEEDED Identification Qualification Cultivation Solicitation Stewardship Assignment Strategy Development Negotiation Slide 7 Biographical Information Giving History Interests/Affinities Relationships Actions Prospect Tab Slide 8 Gender Age Marital Status Educational Status Home Address Wealth Ratings Other Applicable Slide 9 Frequency Recency Magnitude Diversity of Giving to Initiatives (AF, Special Events, Capital Campaign, etc.) Types of Support (Honored pledges, outright cash, gifts-in-kind) Trending Slide 10 Alumni of Specific School Memberships Volunteerism Former Client Committee/Board Affiliation to Organization Expressed through survey Other as garnered through prospect management process of major gift officers Slide 11 Assigned Solicitors Relationships to Organization Stakeholders (internal partners natural partners) Family Members Professional Acquaintances Friends Business Affiliations current and past Slide 12 Arguably, every action a fundraising operation takes is designed to move someone along. Commonly, Action Types capture a myriad of information - some of which are redundant to the Action Category. Looking at a record's actions should inform one as to the essence of the "touches" made. Was this call/email/visit designed to cultivate? Steward? Solicit? Slide 13 Actions are both historical records and assignments of future responsibilities. Action Type = Move Solicitor =One responsible for moving to gift Campaign/Fund/Proposal = Purpose of efforts Category reflects level of connection Complete/Status shows progress Action Tracks are available to mirror Moves Slide 14 While the Prospect Tab is a nice feature to have, it is not required to initiate a Moves program. Ratings Financial Information Gifts to Other Organizations Classifications (can be an attribute) Prospect Status (can be an attribute) Proposals (the Ask; Solicitation move) Slide 15 Proposals allow an organization to track much of the efforts surrounding the actual solicitation, its intent, projected and real success, etc. Slide 16 Slide 17 Reports on Solicitor by Proposal Status Solicitor Names Slide 18 Solicitor Names Slide 19 Solicitor Names Slide 20 A variety of custom reports can be produced utilizing this information. Here is just one example. Slide 21 The above samples are merely that. Each organization must find a set of guiding policies that work best for it. By creating a data environment that incorporates Moves, one must translate intention into protocol and action into accountability. Using a consistent coding structure and operating protocols will allow the team to benchmark their progress and improve their effectiveness. Slide 22 Dan Barney Barney & Associates Consulting Services 216.338.6072 [email protected] www.barneyacs.com (where you will quickly learn why we dont do websites)