Cybersecurity - Securing Your Company and Client Information

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Cybersecurity Securing Your Company and Client Information

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Transcript of Cybersecurity - Securing Your Company and Client Information

Cybersecurity: Securing Your Company and Client Information

CybersecuritySecuring Your Company and Client Information

Why Do we Need Cybersecurity?Identifying the Need forSecurity

Recognize Social Engineering


Why Do We Need Cybersecurity?


Any act that influences a person to take an action that may or may not be in their best interest.

What is Social Engineering?


Types of Social EngineeringAttacks



Spear Phishing




Cybersecurity Agenda

Cyber Security Overview

Cybersecurity AgendaBest Practices

Establish a Cybersecurity Strategy

Before an Intrusion Occurs

Responding to a Computer Intrusion (Executing Your Incident Response Plan)

What Not to Do

After a Computer Incident

Establish a Cybersecurity StrategyHow is your data being handled?Data is most at risk when on the move

Identify the types of data you have in your businessPersonally Identifiable Information (PII)Employee InformationBusiness InformationWho has access to data and why?Data inventoryAssign data access rightsDevelop a Privacy Policy


Before an Intrusion OccursHave an Action PlanWho has lead responsibility?Critical contact informationCritical data / network / servicesEDUCATE / TEST / DOCUMENT

Have appropriate technology in placeInternal networkCloud-based services

Responding to a Computer IntrusionMake an Initial AssessmentAffected computer systemsApparent originMalware or any remote servers involvedIdentify other victim organization

Minimize Continuing DamageCollect and Record InformationNotifyPeople within the organizationOther potential victimsLaw enforcement

What Not To DoDo Not Use the Compromised System

Do Not Hack Into or Damage Another System

After a Computer IncidentContinue to MonitorConduct Post-Incident Review

Security Program Maturity


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