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where Business meets life.

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where Business meets life.

live learn work Play

Come discover.

A place where you can do all that youve imagined. A place where peace and a busy life co-exist. A place where life is all about being yourself.

Come, belong to such a place. Where global meets local. Where work meets play. Where technology meets culture. Where academics meets adventure. Learn, Work, and Play.

Where today meets tomorrow. And where you Live,

Welcome to Cybercity.

if its good, everythings got to Be near.Distances can play spoilsport to ones plans. Which is why Cybercity has want to go. Everything from transport system, to places that matter in been planned in a location that keeps it closer to where one would usually everyday life, are close and around. A glimpse at whats around Cybercity. Transport: You are closer to both MMTS and the Metro Rail Network. Neighbourhood: You are at a distance of 4 km from Gachibowli, and 4 km from Jubilee Hills (On proposed road).

Facilities: Malls, Education, Work, Play, you are surrounded by almost everything you are likely to need.

the need of tomorrow:

an integrated Business destination.integrated to meet the demands of both: business, and life. Cybercity Builders and Developers Private Limited, a communion of professionals with vast business address: Cybercity.

With businesses expanding, distances are getting longer and wider. Which necessitates the need for an ecosystem where everything is in a modest balance: work, life and play. And this has given rise to the establishment of an area of residential communities and workspaces that are smartly

experience in the real estate domain presents Hyderabads first and the only-of-its-kind integrated

construct of cyBercityResidential: 6.4 million sft Mall + Hotel: 0.7 million sft Office Spaces: 3 million sft Education: 1 million sft

Cybercity is planned and designed to be a world in itself. Its a city with distances shrunk. Intelligently planned, uniquely designed, this 68-acre city has everything from commercial structures, office spaces, residential communities, international schools, star hotel, everyday essentials and space for recreation. What makes Cybercity desired, is its location. Set in the mainland

one address, many destinations.

of Madhapur and neighbouring Hitec City - the business district of Hyderabad, makes it an attractive proposition to be here. While here, you are right in the precincts of a well networked arena, with vital necessities like transport infrastructure, connectivity to rail, road and air modes, nearness to essentials like banks, ATMs, stay, restaurants right in the neighbourhood. Not just that, Cybercity is a zone thats well maintained, with technologically-advanced equipment at work, for maintenance and security.

They have put India, and more specifically Hyderabad, right on top of the global business map.

an address the world is familiar with.

Hitec City and Madhapur is where the corporate and IT parks are concentrated. Home to worlds top IT mammoths like Microsoft, Google, Dell, Deloitte, Infosys, Wipro, and you name it. This in the IT and Engineering space. central is a mandatory business stopover for anyone coming to India, if they are looking to grow

So, imagine sitting right in the core of all the action. Cybercity is just that, and where you should be in. Also the presence of the Outer Ring Road will make connectivity the greatest thing to happen for this location.

A little about Hyderabad Hyderabad has a history that dates back to over 400 years. The state capital of Andhra Pradesh, its also popularly referred to as the City of Pearls. With a population of around 4.5 million, Hyderabad is the sixth most populous metropolitan area in India. The major languages spoken here are Telugu, Urdu, Hindi and English. Over the last 20 years, Hyderabad has grown into a major hub for Information Technology, adding to it the title of Cyberabad. Hyderabad is also a prime centre for Banking and Finance, and even Entertainment.

other sectors like Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals, The city is home to global historic landmarks like cultural treasure inherited.

the Charminar and Golkonda Fort, and has a rich Hyderabad is home to institutes like the

International School of Business, Indian Institute of Information Technology, BITS and several other Engineering, Medical and Business

colleges. The Hyderabadis, as they are fondly referred to are great foodies. The city has a great influence of the Nizami cuisine, with Biryani being a favourite. The citizens of read and amiable.

Hyderabad are known to be friendly, well-

really, why cyBercity!Tell us, where would you really find greenery, lakes and buildings, co-existing with each other in a picture-perfect way? At Cybercity, of course! So, while there is infrastructure for offices and residences in the neighbourhood, you might still ask, why should one choose to be here? Well, weve just told you reason number one, but the most important factor is life itself. Belonging to such travelling time is cut down. So if you agree with us, heres more about the place.

an environment makes the quality of life better. Here you get more time for life, as

An integrated township, so you can live, learn, work and play Walk to work, no pollution, no traffic to trouble you Easy commuting within the city, with shuttle services plying Environmentally safe construction, so lifes secured

we envision:Cybercity, as an organization envisions to make its mark in the construction industry as a professional enterprise, striving to provide quality solutions. We see ourselves foraying into construction of High-rise Apartments, Villas, Retail & Office Spaces, Shopping Malls, Education, IT/ITES SEZ. Through our commitment to excellence in performance, we envisage to build a bridge of trust and confidence between our clients and employees.

a Business city within a city.

Start exploring, and your journey will only begin. Because Cyberspaces is designed to be a selfcontained commerce zone, with infrastructure

that makes it futuristic in every sense of the word. facility that makes such a place cutting-edge and business-ready.

The astutely planned address features every single

The moment you make your way in, youll feel

transported to an environment so unique. Theres

nature everywhere, theres more nature, and then complement the surroundings.

there are the buildings. Dont miss the lakes, which

designed with future on the BluePrint.When youve set out to build infrastructure thats as enormous as a city, the planning better be meticulous. Cyberspaces is designed keeping in mind the space required for business and non-business ventures. Both, planning and design is futuristic, with considerable space for the greens.

the PlanTotal space: 25 acres Space utilization: 70% green area, 30% built-up area

the sPlitIT Spaces It has a built-up area of about 15,00,000 sft for office spaces, comprising high quality infrastructure. Commercial and Recruitment Spaces About 15,00,000 sft of built-up space is proposed to come up, which is planned to be utilized for the development of other key features.

life is here.Theres more to Cyberspaces than just the work and workspaces. Because once off the desk, the desktop and the laptop, life needs to at Cyberspaces. Heres a glimpse. undergo an immediate shift. Isnt it? Theres plenty to address all that

AmenitiesResidential/Service Apartments Cafeterias and Food Courts Hotel/Restaurants Fun Zone School Educational Institutions Health Club/Fitness Centre/Spa Laundry Library

Sports Complex Bank and ATM

Malls with Multiplex

designed for your Plans.A distinct feature of Cyberspaces is its flexibility, adaptability and customization. Which means, whatever the size of the enterprise, we can architecture according to what you are likely to require. Which in other you what you really need. create the space for you. While thats about that, we structure the internal words would mean, depending on the size of your organization we bring

A great deal of additional services are provided here, they include:

Service Apartments Shuttle / Bus Services Travel and Ticketing Desk One-stop Services Sports Complex Courier Service Subsidized Meals All-day Food Services Mobile Equipment Store Stationery and Gifts Shop Bicycle Service

well designed, well managed.In the era we are living in, its most likely that we end up spending most of our time in the boardroom of the office, than in the drawing room of our house. And that is why Cyberspaces. This integrated city is a special space for blue chips, CXOs, decision-makers and all those occupying a significant place in the corporate arena. And right next to them is their home, leisure, shopping, lifestyle and everything that makes life integrated; properly designed and spaced out. World-class designing, super-meticulous planning, flexibility of size, amenities of the highest standards. All these dot Cyberspaces. Here, engineering and creative architecture come together to create functional workplaces for you. Think of it this way: built on a 25-acre IT Park, Cyberspaces offers a cozy chamber, a secure parking lot that keeps you as well as your automobile happy.

maintenance servicesAccess-controlled Systems Reception Services Visitor Management Systems and Services 100% Power Back-up Security Services BMS Management MEP Services Housekeeping Landscaping Maintenance Pest Control Services Garbage Management Air-Con Services

a Place that will grow on you.At the end of the day, what makes one content is the feeling of comfort, the feeling of being amidst something you like and want to be in. Cybercity is poised to develop into a community with people from diverse backgrounds, races, interests and cultures coming together with a purpose, residing, working in harmony. Surely, this place is bound to be a destination for all those whole love to work, live and play at the same time. So heres welcoming you to Cybercity, once again.

life, in all its colours.A walk away from Cyberspaces is Rainbow Vistas. Home to those whove made the Cybercity their world. Living here is such a pleasure, as it cuts down the hassles of driving to work and back, cuts out the troubles of rushing through pollution, cuts out the worries of not being able to arrive in time for your beloveds birthday. Rainbow Vistas is a 4.3-acre, 450-luxury apartment community. The place is located right near Hitec City, MMTS and the citys IT hub. This GHMC-approved residential space has the exclusive clubhouse. The flats here are available in sizes 1045 sft, 1200 sft, 1350 sft, 1515 sft.

amenitiesAbundant Water Supply Fully Loaded Clubhouse Round-the-clock Security System Well-planned Car Parking High-rise Compound Wall with Solar Fencing Centralized LPG Gas System Intercom Passenger Lifts and Service Lift Power Backup Recycled Water Usage Water Softener Plant Provision for ATM Wi-Fi enabled Hot Spots Car Wash Area Grocery Store, Pharmacy Travel Desk Utility Payment Office Crche and Kindergarten Leisure Room and Library Amphitheatre Coffee Shop, Restaurant and Food Court Business Lounge Swimming Pool Business Centre with Internet Cafe Air-conditioned Gym

and then, life in all its grandness.If open spaces and complete freedom is your idea of home, then theres Rainbow Vistas @ Rock Garden. Premium-class apartments for those with a taste thats world-class. Live in super-luxury, as a variety of features drape this elegant living space. With 2300 luxury apartments sitting on 21-acres of richness, this property is a 20-storey high-rise where you could choose from homes built across 1200 sft, 1520 sft, 1790 sft or 2075 sft. Revel in 70% of open nature around you. Or an exclusive hilltop clubhouse.

amenitiesAbundant Water Supply Round-the-Clock Security System Underground Cabling for Electrical and Telephone Wiring Centralized LPG System Intercom to connect and communicate with the whole neighbourhood Passenger and Service Lift Power Backup WiFi-Enabled Hot Spots Pharmacy, Grocery Store Travel Desk, Utility Store Provision for ATM Swimming Pool Air-conditioned Gym Leisure Room and Library Amphitheatre Coffee Shop, Restaurant and Food Court

conveniencesCar Wash Well-planned Car Parking Pharmacy Travel Desk ATM Utility Payment Office Crche and Kindergarten Grocery Store Leisure Room and Library Amphitheatre Coffee Shop, Restaurant and Food Court Business Lounge Swimming Pool Air-conditioned Gym

a glimPse of the cluBhouseHyderabads first hill-top clubhouse gives you a picturesque view of the skyline of Hitec City, and two natural lakes dotted by rock formations.

Swimming Pool Air-conditioned Gym Spa Leisure Room and Library Amphitheatre Coffee Shop, Restaurant and Food Court Jogging Track Yoga & Meditation Centre Tennis, Volleyball, Basketball and Badminton Courts Business Lounge Banquet Hall with Guest Rooms

Cybercity is also home to world-class education, with Cybervarcity.

gloBal education, right at home.

It ushers in quality foreign and Indian educational institutions within one campus. The institutions will be at an advantage, as the campus provides ready infrastructure and framework necessary without having to invest in them. This way, the institutions can focus their efforts towards their core competence of providing quality education to students.

how do the institutions Benefit?Cybervarcity offers a plethora of facilities and amenities to the institutions capital expenditure and operation expenses. The salient features include: rest for support and amenities which enable them to establish themselves without having to bear prohibitive Upto 30% space utilized for academic and administrative purpose, while the Academic block across 6 to 7 lakh sft to house academic institutions, while approximately 3 to 4 lakh sft will be allotted for amenities furniture, laboratories, libraries and teaching aids Capital expenditure outlay for member institutions restricted to interiors,

a name that hyderaBad resPects.Established in 1989, Ashoka Builders is one of Hyderabads most experienced and well accomplished names in the real estate sector for both residential and commercial projects. For over two decades, Ashoka has been winning peoples faith for its commitment to quality, delivery and fairness to price.

At Ashoka Builders, we aim at giving our customers more. We use

technology and innovative thinking that enables pace for us, and works we are here to build homes and offices, our focus is also on building relationships.

for the customers by bringing to them economies of scale. Because while

Some of Ashokas many projects include Commercial: Ashoka

Janardhana Chambers, Ashoka Raghupathi Chambers, Ashoka Bhoopal

Chambers, Ashoka Hitech Chambers, Ashoka Metropolitan Mall, Ashoka Ashoka Silent Valley.

Scintilla, and Ashoka Dwaraka Arcade and Residential: Ashoka Lake View,

the PeoPle Behind the imagination.Cybercity is a project envisaged to blend the concepts of Live. Learn. Work. Play. by a team of visionary entrepreneurs with a proven track record of splendid performance in their own business areas. The top management of Cybercity consists of 6 Promoter Directors supported by a strong and competitive professional team. in master plan preparation and his liaison with the Government authorities for external infrastructure adds immense value to the organization. He is highly philanthropic, and a member of various NGOs and professional bodies.

k. lakshma reddy, chairman

sunil chawda, director

A Post Graduate in Materials Management, Mr.Sunil Chawda has been a Businessman for the last two decades. His

Hes a name well known to the Builder fraternity in the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad. Mr.K.Lakshma sphere. He provides to the company the strategic direction. He stands by values of ethics, transparency and trust firmly, and makes all the efforts in instilling them down the line.

exposure in procurement is a tremendous advantage to the company, given his in-depth of knowledge and handson exposure in materials quality, price, delivery capability. He adds a lot to the bottomline of the company. Mr.Sunil, with his impeccable devotion and determination, has promoted two companies: Classic Chemical Ltd. and Sri Vilas Hydro Tech (P) Ltd. Hes a ready reckoner when it comes to information relating to the Construction industry. He directly looks after the portfolio of entire purchases of the organization.

Reddy possesses rich and varied business experience with an excellent track record of achievements in the business

Mr.Lakshma Reddy is also the Chairman of Ashoka Developers & Builders Ltd., a company growing on the foundation of trust and commitment, for the last two decades. The company has been nurtured by the Chairman along with his to be fulfilled, to create a long-lasting image and respect for the organization. Cybercity is hugely benefitted by the expertise of Mr.K.Lakshma Reddy. other two Co-Directors, to its present heights. Being a person of commitment, he takes care of every area of promise

murali krishna, director

Mr.Murali Krishna is a proven and well-acclaimed businessman, enjoying a high reputation in the business fraternity. He has over 25 years of experience in the Food Processing industry, with most units spread around Mango growing areas of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. He hails from a highly reputed business family and his knowledge of commercial aspects of various businesses, offers rich dividends to the company. His sharpness, crisis management (P) Ltd., enjoys good brand equity in the fast growing city of Bengaluru. His dynamism, meticulous planning and with enriched exposure in core construction activity and costing estimations. He is known to groom people and nurtures an excellent work culture in the organization.

venu vinod, managing director

A Commerce graduate, Mr.Venu Vinod has a well-diversified business portfolio. He hails from a highly respected

abilities and decision-making capabilities add immense value to the organization. His company, Garden City Reality strategic direction provide rich value to the organization. He has detailed knowledge of the Construction industry,

family near Mahaboobnagar District. His father, Late Sri R.D.Bhoopal, IPS, is a former IG and was well-known in the adherence to values of life, Mr.Venu Vinod oversees the day- to-day operations of the company, providing the

AP State Government for his straightforwardness and honesty. Having being brought up with great discipline and necessary guidance and support to senior executives. He is a member of various professional bodies and an extensive parts and generators respectively, he looks after both aspects of Cybercity construction and administration. The project is richly benefitted by his dedicated and devoted efforts day in and day out.

traveler. Besides managing his own companies, LPF Ltd and Recon Power, which are into trading of Automobile spare

A B.E. in E.C.E. and M.S. in B.M.E., Mr.Uttam has immense experience in the Real Estate arena, and has served as Vice

uttam koruPol, director

President, Business Development, at Ashoka Developers and Builders Ltd. Mr. Uttam initiated the innovative concept a span of two years.

Jaiveer reddy, director

of Live. Learn. Work. Play. for Cybercity and turned it into a 120-employee company with a turnover of Rs.120 crore in He is a member of NATCON, a body of CREDAI, India and shares the table with the whos who of Indias Real Estate industry.

A well known name in Hyderabad in the Real Estate sector, Mr.Jaiveer Reddy has hands-on exposure in the field of Construction of more than three-and-a-half decades. Being in the frontline, he provides the needed support and guidance to the technical teams in executing projects of Ashoka Builders. As the Managing Director of Ashoka Developers & Builders Ltd., Mr. Jaiveer has helped it grow from strength to strength to what it is today. Besides direction and day-to-day support, Ashoka is now a trusted name in the Real Estate industry. He participates

ensuring the delivery of projects with impeccable quality, he always ensures timely delivery. Thanks to his strategic extensively in various conferences, conventions, symposiums, seminars related to the Construction industry, and shares his growing knowledge and exposure with his colleagues. He is a founder member of CREDAI Chapter of Hyderabad and its Chairman as well.

P. koteswara rao, ceo

Mr.Rao brings with him experience of over 25 years in Core Banking. Prior to joining the Banking industry, he was

in the academic field for 3 years. He was a part-time Counselor at the Ambedkar Open University, during which he taught Finance-related subjects to Management students. He has a proven track record of achieving stupendous growth in the Banking arena. In the Finance sector, Mr.Rao has worked across branches, regional offices and

viJay Bhaskar reddy, director

corporate offices of various banks. He was also awarded the Ch. Bhaba Research Fellowship by the Indian Bankers degree in Commerce with professional qualifications like CAIIB (Certified Associate of Indian Institute of Bankers),

Association for his research in the areas of Fixed Income Portfolio Management in Banks. Mr.Rao has a Post Graduate DBM (Diploma in Bank Management), DFS (Diploma in Financial Services), DIB (Diploma in International Banking) all has helped him in having a sound legal background. Mr.Rao is in charge of the total operations of the company including Sales, Marketing, Administration, Accounts and Finance.

He is a Co-promotee Director of Ashoka Developers & Builders Ltd. As the Executive Director of Ashoka Builders, he made an all-out contribution for its stupendous performance. A meticulous planner, he always strikes to the issues with undiluted attention and dedication. He is quite adept at solving complicated issues. He provides valuable inputs to various technical consultants and provides day-to-day support to the in-house staff. Being a Civil Engineer, he is a wealth of knowledge. A practical person, he always tries to find out-of-the-box solutions to situations. His expertise

of which were helped by the Indian Institute of Banks. He earned his degree in Law from the Andhra University, which

talk to us, discover cyBercity Better.Now that youve got a panoramic understanding of Cybercity, you are welcome to have a dialogue with us in case you wish to know further about the same. We will be pleased to host you. You may give us a call at +91 40 3999 3999, and we shall fix an appointment at a place convenient to you.


Current Distance To Jubilee Hills To Cyber Towers Hitec City To Kukatpally on NH9 8 km 5 km 3 km

Distance on Proposed Road 4 km 1.2 km 4 km

Cybercity, Green Hills, Near Hitec MMTS,

On IDL Road, KPHB, Hyderabad - 500 072.

Ph: +91 40 3999 3999, Fax: +91 40 3999 3943 Email: [email protected]