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  • The student news publication of Walnut Hills High SchoolVolume CX, Issue 13 Friday April 29, 2016

    Earth Jam 2016


    1 Jr. high2 3

    Collage by Augusta Battoclette, 17, SENIORS Isabella Pittman and Veronica Victa





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    APRIL 29, 2016PAGE 2


    Happy Birthday, Rome! A toga celebrationMatthew Youkilis, 19

    The Romans and Carthaginians come to the battle line, preparing for the signal to begin their epic fight. When the signal is given, they pelt their enemies with every object they can find, trying to gain the upper hand and lead their side to victory. The battle rages on, in-tense, both sides thinking they are beginning to overcome their foes until they are hit With foam balls. Foam balls that were actually slingshotted across the high school gym by teachers wearing togas (the Romans), and students who want to pelt their teachers (the Carthaginians). These festivities were in celebra-tion of Romes birthday, generally recognized as April 21. However, scholars are unsure whether Rome was founded in 752 B.C. or 753 B.C. The celebration also included el-ements such as Little Caesars pizza during lunch and students and fac-ulty wearing togas to school. However, there was a reason to the festivities beyond just wearing togas. Assistant Principal Kathy

    Restle, who organized the event, said, Were trying to celebrate the classics. Because thats what the heart of our school and what our classical education is about. We thought this is so important to us. Why not have some fun celebrat-ing Latin? And many students did appear to have fun. I like it because we get food, and we get to pelt teach-ers with balls, Lia Shapiro, 18 said. I think it was entertaining to watch people dress up in togas and walk around the building wearing them. SENIOR Alex Foley was in charge of the music that played during the battle in the gym and participated in it. I think its a re-ally good way to incorporate the traditional culture of our school with a fun, spirited way for us to get goofy and have fun, Foley said. Although Toga Day was a great event for Walnut, it could have been even better if rain had not poured in during it. The event was planned to be outside in the Coliseum (North Stadium) and include water balloons instead of balls.

    Executive BoardPresident: Adam Sella

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    DISCLAIMER: Brianna Jones, 17, Nick Robertson, 19, Maham Usmani, 19, Pavan Yaddanapudi, 17 and Mat-thew Youkilis, 19 are members of The


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    The Chatterbox has been guar-anteed the right of freedom of the press through the First Amendment of the United States Constitution. The administration of Walnut Hills High School is thus bound to sup-port and protect the Chatterboxs inalienable rights as a free press. As an integral part of the Walnut Hills High School community, the Chatterbox has the responsibility to report in the most comprehensive and objective manner possible. Students, parents, faculty, and administrators

    are encouraged to use this publication as a forum to express any ideas or con-cerns, whether they be personal or of local, national, or international scope. Journalists are required to work un-der established guidelines. Invasion of privacy as a means of news gathering is prohibited. Articles found to be dis-criminatory, libelous, or unnecessarily obscene (as determined by the editors or the advisor) will not be published. Finally, journalists are granted the right to keep private the name of a source from whom they received informa-

    tion with the understanding that the source was to remain anonymous. The role of the newspaper advisor will be to provide counsel and criticism pertaining to the newspapers content and production. Although both the advisor and the administration hold certain powers regarding the Chatter-box, both must respect the papers au-tonomy. No student shall be prevent-ed from joining the staff on the basis of sex, race, creed or national origin.

    The Chatterbox Policy Statement

    Ibrahim Munir, 19

    Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind, and therefore is winged Cupid painted blind. This is one of the famous lines from A Midsummer Nights Dream, the basis for the theme of this years prom. Prom was held at the Cintas Center, and was covered in ornate, Shakespearean-themed decorations. The theme was chosen because prom was on the day of Shakespeares 400th an-niversary of his death. It may have also been influenced by English teacher Kelsey June, who was the advisor for the event. Everyone came dressed their

    best, the guys in suave suits and the girls in fancy dresses. One of the main events of the night was the announcement of the prom court winners. This year, a new voting process was used, similar to how the student congress elections were done. Seniors and juniors voted for prom king, queen, prince and princess through Black-board in their English classes. There were many nominees for the four positions. Nominees were chosen by being voted in by a club or sport they participate in. Clubs and sports such as Model UN, The Chatterbox, Jewish Culture Club, basketball, The Rembrancer, FCA, cheerleading and People for Ani-

    mal Welfare all nominated a senior or junior for prom court. There were six nominations for king, six for queen, two for prince and four for princess. In the end, SENIOR DJ Benson was crowned prom king, with SENIOR Bea Newberry as his queen. Chase Davis, 17, and Kamala Nelson, 17, won prom prince and princess. The night was filled with extravagant decora-tions, creative dancing and color-ful outfits and seniors got to enjoy their last dance of high school in the company of friends, and it was a dance to remember.

    ALLIE BERDING/CHATTERBOXPHOTO COURTESY OF CHASE DAVISOn the left, prom prince Chase Davis, 17 and princess Kamala Nelson, 17 stand wearing their royal crowns. On the right are SENIORs DJ Benson and Bea Newberry. prom king and queen. Juniors and seniors voted for prom court in their English classes before the event.

    Im disappointed because we wanted to be outside. These sling-shots go 200 yards with water bal-loons, Restle said. But I think it was fun. Weve got a lot of stress with testing and everything and AP tests coming its fun to have some fun as a school. Restle also said that administra-tion is considering having another

    event later in the spring with the slingshots and water balloons. Nevertheless, Toga Day was a very interesting, fun celebration to add to the school calendar. Most students enjoyed seeing their friends and teachers dressed up in

    togas and getting Little Caesars piz-za during lunch. The event seemed to achieve the goal of combining classics and the traditions of Walnut with a very enjoyable experience.

    LUKE WARREN/CHATTERBOXAlum Kendall Fitzgerald, 14, fires the sling shot as the opposing Carthaginians students attack.

    Crowning the Court of 2016


    APRIL 29, 2016PAGE 3


    Elise Fritts, 16

    Can fitness be fabulous? Most fitness trackers can be identified from across the room with clunky designs, usually worn around the wrist, that favor functionality over fashion. Jawbone, Garmin and Fitbit are a few companies that may have found out how to make fitness trackers fashionable.

    Jawbone Up2: Ranging from $67 to $100 (depending on model and color), the Up2 is one of the cheaper options when it comes to fitness trackers. But with the cheaper price, you give up some key features.

    The Up2 tracks st