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  • Electric Nut Management/Booking

    Aaron Walker 5742 N 35th St.

    Milwaukee, WI 53209 262-389-8120

    [email protected]

    Contact Information

  • Dear Sir or Madame,

    My name is Aaron, owner of Electric Nut Booking & Management, and I am submitting a press kit for one of the top artists I represent, the Charles Walker Band, along with their latest CD, Ghetto Prophet. The Charles Walker Bands music is a fusion of funk and soul, with positivity dominating their lyrical content. Their chemistry and love of music is obvious the minute the band steps on stage, and their interaction and energy holds everyone who comes to see them. The band also has a formidable internet presence, with over 2.1 million views on their music video Soul Deep and over 5600 likes on Facebook. The band has been reviewed as sensational by such magazines as Billboard, Living Blues, and Blues Review Magazine. The three piece band has won multiple awards and shared the stage with such legends as BB King, The Commodores and Earth, Wind & Fire. Their experience, professionalism, positive energy, and world class stage performance make them an act worth watching. Please enjoy the enclosed CD and contact me at 262-389-8210 or at [email protected] with any additional questions. Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Aaron Walker Electric Nut Booking/Management

  • Electric Nut Booking/Management Aaron Walker

    262-389-8120 [email protected]

    Deliciously Stanky. Dynamically Funky. Recklessly Hopeful. Grounded in soul, the Charles Walker Band has been

    compared to Prince, Bruno Mars, The Brand New Heavys, and James Brown. The Milwaukee based band has refined their sound into Neo-Funk, a fusion of funk infused rhythms with pop melodies. The three-piece band rehearses tirelessly in Charles basement, amidst couches and low ceilings, Charles having to stoop the entire time. Surprisingly, at the bands shows, there are no fans. There is only family. The question posed at the beginning of the first song is, Are we family or not? The band evokes positive energy to their family members, who say they always feel better than when they arrived. The Charles Walker Band is Deliciously Stanky. Dynamically Funky. Recklessly Hopeful.

    Charles grew up literally in the middle of nowhere. Surrounded by dairy farms and apple orchards, the closest town ten miles away, he found music in six grade. After being presented with various instruments, he desperately wanted to play trombone. However, his music teacher declared he had the perfect mouth for saxophone, and his career was started. Walker, now also keyboardist and vocalist in the band, started the Charles Walker Band 15 years ago, initially as a blues band. When Porsche Carmon joined, a Columbus, OH native and female vocalist, bassist, and hand percussionist in the band, the sound begin to shift towards funk. Eventually, Charles and Porsche became a couple, and together laugh, cry, and argue about how best to plan shows that compete with cell phones and tablets. As a testament to their ability to create an engaging show, one of the bands family said at Milwaukees Summerfest, I had to go to the bathroom for two hours but held it because I didnt want to miss a minute!

    The core of the Charles Walker Band is a three piece band. Besides Charles and Porsche, Paris Howard nails down the drums.

    The group has opened for national acts including Earth Wind & Fire, the Commodores, BB King, Cameo, Aaron Neville, and Richard Marx. They have been featured on Fox News, NBC Live in the Morning, The Morning Blend, Discover Wisconsin, were the featured artist on the Blues Review and Soul Bag sampler CDs, being nominated five years in a row for best soul/R&B act by WAMI, winning in 2013.

    Counting Ghetto Prophet, the band has released eight albums, each an evolution of sound while retaining roots in positivity. Walker says of Ghetto Prophet, released on Ehlona Records, One in a Million, where the albums title originates, tells the story of an impoverished child becoming a success. This child ignores his circumstances because his vision is strong. He holds onto the belief that his dream is possible. That he could be that one in a million. Ultimately he represents the greatness in us all.

    Band Bio

    pop hooks galore, a razor-sharp funk rhythm section, a solid work ethic and a star-caliber singer Jack Walton, South Bend Tribune chops are strongcommand of the genre is certifiable, and who generate excitement at every turn. Jeff Tamarkin, Billboard

  • Electric Nut Booking/Management

    Aaron Walker 262-389-8120

    [email protected]

    Musical Style: Neo Funk Sounds Like: Prince, Brand New Heavys, Bruno Mars,

    James Brown, Stevie Wonder, Chaka Khan Hometown: Milwaukee, WI Band Formed: July 2004 Discography:

    o Reckless n Young (2017) o Ghetto Prophet (2014) o Relentless (2013) o Resouled (2012) o Used & Defiant (2009) o The World & Things (2008) o Live & Low Down (2007) o Hotel Room Blues (2006) o Keep Takin (2005)

    Band Members: o Charles Walker (Lead Vocals/Keys/Sax) o Porsche Carmon (Lead Vocals/Congas/Bass) o Paris Howard (Drums)

    Major Events/Venues: o Boom Boom Room San Francisco, CA o The Mint Los Angeles, CA o Casino Aztar Evansville, IN o Cape May Jazz Festival Cape May, NJ o House of Blues Chicago, IL o Funk N Waffles Indianapolis, IN o Shrine World Music NY, NY

    o Rhythm & Brews Festival Manhattan, KS o BBs Jazz, Blues & Soup St. Louis, MO o Knuckleheads Kansas City, MO o Oneida Casino Oneida, WI o Beloit College Folk & Blues Beloit, WI o Bourbon St Blues & Boogie Nashville, TN o Big Bull Falls Festival Wausau, WI o Nat. Indian Gaming Ass. San Diego, CA o Harrahs Casino Metropolis, IL o Park City Arts Festival Park City, UT o Skullys Columbus, OH o Venkmans Atlanta, GA o Levitt Pavilion Bethlehem, PA o Blues at the Crossroads Terra Haute, IN o The Wind Jammer Isle of Palms, SC o IF Performance Ankara, Turkey o Shaft Music Hall Istanbul, Turkey

    Opened for: o Commodores o BB King o Buddy Guy o Earth Wind & Fire o Cameo o Aaron Neville o Mavis Staples o Booker T o Richard Marx

    Reckless n Young was #1 on Amazons Contemporary R&B for 3 days Nov. 2017 Nominated for WAMI Best Soul/R&B Act 2012-2017, winning in 2013 Soul Deep Music Video hit over 2 million views in 2013 Endorsed by Fiberreed since 2014 Song placement in the video game Rockstar Rising Feb. 2013 Featured in opening sequence of the NBC show The Morning Blend

    Band Fact Sheet


  • Electric Nut Booking/Management Aaron Walker

    262-389-8120 [email protected]

    Their sound appeals to me personally as I am a huge EWF, Sly, Stevie and Prince Fan.

    Roy Elkins, Broadjam President, Oct. 2017 Tight, classy, kick assDeep grooving, high energy musicMusic to season your soul with

    John Noyd, Maximum Ink, Sept. 2015 [A] Soul/Funk juggernaut. Uptown Funk might give it to you, but Charles Walker & Co.s Soul will lift you spirits, engage your head, move your ass, work you up, melt you down and mold you into a better version of you.

    Brian Baker, City Beat (Cincinnati) - May 2015 extremely strong melodies, stellar arrangementsWalkers Prince affections come strongly to the fore

    Rick Tvedt, Local Sounds (Madison) - Sept. 2014 Walker.took vocal duties and the beat felt more soulful. Walkers saxophone playing was incredible. His solo included him strolling through the crowd...basically posing for pictures while he wowed the entire crowd.

    Jordan Rowan, The Campus Eye (Minneapolis) - Nov. 2015 This is a band that is best enjoyed livethe best compliment that you can give to a funk band.

    Soul Tracks (Blog), - March 2013 chops are strongcommand of the genre is certifiable, and who generate excitement at every turn

    Jeff Tamarkin, Billboard The entire album grooves deeply.proving the bands tremendous geniusdiversity, spontaneity, and wholly gratifying, this [band] appeals to a wide spectrum of listeners.

    Marc Loison, Soul Bag Magazine (France) - Dec. 09 You guys sounded good.

    Robert Cray, Robert Cray Band I found this CD very enjoyable, with some strong playing...good writing and playing and strong vocals.

    Bruce Iglaurer, President of Alligator Records

    Band Press Sheet

  • Electric Nut Booking/Management

    Aaron Walker 262-389-8120

    [email protected]

    One in a Million (Original) [Minneapolis Funk]

    Cant Hide Love (Original) [Funk]

    H8RS (Original) [Pop]

    When Doves Cry (Cover) [Prince]

    Keep Takin (Original) [Blues]

    Damn (Original) [Minneapolis Funk]

    Drive that Funky Soul (James Brown) [Funk]

    Is You (Original) [Soul]

    Stones in My Passway (Cover) [Rock Funk]

    60 Minute Setlist

  • Charles Walker Band Sound Board Input List

    Act: Charles Walker Band

    Contact: Aaron Walker

    Phone: 262-389-8120

    Channel Input Mic Stand

    1 Center Stage Vocal SM 58 or better (Wireless perferred) Straight 2 Center Stage Right Vocal SM 58 or better (Wireless perferred) Boom 3 Center Stage Right Conga #1 SM57 or better Clip on (provided) 4 Center Stage Right Conga #2 SM57 or better Clip on (provided) 5 Center Stage Left Keyboard #1 Direct Box (needed) 6 Center Stage Left Keyboard #2 Direct Box (needed) 7 Center Stage Left Keyboard #3 Direct Box (needed) 8 Center Stage Left Vocal SM 58 or better (Wireless perferred) Boom 9 Center Stage Left Saxophone Wireless DI (Provided)

    10 Down Stage Left Bass Guitar DI 11 Down Stage Center Kick Drum Short boom 12 Down Stage Center Hi Hat Boom 13 Down Stage Center Snare Drum Boom or clip on 14 Down Stage Center Rack Tom Clip on 15 Down Stage Center Floor Tom Clip on or boom 16 Down Stage Center Drum Area Tall Boom

  • Electric Nut Booking/Management Aaron Walker

    262-389-8120 [email protected]

    STAFF The band requires a qualified sound engineer, stage technician and lights technician. SOUND & LIGHTING The band prefers an overall natural sound with minimal processing and effects. The drums should not have clicky attack sounds and please use gates only when unavoidable and with great care. The female singer has a very large dynamic range so please use compression, light delay, and light reverberation. The male singer should have light delay and light reverberation. Saxophone should not have any effects except light delay and reverb. Lighting can be discussed during sound check though it is important there is adequate lighting for the bass player to see her basss fretboard. Please refrain from any fog use. SOUND CHECK A minimum of sixty minutes for sound check included set up is required, with ninety minutes being idea. ARRIVAL Please provide detailed directions two weeks before the date of the show with the complete address of the venue and a telephone contact. The band needs a safe parking space for the van close to the venue. Please provide arrival, sound check, doors-open and on-stage times. The promoter or another authorized person should be at the venue at arrival time. FOOD & DRINK One vegetarian meal (no meat, no fish, cheese and dairy are fine) [buy out available] Two other meals [buy out available] A minimum of six bottles of cooled, non-carbonated water and three bottles of room temperature water Six cans/bottles of cooled drinks (soda, mix of regular and diet) and four cans of Monster (white can) [buy out available] Hot chamomile tea Breakfast for see persons in the morning after the show, one being vegetarian [buy out available] BACKSTAGE Please provide a room for the band to rest and change wardrobe in with a sofa, table, chairs, a mirror and a sink SLEEP Two rooms will be provided, each room with one queen or larger beds. MERCHANDISING Please provide a table of approx. 1.5m in length and a small light for merchandising, located in the same room as the stage. Please provide personnel (1-2) to sell merchandise before, during and after the performance.

    Tech Rider