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I am looking for employment or assignments in marketing and communication in social media. Industry plays a minor role but I prefer that you have business ethics and social responsibility or want to develop it together. My vision is to create innovative sustainable solutions for children, adolescents, the elderly, the sick and future generations. The mission is to cooperate with all competent, creative and inspiring people to create innovative solutions that enable organizations and individuals to develop continuously. Values​​: all people are equal all change begins with ourselves we live to learn and help other

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  • Curriculum Vitae Christer Edman Flygarvgen 10 175 69 Jrflla Sweden Phone: +46 760 405088 E-mail: [email protected] Website: Christer Edman's Summary Christer is commited to a hundred per cent and is very dedicated to his mission. He keeps updated and manage his thesis in an educational and dynamic way. He is an innovative and curious person who is both convincing and selling - all combined with his great empathy. He is a great judge of character and a warm personality that can easily get a confidence. Christer will not give up when he gets a tough resistance, but will get people involved and active through a positive dialogue. He is easygoing, creative, and sees the big picture in a business, with a goal to always bring something new. He has strong motivations, practices what he preaches, and is a determined and resourceful person with excellent industry knowledge. He is an instant thinker, flexible, with an ability to differentially able to inspire those he works with. He is extremely professional, loyal to the mission and inspire the moment of his vision describing more the future opportunities that he would rather see, than the problems along the way. (12 colleagues, customers, and business partners) Specialties Certified Networker Social media strategies ValuesOnline facilitator Communication Strategies Community Coaching Innovation Management
  • Curriculum Vitae Christer Edman's Experience Creative Entrepreneur, Creman (Self-employed) Self-Employed; Information Technology and Services industry April 1987 Present (27 years 1 month) Project Manager, Hallstaviks Network September 2010 December 2012 (2 years 4 months) Advisory Project Manager (SAP) - ThinkPlace, Innovation Catalyst Lead, IBM Svenska AB Public Company; 10,001+ employees; IBM; Information Technology and Services industry September 2003 June 2010 (6 years 10 months) Business developer & IT Support, Ericsson Public Company; 10,001+ employees; ERIC; Telecommunications industry September 2000 August 2003 (3 years) Logistic Manager, Konftel Group January 2000 August 2000 (8 months) Teacher, Resco Utbildning AB,Sweden September 1999 December 1999 (4 months) Purchaser, Mici Elektronik AB, Sweden April 1995 April 1999 (4 years 1 month) Warehouse Manager, Bewator Division, Scandia Metric AB Privately Held; 51-200 employees; Security and Investigations industry April 1994 March 1995 (1 year) Logistics and Purchase Manager, Peridot AB September 1990 May 1992 (1 year 9 months) Christer Edman's Education Referrals for Life Certified Networker, Marketing through referrals & effective business networking 2012 2012 Boom Social - Kim Garst Social Media Strategies 2011-2012 ValuesOnline Leadership Centre ValuesOnline facilitator, Selfleadership and Values, 2011 2012 Jrflla Komvux - Municipal adult education Web production
  • Curriculum Vitae 1998 1998 M3B AB Lateral Thinking and Six Thinking Hats 1997 1997 Nordic Business Institute (NBI) Logistics management 1996 1996 Christer Edman's Volunteer Experience & Causes The International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers July 2013 2013 Social Media Strategy Team Sweden, Digital Sunrise EU (DSEU) Helping small and medium-sized enterprises generate incremental revenue by expanding their businesses across the EU, by leveraging alternative growth strategies and creating 2 Million jobs by 2016 2012 Present Country Partner, International Child Art Foundation Nonprofit; 11-50 employees; Philanthropy industry 2011 Present (3 years) Sweden Assistant Public Image Coordinator Zone 15, Rotary District #2350 Club #Jrflla April 2011 2014 Jrflla, Sweden Amnesty International Plan International