Customized Game-Based Learning with Memarden

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Customized Game-Based Learning

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Learn how Memarden allows extremely fast creation and customization of lessons, and then converts those lessons into a variety of interactive games. How does this process help to engage students and improve outcomes? What is the effect on Blended Learning of customizing the lesson to the teacher's face-to-face teaching style?

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  • Customized Game-Based Learning
  • Copyright Memarden 2013 . All World Rights Reserved Imagine a world where: Teachers can create interactive multimedia lessons in minutes Students are eager to learn with games and activities they love Lessons are user translated, so they can be shared across the world Imagine the Future Be the change that you wish to see in this world - Mahatma Gandhi
  • Copyright Memarden 2013 . All World Rights Reserved An e-learning platform that: Excites students with games, quizzes, and other activities Empowers teachers to create their own multi-media lessons in minutes Is web-based and runs on PC, Mac, tablets, phones, and smart boards. Reports on student activity and success Has a social network that allows teachers, students, parents and administrators to communicate What is Memarden?
  • Copyright Memarden 2013 . All World Rights Reserved Students Learn When Learning Is Fun Every lesson can be taken as games, quizzes and activities Games are customized by the teacher, so they are really homework but fun Appeal to different ages and learning styles with different games Translate lessons to any language Students can create their own lessons and games
  • Copyright Memarden 2013 . All World Rights Reserved Put Teachers In the Drivers Seat Teachers create interactive multimedia lessons, in minutes, in any language Online lessons are aligned with their face-to-face teaching style and content Generate detailed reports on students activity Share reports on student outcomes with parents
  • Copyright Memarden 2013 . All World Rights Reserved Student-Centered Learning Students choose the games or activities they like Teachers can customize lessons for students strengths and weaknesses Students can create their own lessons Students can add to a teachers lesson, with their permission Groups of students can research a subject, and provide their results as multi-media lessons
  • Copyright Memarden 2013 . All World Rights Reserved Assess Without Stress Tests are stressful and can evoke a threat response Motivate students via immediate, stigma-free feedback in games and activities Get detailed reports and charts on students strengths and weaknesses Share reports and charts with parents on the internal social network
  • Copyright Memarden 2013 . All World Rights Reserved Blended Learning Customize online lessons to fit face- to-face learning Support every step in the blended learning lifecycle Collaborate using the integrated social network Use multi-media and games to drive engagement
  • Copyright Memarden 2013 . All World Rights Reserved Flip the Classroom Support Flipped Classrooms using video, audio and document lessons at home Support homework activities and games in the classroom and at home Flip back and forth between instruction and work activities in the classroom, and at home as your students need
  • Copyright Memarden 2013 . All World Rights Reserved Differentiated Instruction Customize lessons, in minutes, to support unique abilities or challenges Design, implement and monitor Individualized Education Plans (IEP) Detailed reporting helps identify and monitor students with special needs
  • Copyright Memarden 2013 . All World Rights Reserved Unique Advantages Teachers and students can create lessons in minutes Automatically convert lessons to games, quizzes and activities, making learning fun! Simple lesson customization lets teachers align online and face-to-face learning Integrated with persistent discussions on a safe integrated social network All with detailed reports on activity and outcomes
  • Copyright Memarden 2013 . All World Rights Reserved Educational Gaming Research 1. SRI study showed 5.5% higher math evaluation scores for students who learned with game-like on-line exercises 2. 95% of teachers in a Chinese study of 3500 students said that digital games improved student motivation 3. Scottish study of 19 schools concluded that game based learning improved student engagement 4. Fordham University study showed that playing a new game improved cognitive and perceptual skills in young students 5. ONR study shows that game players perform 10-20% higher in terms of perceptual and cognitive ability 6. Univ of Rochester professor believes that gamers show real world improvements in tests for accuracy, vision, attention, and multitasking 7. 2010 study (Marzano) notes a 20% gain in test scores associated with the use of games in the classroom