Customized cable solutions for airport safety, security and … · solutions, from Category 5e to...

Customized cable solutions for airport safety, security and efficiency

Transcript of Customized cable solutions for airport safety, security and … · solutions, from Category 5e to...

Customized cable solutions

for airport safety, security and efficiency

Scheduled passenger traffic ofairlines is currently growing atabout 5% a year, with the Asia-Pacific region continuing to leadthe world (14% domestically).Air freight has been increasingby some 7-8% annually and isbound to triple in the comingyears. These trends have had animportant impact on passengerand cargo airport infrastructureon all continents.

New, large airports are beingbuilt everywhere, while existingfacilities are undergoing massiveupgrades, not only to accommo-date growth, but to handle a newgeneration of super jets, likethe Airbus 380. Currently, thereare nearly 300 projects to buildor refurbish airports worldwide,including 40 major hubs whichwill function as “aerotropolises”containing massive warehousing,office buildings, commercialareas, and multimodal trans-portation facilities.

As an aviation administration,airport authority, designer,engineering prime contractor,operational manager, or industrialOEM, you are constantly dealingwith complexity and pressuresof a fast-paced global business.To achieve the highest levels ofsafety and security, you needenhanced equipment, systemsand networks to assure safe take-offs, landings and ground/aircontrol, and smooth passengerprocessing in terminals.

You want to secure a steadyenergy supply, reinforce opera-tional efficiency, and deliverimportant customer services,from wireless communicationsto entertainment, all of whichdepend on the reliability andperformance of your cableinfrastructure.

What airports expectfrom cable manufacturers:

• Cables, components andsystems to enhance safetyand fire performance

• Security throughout theairport for baggagehandling, passenger control,anti-intrusion

• Efficient, robust, compatibleand upgradeable energy and telecommunicationsnetworks

• Ability to handle rapidexpansion due to new Airbus380 and passenger growth

• Advanced IT solutions, like Video-Over-IP andenhanced LAN networking

• Delivery, installation, and maintenance anywherein the world

Changes in the air…

…call for new cable solutions on the ground

Our twin expertise in energyand telecommunications allowsus to find hybrid or comple-mentary answers, drawing onproducts developed for otherindustrial, infrastructure andbuilding markets. For example,the autonomous power andcommunication networks of theairport must connect to the cityor country networks and useproducts which are compliantwith the local standards of powerutilities and telecom operators.

Nexans expertise for security, reliabilityand efficiency

• Complete range of productsfor “greenfield” airports andrefurbishing existing facilities

• Next-generation networks for biometric applications, Industrial Ethernet, and air traffic control

Energy and information are atthe core of your airport opera-tions, and are critical to issueslike security, efficiency, safety,service and economic viability.In turn, the systems and softwareneeded to run airports dependon reliable cabling.

Nexans supplies a completerange of cables and accessoriesfor all of your airport infra-structures, from key energy andcommunication networks toairfield ground lighting, baggagehandling, bridge cabling andaircraft power handoff at aircraftparking areas. We can providea complete cable package foran entire airport, includingstandard and special cables,connectivity, and active com-ponents.

• Advanced energy networks with emergency power capability and connection to national grids.

• Preliminary layout, design, technical assistance, installation and maintenance training

• Fire-performance cables for public safety, and low EMI for data transmission security

• Reliable delivery through dedicated logistics, and plant capacity worldwide

• Full conformity with aviation legislation and specificationsworldwide

HV/MV XLPE undergroundcables and jointsFor underground ducts or galle-ries to maintain reliable powerfor all vital airport applications.Cold-shrink joints make installa-tion easier.These cables and joints currentlyequip Madrid Barajas and Korea’s Incheon airports, and are being installed in SheremetyevoInternational Airport in Moscow.

LV and MV cablesA wide range of cables and wiresfor overall energy supply, forlighting, heating, air conditioning,parking areas, etc. Special versions include flat cables formodular lighting in corridors,and prewired conduits. These cables fully comply withall international standards, andare widely used in airportsaround the world.

Fire-performance cablesFire-reaction cables (up to 1 kV)prevent fire propagation andreduce smoke emission; fire-resistant cables provide LVpower for alarms, smoke eva-cuation, lighting, sprinklers andsafety lighting systems whichcontinue to operate during a fire.Nexans’ fire-performance cablesare used in Barcelona, Charles-de-Gaulle (Paris), Nice and Bâle-Mulhouse airports.

Heating cables and matsNexans heating cables provideroof de-icing and subsurfaceheating for outdoor public areas,including entrances, car rampsand parking areas.Used in Nordic countries, Chinaand North America to eliminatesnow accumulation and ice,Nexans heating cables havealready obtained important ULcertification.

Primary circuit (5 kV)Located between ConstantCurrent Regulators (CCRs) andtransformers on the runways,these durable, watertight cablesare available in several XLPEinsulated versions with PVC, PEor XLPE sheaths; they are ideal forducts, trenches or direct burial.Nexans supplied 2,700 km ofprimary circuit cables to AbuDhabi (UAE), 1,500 km toJeddah (Saudi Arabia), and1,600 km to Hong Kong (China)International Airports.

Secondary circuitThis highly flexible multiple 2-corestandard rubber cable providesshort spans for 1,000 voltconnections between runwaytransformers and lamps.Installed in airports in Europe,the Middle East and East-Asia,a complete range of secondarycircuit cables can be deliveredin extremely short timeframes.Nexans is the only cable com-pany manufacturing both primaryand secondary circuit cables.

Flexible halogen-freecontrol and power cablesThese fire-retardant cables pro-vide signalling, control andpower supply for conveyor belts,motors, sensors, x-rays and sor-ters. Not only do they protectpersonnel and equipment fromsmoke and corrosive gases,they can safely operate in tem-peratures up to 90° C.Nexans delivered 4,200 km ofpower and control cables forMadrid-Barajas Airport Terminal 4,and 1,900 km of cables forDubai’s passenger and cargoterminals.

Flexible halogen-free bus cablesThree kinds of bus cable areavailable: Profibus, Asi Bus, andHybrid Bus for baggage hand-ling, and other applications likesecurity, surveillance, buildingmanagement, and climatecontrol, etc.For Beijing’s International Airport,Nexans provided some 230 kmof bus cables.

Plastic optical fiberBecause of its large core, POFis easy to install and offersadvantages of small bendingradius, and high mechanicalstrength in vibrating environ-ments.To take advantage of the latestbaggage handling technologies,Beijing Airport installed some80 km of plastic optical fiber inits network.

Flexible PVC control and power cablesAn economical standard productfor baggage handling operations,where confined space and highdensity buildings do not pose a risk.PVC control and power cableswere used for the expansion ofVietnam’s Tan Son Nhat Airport.

LAN/WAN cabling systemsFiber for both backbones andhorizontal cabling; and coppersolutions, from Category 5e toCategory 6a and 7a for hori-zontal cabling. Because of theneed for long runways andstrategically-placed buildings,airports have campus-likerequirements which are bestmet with combined fiber andcopper.Nexans solutions allow largehubs to operate over longerdistances and at higher dataspeeds. Incheon InternationalAirport in Korea, and Changi inSingapore both use our cablesand systems, as well as JFK’sJet Blue terminal, and PhoenixArizona’s Sky Harbor International.

Active equipment, networking systems and accessoriesIntelligent switches and convertersfor cable ducts, workstationsand outside installations; FastEthernet and Gigabit Ethernetcapacity for fiber and copper-based network infrastructures.In Germany’s Cologne-BonnAirport, Nexans active networksolutions are omnipresent: frombaggage handling and transport,to administrative buildings,wireless and other outdoorapplications. They have alsobeen installed at Frankfurt,Munich and Düsseldorf airports.

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…for all airport functions



Optical fiber cables and interconnecting componentsMultimode and singlemodecables can be used as backbonesfor Voice-Data-Image and controlapplications within all-digitalnetworks of modern airportsbased on Internet Protocolconvergence. Fiber eliminatesElectromagnetic Interference(EMI) in dense and “electricallypolluted” environments.Nexans supplies optical fibercables for Madrid BarajasAirport, and Optical DistributionMainframes for network manage-ment at Charles-de-Gaulle airportin Paris.

Intelligent InfrastructureManagement (IIM)IIM enhances visibility of airportnetworks by automaticallymapping, locating, reportingand alerting on any event.Information from the networklayer provides 100% accuraterecords of cable routing, connec-tivity, device identification, statusand location, etc. Nexans LANsense IIM is beingused at Korea’s IncheonInternational Airport to monitorand control the communicationsnetwork within an intelligentbuilding infrastructure.

Bus, Batibus and Profibus cablesProvide signal transmission forcontrolling measurement andindustrial applications in themaintenance hangar workshops;also used for building manage-ment: from security and lightingto indoor climate control.Omnipresent in the airportenvironment for controllingmaintenance machinery andvital airport functions.

VDI, CCTV and VOIP cablesVoice-Data-Image (VDI), CCTVand Video-Over-IP cables arebeing integrated on one platformto assure all surveillance andaccess functions. A fiber link(sometimes with coaxial cables)handles multiple cameraswhere distance is a factor.For sharp digital images andluggage tracking, IP cameraswill eventually replace expensiveCCTV cameras.

Bridge cablesStatic and mobile bridges (bet-ween aircraft and the passengergates) require reliable controland energy cables. Nexanscables meet national standards,a wide voltage range and extremetemperature criteria.Nexans offers a full range ofbridge cables according to VDE,CC (Chinese), CSA, UL, andHAR (European Harmonization)standards, one of the fewmanufacturers to do so. Thesecables operate safely in thehottest and coldest climates.


400 Hertz cablesNexans manufactures two typesof cables to hand off power toaircraft while parked: unshieldedand shielded PVC cables whichare in fixed installations in ductsrunning between the terminalbuilding and the gate or groundsocket; and shorter cables, witha rubber or PUR outer sheath,which can connect via the bridge,mobile tenders or service vehicles. Nexans cables meet the strictestcivil aviation standards forground power supply.


GLOBAL EXPERTISEAs a cable supplier servingdiverse vertical markets,Nexans not only followsworld airport trends fromthe inside, it develops best-of-class solutions especially customized for the demanding airport environment.

LOCAL PRESENCEBecause Nexans is presentaround the world, the inter-national airport businessalways has experts close at hand, speaking their language, familiar with the challenges they face,and being able to draw on both local and company-wide resources. Fast, reliablesupply, and correct installationare a priority.

TECHNICAL LEADERSHIPA high-tech internationalhub, often built by an inter-national consortium, requiresstate-of-the-art products,especially in the area ofspecial cables (e.g. for fire-performance and data reliability). With itsCompetence and ResearchCenters, Nexans has alwaysremained one step ahead.

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With energy as the basis of its development, Nexans,the worldwide leader in the cable industry, offers anextensive range of cables and cabling systems. The Groupis a global player in the infrastructure, industry, buildingand Local Area Network markets. Nexans addresses aseries of market segments: from energy, transport andtelecom networks to shipbuilding, oil & gas, nuclear power,automotives, electronics, aeronautics, material handlingand automation. With an industrial presence in more than 30 countriesand commercial activities worldwide, Nexans employs22,000 people and had sales in 2007 of 7.4 billion euros.Nexans is listed on Euronext Paris, compartment A.