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Curadebt offers multiple debt relief services for individuals struggling with credit card debt and other types of unsecured debt. As of July 2014 they have been in business for 14 years and they have an A rating with the Better Business Bureau. If you're interested in learning more about Curadebt, you can their full review on at the link in the slides above.

Transcript of CuraDebt Review

  • CuraDebt Financial Solutions!
  • Located in Florida, and with 14 years in the business, CuraDebt can help tailor a program for your specic needs. Their longevity in the industry sets them apart from many other debt reduction companies.! Who They Are?!
  • Debt Settlement ! Debt Management! ! Services Offered!
  • One thing we found reassuring is that they offer solutions for those that have both personal and business debt. You can get help with either alone, or merge them together into one customized program.! Other Services Offered!
  • Do They Offer Debt! Management Resources?! Blog - updated last April 2014 ! Debt Related Links!
  • What happens when you pay your minimum payments only! Filing bankruptcy! Debt Management! Debt Consolidation! Debt Settlement! Other Options! More Resources! They have quite a bit of information regarding the following scenarios that a debt counselor can help you with:!
  • This is not an accredited business at the time of this reviews (July 2014 see their prole on the BBB to insure nothing has changed).! A Rating! Only 4 complaints closed within the last three years.! 1 complaint was for advertising and sales issues, and 3 were for problems with product or service.! BBB Rating!
  • A 15% retainer is required when you enroll.! A one time fee of $150 gets the process started.! For $20k credit card debt, the monthly payment we were quoted would be $392.46 with a term of 33 months.! Each situation is different, contact them for exact pricing for your particular situation.! What Do They Charge?!
  • You are not bound by your agreement with CuraDebt so you can cancel anytime you choose with no penalties whatsoever. It is not recommended by any debt settlement company because it can further destroy your credit if you arent careful. Your creditors are also not bound by the settlement agreement once you cancel either.! Do They Have a Refund! Policy?!
  • They are very active on the following social media outlets:! ! Facebook! ! Twitter! Google+! Are They Active on Social! Media?!
  • We were on hold for a short time before being directed to a representative who was very friendly. She was quick to give us a price when we asked and she seemed very thorough. She informed us, to the penny, where the money goes and to whom when you are in the program. Generally, their customer service seemed very good.! Customer Service!
  • They customize a program for you so that you can get the easiest solution for your debt problems.! Social Media Activity! Good BBB Rating! Great Customer Service! Free Consultations! Reasonable Pricing! The Good!
  • The Bad! Very few debt education tools.! No accreditation with the BBB (as of July 2014 check back with the BBB to see if there have been any changes)!
  • The Bottom Line! Overall, CuraDebt seems to be an adequate company to handle your debt needs. They have been in business for a long time and seem to be very exible and friendly to work with.! ! We dont however, recommend them as highly as some of the other companies reviewed on!
  • Want to Know More?! If youre interested in learning more, you can nd their full BDC review at the following link: ! ! settlement/curadebt-review/!
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