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A 42 page book which shows how easy it is to feel great every day - and when you thank someone authentically they too will feel great. Here are some suggestions to get you started: 1. Write it in a letter - or in an email; on a card; in a text message; the back of an envelope; or a fortune cookie. Put it in writing, make it personal, go to the effort. 2. Use your words - say it face to face and say it from the heart. Also extra points if you call someone instead of texting and make actual contact rather than leaving a voicemail. 3. Make a mental note - at the end of every day, instead of thinking about all you have to do, count your blessings. Reflect on that which you have (not lack) in your life and feel good about them. 4. This one’s on me - pick up the tab for a meal, coffee or parking. Make it a surprise rather than an expected part of your time together. 5. Gift card - a little amount towards a store, experience or service of interest can say a lot. And there are lot's more easy ways to feel great We believe: - Everyone deserves to have fun, feel good and be happy! - Happiness is a choice, starts with a drop, becomes a ripple and creates a WAVE. - Happiness is amplified when it’s shared. - We are passionate about giving people more good times. - We are in the business of fun! - We have started a HAPPINESS REVOLUTION… one amazing experience at a time.

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  • 1. 5a thanks day A recipe for happiness. Reading this book you will see just how easy it is to make another human beings day and, in doing so, make your day too. Brought to you by Gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder. Gilbert K. Chesterton Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it. William Arthur Ward Count your life by smiles, not tears. John Lennon
  • 2. we are redballoon we believe: - Everyone deserves to have fun, feel good and be happy! - Happiness is a choice, starts with a drop, becomes a ripple and creates a WAVE. - Happiness is amplified when its shared. - We are passionate about giving people more good times. - We are in the business of fun! - We have started a HAPPINESS REVOLUTION one amazing experience at a time. 2 3
  • 3. One by one; gift by gift; thanks by thanks; we can all make a difference to relationships and the way people feel. preface It is now more than ten years since I sat in the front room of my house waiting for a customer to arrive at my brand new businessI was excited and nervous, full of vision and possibility. That day, I wasnt aware that RedBalloon was starting a happiness revolution, one amazing experience at a time. On our journey serving close to two million customers in Australia and New Zealand, I have been fortunate to see inside other businesses, but more importantly, inside other peoples lives particularly around very personal occasions such as births, marriages, anniversaries and celebrations. I have witnessed the rawness of emotion, pure joy and the simplicity of happiness. On my road of discovery I was surprised to learn that Australia does not rank highly on the Happy Planet Index. With this small book I hope to make a contribution to our nations happiness. One by one; gift by gift; thanks by thanks; we can all make a difference to relationships and the way people feel. Happiness is important to all of us, and we are all responsible for how we feel. Over a number of years, via my blog, I have been sharing my findings and musings on how gratitude impacts upon happiness and it is now my privilege to be able to combine and organise them into one reference point. Within these pages youll discover stories and simple insights into how easy it is to make another human beings day by simply saying thank you and in so doing, contribute to happiness. Thank You. Naomi Simson Founding Director, redballoon.com.au National Industry Winner, Ernst & Young Entrpreneur of the Year 2011 National Telstra Business Woman 2008 (Innovation) naomisimson.com 4 5
  • 4. contents chapter 1 - why HAPPINESS is important chapter 2 - CHANGE THE WORLD - ONE THANK YOU AT A TIME chapter 3 - giving thanks by giving of yourself chapter 4 - thank you at work chapter 5 - fivethanksaday.org 6 7
  • 5. chapter 1 why HAPPINESS is important Happiness doesnt depend upon who you are or what you have, it depends solely upon what you think. - Dale Carnegie 8 9
  • 6. Why is happiness important? Happiness is not an end state. It is a choice worth making. After all, choosing happy has some great benefits: Living Longer Studies have found that feeling positive about life, rather than feeling stressed or depressed, contributes to longevity. Negative or pessimistic emotions can spur us to argue by generating fight-or- flight response in the body, mediated by adrenaline and other stress hormones. We experience a completely different physiological response and outlook when we are in a positive frame of mind. Happy people are 39% more likely to live to age 94. Being Healthier If you are happy and satisfied with life, you are more likely to treat your body well. Being happy makes people less likely to over-indulge in activities that adversely affect health, such as smoking, physical inactivity and alcohol consumption. Increased Resilience Happiness and positivity work together. Positive people view the glass as half full, which helps them see and act on options and opportunities. Studies show that people who are positive or happy solve problems better and faster. Their solutions are more inventive and they concentrate better. Greater Relationships If you are happy you are more likely to be married, romantically involved and have multiple close friendships. Which came first? Are you happy because you are in a relationship or are you more likely to be partnered up because you are happy? Both may very well be true. Similarly, people with a higher level of social support are invariably those that are happier. Spending less time alone and more time with others improves wellbeing. 10 11
  • 7. Increased Productivity Happy people = Happy profits. Thomas Wright, professor of organisational behaviour at the University of Nevada, states employee happiness accounts for as much as 10% to 15% of the variance in performance between different workers. In a 40- hour week, that could mean up to three-quarters of an hours lost productivity per day. Gallup tells us that disengaged workers cost billions in lost productivity and organisations with a happy workforce have 20% higher profits. At work, happy people are: 31% more productive 40% more likely to receive a promotion (people like happy people) Have 23% fewer fatigue symptoms (less absenteeism) Up to 10% more engaged at work Happy sales people will produce 37% greater sales 12 13
  • 8. the five pillars of happiness There is no doubt that happiness is different for different people. In fact, one study on the subject concluded that happiness is 50 per cent genetically determined (born that way), 10 per cent attributed to environment (where you are), and 40 per cent modifiable by doing certain things. Although no one can wholly define happiness, most of us recognise it when we see it in others or feel it in ourselves. Normally, no single thing renders happiness, but I believe there are five pillars that contribute to it: 1) FAMILY AND FRIENDS Quality time with people that matter to us is scarce and precious. At RedBalloon we want people to enjoy their friends and family with gusto, love and loyalty. To create memories that can be talked about for years. 2) THE WORK YOU CHOOSE Great satisfaction comes from engaging in a profession where you are valued and brings meaning beyond money. We want everyone to be rewarded and recognised for the work they do. Happy people = happy profits. 3) MAKING OTHER PEOPLE HAPPY Happiness is infectious. There is an undeniably strong link between feeling good and doing things to help other people. 4) WELLBEING Our wellbeing contributes to our sense of happiness. There are five important contributors to individual wellbeing: connectedness, physical health, learning, giving and acknowledgement. Combined, they directly link to our experience of happiness. 5) BEING THANKFUL A huge part of whether or not we feel great comes down to whether we choose to be happy, and taking action to make it happen. By looking for good and being thankful we create more happiness in our life and the lives around us. 14 15
  • 9. GRATITUDE AS A STARTING HAPPINESS PILLAR We all sense happiness differently, and could even apply a scale to the experience: Level One - momentary feelings such as joy or pleasure. Level Two - judgments regarding feelings of wellbeing and satisfaction. Level Three - the quality of life we experience, such as flourishing or fulfillment of ones potential. What I am interested in here in this little book is not so much those moments of joy or pleasure that might be fleeting or pass quickly, but more the sustained experience of lifes satisfaction. Of creating practices for ongoing well-being. Life is imperfect and total bliss is not a reality. There is no such thing as Utopia life is challenging but we do have the power to influence how we accept those challenges and view the world. As humans we have the power of choice. It is liberating to know that life is full of disappointments and struggles for everyone, so we can give up our anxiety that everyone is having a better time than us. Happiness is a choice. The growing body of research is demonstrating that as we become happier, we become better people. As we become happier we become more compassionate, more creative, more energetic, more financially successful, more emotionally and physically healthy. For those of us who are concerned with creating a better world, becoming happier and helping others become happier appears a very effective means to this end. Which is why I believe being thankful is the most important pillar of happiness because looking for good and expr