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  • #CreateShareSustain Sustainable Production and Exhibitions WEBINAR Starting at 10:30am
  • #CreateShareSustain Lucy Latham Environmental Sustainability Co-ordinator
  • #CreateShareSustain Housekeeping 3
  • #CreateShareSustain Agenda Introduction to Julies Bicycle and Culture Change Drivers for change Sustainable exhibitions Sustainable production IG Tools Production tab Further Resources Discussion
  • #CreateShareSustain Julies Bicycle We make environmental sustainability intrinsic to the business, art and ethics of the creative industries. Research Practical tools & resources Collaborative projects Networks & events
  • #CreateShareSustain How we work Research Practical Tools and Resources Bespoke Support and Projects Data Gathering Sharing knowledge Networks and Events Together we can be bigger than the sum of our parts. Artists Audiences Leaders Businesses Creatives Freelancers Suppliers
  • #CreateShareSustain UNTIL MARCH 2015 PARTNERS:
  • #CreateShareSustain Who is it for? SMEs & micro businesses Creative industries East of England Whats on offer? One to one expert support Events, workshops and webinars Tools and resources Networking opportunities Support with: Developing your business case for environmental action Implementing action plans and achieving carbon reductions Access to finance Employment law and apprenticeships
  • #CreateShareSustain Why we should care UK Gov: 80% reduction by 2050 on 1990 levels Arctic sea ice: Melting twice as quickly as predicted Rate of species extinction: 100-1,000x higher than historically normal Temperature rise: 5/6C warming => 5-10% off global GDP 9
  • #CreateShareSustain Why act? Its a business issue, not just an ethical one It can save you money, time and effort Its not going to go away Arts and Culture: Have an impact far beyond their own footprint Enable us to understand complex issues Have a role to play in social change 10
  • #CreateShareSustain Opportunities! Be an industry leader be ahead of the curve future-proof! Save costs / improve cost management Increase efficiency business operations Meet the existing client demand Win new clients and generate new business Apply creativity to sustainability Comply with legislation Building reputation use as marketing tool A great way to engage with clients, staff, suppliers etc. Engaged employees try: harder, perform better, are happier and are less likely to leave an organisation
  • #CreateShareSustain Sector/Arts response 12 Overwhelmingly positive response to Arts Council Reporting Initiative after 1st year 90% engaged (635 orgs) 86% agree/strongly agree can make a positive difference to Arts Sector as a whole Network approaches Manchester Arts Sustainability Team (MAST), Manchester City Council (events), Creu Cymru (venues), Creative Carbon Scotland, Newcastle Gateshead Cultural Venues, London Theatre Consortium, Culture Change International Australian Arts Council, European Music Venues, Canadian Arts Council, IFACCA
  • #CreateShareSustain Goal Environmental sustainability is embedded in all decision making and activity equally alongside artistic and financial considerations.
  • #CreateShareSustain Sustainable Production and Exhibitions
  • #CreateShareSustain Production compared to other impacts Production impacts = 19% = 9,500 tonnes CO2e a year Including rehearsal = 47% NOT including audience or business travel. Important to focus on auditorium and FoH energy use too.
  • #CreateShareSustain Environmental impacts of production Embodied carbon emissions Sourcing Design Constructio n Material s Stage lighting Automation Sound Projection Energy Equipment hire Equipment procuremen t and delivery Materials/pr ops/costum e procuremen t Cast, crew and creative team Travel Set and props disposal Waste
  • #CreateShareSustain Towards a circular economy
  • #CreateShareSustain guides/production
  • #CreateShareSustain Production Management Build sustainability into planning from day one Involve everyone from the outset director, producer, designer, PM, TM etc. Create a sustainable production policy Keep sustainability on the agenda Think about how to manage waste early on Monitor your environmental impacts Evaluate and share learning
  • #CreateShareSustain Lighting What do we know? 9% of energy use in a venue (conservative) Royal Opera House 15%
  • #CreateShareSustain Top Tips Maintain equipment its worth the investment Use existing stock efficiently Hire locally Use alternatives to PVC tap Velcro, bungee chords, fabric ties Design efficiently use the right luminaire for the job Consider LED where it is fit for purpose Dim where possible Conduct rehearsals under working lights Switch off after the rig check until the half Further reading Sustainable Production Guide White Light Green Guide BBC Low Energy Lighting Guide
  • #CreateShareSustain Sound, AV and Automation What do we know? Rechargeable batteries 32 times less harmful Automation in larger venues can exceed energy supply capacity Early stages we need more data
  • #CreateShareSustain Top Tips Sound and AV Switch off when not in use Choose the most energy efficient equipment available Use rechargeable batteries Hire locally Automation Update inverters Voltage Power Optimisation Manage Peak Demand Explore renewables
  • #CreateShareSustain Set Materials What do we know? Calculating emissions for each production Timber and steel emissions fluctuated between 19-68 tonnes CO2e equivalent of 2% and 10% of overall emissions Banned tropical hardwood ply Disposing of waste materials responsibly Beyond carbon Sourcing issues Treatments Disposal
  • #CreateShareSustain Top Tips Avoid tropical hardwood ply (lauan) Buy from FSC certified sources with a chain of custody Use materials you know can be recycled Build with disassembly in mind Use nails and glue sparingly Minimise toxic treatments and seek natural alternatives Work with a disposal company that recycles Explore other reuse options Community Paint Connect with local communities, schools, and Freecycle initiatives
  • #CreateShareSustain Materials: Green Theatre Choices
  • #CreateShareSustain Challenging Aesthetics Paule Constable Soutra Gilmour Arcola Theatre
  • #CreateShareSustain Developing and Testing Technology Prue Lang fanSHEN Theatre Company Kacie Hultgren Powerful Thinking
  • #CreateShareSustain Venue consortia Touring consortia Sustainable production/exhibition pilots Cross-industry initiatives New technology trials Audience engagement Sustainable production responses
  • #CreateShareSustain Case study: Central School of Speech and Drama GREEN CABARET
  • #CreateShareSustain Case study: Young Vic, After Miss Julie 34% reduction in relative energy emissions per audience member A reduction of 68% in transport emissions Overall 99% reduction in absolute emissions from paper use compared to previous shows
  • #CreateShareSustain Young Vic: engagement
  • #CreateShareSustain
  • #CreateShareSustain Case study: Scenery Salvage On average 80% of props and 40% of scenery is saleable
  • #CreateShareSustain Sustainable Exhibitions Current impact of exhibitions: 10,184 tonnes CO2e per year
  • #CreateShareSustain Case study: Victoria and Albert Museum Modified set-points Optimised free cooling Passive environmental control Outcomes No humidification or refrigeration equipment required Environmental control achieved through ventilations and heati