Cultivating an eco system of success

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We're on a constant drive to find the top talent to join our super teams to meet the challenges of scale and growth. Here's our story.

Transcript of Cultivating an eco system of success

  • Welcome to KEMP People Operations, Mary Loeffler New York: 631-345-5292 Limerick: +353-61-260-101 Hannover: +49-511-367393-0 Singapore: +65-62222429
  • 425% GROWTH Over the past 3 years
  • And still growing Headcount growth of ~50% over 2013 by EOY
  • Whats the KEMP story?
  • We make amazing Load Balancers* ! *(Application Delivery Controllers)
  • KEMPs load balancer products are called LoadMaster
  • But where does the term loadmaster come from?
  • Loadmasters are aircrew members on cargo planes who calculate and plan where cargo should be placed in such a way as to prevent overloading sensitive section of the aircrafts fame. ! They make sure heavy loads are properly allocated to the right areas so that the plane doesnt fall apart!
  • We started building LoadMasters in 2003 And then things moved quickly
  • 2004 KEMP ships first LoadMaster branded product 2005 KEMP entered partnership with Brainforce Software GmbH (Munich). Eventually acquiring the IP to their Load Balancing software source code 2007 KEMP launched first enterprise-focused platform: The LoadMaster 5500 2008 KEMP begins partnership with Microsoft w/ native support for terminal services KEMP moves in to Application Delivery Controller space by introducing application acceleration, IPS engine and edge security features 2009 KEMP launches Industry first virtual Application Delivery Controller, VMWare KEMP releases first Service Provider License Agreement sales model 2010 KEMP open EMEA headquarters in Limerick, IRE KEMP is first ADC vendor to support Hyper-V in Commercial Application 2011 KEMP increases revenue by 120% Edison Ventures; Kennet Partners; Orix Venture Finance conclude buy-out of KEMP 2012 KEMP board appoints Ray Downes as new CEO KEMP opens corporate headquarters in NYC and APAC headquarters in Singapore KEMP launches 4hr on site with engineer support services to customers 2013 Industry first Full feature L7 ADC for Microsoft Azure cloud platform Industry first Specialized GSLB for DB sensitive failover/failback applications (Exchange)
  • #1ADC Vendor growth rate 2013
  • #3ADC Vendor WW Units 2013
  • 7 Offices Worldwide Limerick Hannover Munich Singapore NYC Long Island Tokyo
  • 109Countries represented
  • 150+employees
  • 22,000+ Customer Deployments
  • And growing!
  • We make application delivery technology that is easily deployable, in real time; anywhere, any time, on any platform. Purpose
  • What do we value?
  • CORE VALUES Focused on producing consistently impactful results Speaks frankly, honestly and listens without judgment Creates new ideas & challenges prevailing assumptions when appropriate Easily understood or done; keeps KEMP nimble by minimizing complexity Acts quickly and positively, takes responsibility and does what s/he commits to doing
  • Join our team !
  • Thank you ! @KEMPtech