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Transcript of Crowdfunding: How to Build a Successful Campaign

1. PRACTICE SAFE CROWDFUNDING MARY JUETTEN @maryjuetten @traklight 2. Mary Juetten Founder & CEO Traklight @traklight @maryjuetten Forbes, ABA Legal Tech Today, StartupGrind Contributor 30 years business experience J.D., CPA, CA CfIRA, CFPA since 2012 MSNBC, AZ PBS, SXSW V2V, LAUNCH Speaker Slides available on Additional resources Resource page Free Business Risk Assessment 3. Identify IP Protect IP Pick a Platform Build Social Capital Create a Pitch Fundraising Approach 4. Identify and Protect IP When? = Before you go public Why? = how it works online, business plan onlinebus 5. Strategies to Protect IP Do It Yourself: - - 6. Strategies to Protect IP Hire a Professional: - Attorney, Consultant, LegalZoom, Rocketlawyer 7. Strategies to Protect IP Secrets: - Notary - IP Vault - Copyright software 8. PpPick a Platform:Cro Federal Securities Equity not yet legal instead: 20ish states enacted | 20ish in progress - Reg A+ (June 19, 2015)S 9. Crowdfunding options 10. Pick a Platform: Rewards Based 11. Rewards Choose the best platform for you. 12. Rewards - All or nothing (Example: Kickstarter) - Remember Fulfillment Issues 13. Rewards - Percent based on type (Example: Indiegogo) 14. CF Data: Popular Markets Source:, Mapping the State of the Crowdfunding Nation Jul-Sept 2014 Report 15. PreSell | Market Validation 16. A Tale of 2 Campaigns Genetic Art - T shirts - Portraits Channels - Obsessed pet owner - Animal organizations Convert steel shipping containers into medical clinics - cooling/heating installed - most of medical equipment needs/electric and sink - durable, quickly installed Channels - General PR & Mothers Day launch 17. Lessons Learned 18. Try Again Lessons Learned: Heavy PR Partnering Pre-selling Get it in Writing Sound Reward Structure No infringing 19. 2nd attempt = success 20. Build Social Capital Success is directly related to social capital Quality not quantity Content is king Start early 21. Content is King Expert, Blog, Speak, Social Media, PR, Prime the Pump 22. Create Pitch Online Campaign 23. Rewards: Be Realistic No cap 24. Video: Problem, Solution, Ask Bonus: cause 25. Ignorance Is NOT A Defense Be Careful: Video, Copy, Music, Photos, etc 26. Read, Read, Read Read license and permission to use 27. Find your Crowd Prepare, prepare, prepare Read, read, read *Applies for all fundraising TOP THREE TIPS FOR CROWDFUNDING* 28. Questions? Mary Juetten @traklight @maryjuetten