Cross Promotion - How to Generate More Downloads with floop!

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Floop is the platform for Mobile Kids Apps developers. Floop focuses on great and safe kid user experience. Here is a presentation of our great cross promotion feature, that you can start using for free at:

Transcript of Cross Promotion - How to Generate More Downloads with floop!

  • Cross Promotion The cross promotion solution for Kids Apps and Mobile Game Developers
  • Every single developer we've met wants to generate more downloads !
  • Cross Promotion is the easiest way to get more downloads by up-selling other apps to your engaged users Now, watch how floop does it for you...
  • 1. Optimal User Experience 2. Control everything from your dashboard 3. Advanced features 4. Get started in minutes
  • Optimal User Experience Never miss a download opportunity! ! Kids and parents have a chance to be excited and select one of your promoted apps before getting through the parental gate. ! Uses our popular and efficient parental gate.
  • Better than Interstitials Interstitials are intrusive and disruptive to the user experience. Users dont know when its going to appear. Users cant go back to the promotion screen once its closed. ! Developers need to integrate at the right time or risk irritating and losing users.
  • Call to Action Integrate a call to action button in your menus. ! Users can reach it whenever they want. ! Customize and update the call to action button directly from your dashboard to get users attention.
  • You can customize everything from your developer dashboard, and match the look and feel of the app. @etienne Dashboard screen Import and Edit the App List Change the Look with Familiar and Custom Templates
  • You can change it all without re-submitting your Apps to the App Store!
  • Want to get Started? ! Start now for FREE (with limits) ! Import all your apps in just 1 click! ! ! Want to know about advanced features, keep reading...
  • Promote Any App Any app on the App Store, not just your apps. (android only) ! Not in the kid category? You can turn off the parental gate.
  • Trailers Promote trailers to raise awareness about your next app. ! ! ! ! ! ! coming soon on your call to action
  • Reaching the parent by email Collect email from the cross-promotion page in a COPPA-compliant way. Send smart and weekly emails to promote your next app, and apps your users havent installed yet.
  • Integration Steps Read our documentation iOS Unity Android coming soon...